15 Games Like Anno 1800

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Here you are at the start of the industrial age, where you will make the world you want. Blue Byte made Anno 1800, a city-building and real-time strategy video game.

You are in charge of your own life and building your empire in the 1800s setting of the game. The 19th century was an age of industrialization, technological advancement, intrigue, shifting allegiances, discoveries, and dishonest politics.

In addition, Anno 1800 gives players a lot of chances to show off their skills as they build massive cities, populate a mysterious new continent, set up effective transportation systems, dispatch expeditions all over the world, and dominate their rivals through war, trade, or diplomacy.

You must select your winning strategy and board the Anno Union in Anno 1800, which introduces many new features for a new age.

15. StarTopia

Games Like Anno 1800

Another great Building and Management and RTS Simulation is StarTopia, which lets you control a space station that has been severely damaged but is still habitable after the war of the universe.

Your job is to take control of the space station, renovate it by simply managing the resources and building the necessary structures, turn the space station into a hotel, manage the rooms for guests, make money, and then spend it on the spaceport.

Additionally, you’ll need to control the workforce, give them tasks based on the alien species they represent, and enjoy ultimate power.

Once you have enough skills, you can start building more space stations and keep doing this until you are the most famous person in the universe.

Wonderful Sci-Fi visuals, amazing gameplay, and an addicting game are all features of StarTopia. Do give it a try; you’ll be amazed at all the wonderful features it has.

14. Towns

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Towns is a fantastic Isometric City-Building and Management MMO-RTS simulation with a beautiful Sandbox Age style. The game starts you off on a piece of land that is only partially developed.

You can then explore, build, gather resources, and modify the land as you see fit. Towns gives you the option to select a biome (Grass, Desert, Snow, or Land), process your chosen biome with its own qualities, grow crops or clean the land and wild life, build homes, farms, and other structures by using the resources, and eventually build a civilization and help your people thrive in a very friendly environment.

With the help of 11 villagers, you must complete the necessary tasks, put them in homes to age the population, make friends with nearby settlements to play economically, start trade, and grow your nation while enjoying this fantastic game. Towns is one of the best simulation titles to enjoy, in comparison to many other games of the same type.

13. Crime City

hqdefault 2 15 Games Like Anno 1800

For Android, Funzio Games, Inc. has released the action role-playing, single player, and create video game called Crime City. Multiple-player online games and city-building games are both included in the game.

People who want to build their criminal empire and beat up their opponents are the ones who care about this game. Take the chance to show everyone who is boss by purchasing structures, purchasing weapons, controlling the streets, and fighting other players in this action-packed game.

Create your mafia or join one to commit crime and make money. Assume the role of the criminal. Complete a series of criminal jobs, build your empire, and battle real players from all over the world. In the beautiful city, gather your friends to join an alliance and battle for control.

For control of the whole city, use different weapons to become the mafia king. Basic features of Crime City include Action MMORPG, Build your Criminal Empire, Real-time Battles, Epic Weekly Events, Arsenal Weapons, and more.

12. Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo 1 15 Games Like Anno 1800

Make a world full of animals in Planet Zoo. For the most realistic gameplay, use the Zoo’s building and management tools. Build unique habitats and large landscapes, take care of your wild animals, and make important choices and decisions that will help you build the Zoo of your dreams.

Make your zoo’s environment feel like home for the animals, man age them, and learn about each species to help them thrive.

Every creative choice you make is connected to the zoo animals’ lives and the visitors’ experiences. Join a team and share the coolest habitats, landscapes, and even the entire Zoo on Steam Community Workshop. And from the Planet Zoo community, discover new content every day.

11. Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster 1 15 Games Like Anno 1800

Frontier Developments created Planet Coaster, a realistic 3D management and construction simulation game. As you create your dream park, experience light, surprise, and thrill.

You can create and design your exciting coaster park in this amazing game. You can also customize rides, add scenery, and use thousands of other unique building blocks to manage a living world.

You can change the shape of the ground beneath your feet, carve out caves, and create islands in the sky, among other things.

Make your favorite rides realistic and experience the guests’ favorite reactions while in complete control of your park. The game is more realistic because each of your guests can think, feel, and explore the park and rides. You are famous in your park.

10. Prison Architect

Prison Architect 1 15 Games Like Anno 1800

The most prison inmates can only be kept by the most ruthless warden. Penal Architect is a top-down 2D building and management game that has both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Penal Architect lets you design and build your own strong prison for bad people. Never stop people from moving around; it lets fights, fires, or complete chaos. Instead, allocate resources to make your compound better.

Additionally, it would be ideal if you provided applications for federal funds to help fight gang activities, diseases, lawsuits, and other issues.

Create a safe prison by hiring only the best psychologists, doctors, armed guards, and informers who are honest and trustworthy. In Escape Mode, you can try to escape your supermax prison for more fun, or in Sandbox Mode, you can build up your prison empire.

9. Sim City 2013

Sim City 2013 1 1 15 Games Like Anno 1800

A 3D city-building simulation game called Sim City 2013 was made by Maxis Emeryville. Single-player and multiplayer modes are both available.

The game has well-defined visual effects like traffic, resources, pollution, and economic problems. Commercial, residential, and industrial zones are included in zone type.

Regional networks like railroads, highways, and waterways are used to connect cities. Man age the economy, resources, departments, institutes, and structures. Lets you enter advanced facilities, police stations, and health care centers.

8. Pocket City

Pocket City 1 1 15 Games Like Anno 1800

Codebrew Games created Pocket City, a free management and city-building game for smartphones. Build your dream city as a Mayor and develop your strategy.

From the ground up, start building your city. Set aside areas for homes, businesses, and factories. Maintain a balance between your power and economic resources that help your city grow.

To make citizens happy and improve their quality of life, you also need to unlock many structures.

However, you can only use these options after you’ve risen in rank by completing missions given to you by your citizens.

You must survive natural disasters, level up to earn rewards, and play without buying anything inside the app.

7. Theotown

Theotown 1 15 Games Like Anno 1800

Blueflower made Theotown, a free City Building Simulation game. In this game, you can create your own city and build roads and neighborhoods.

Attract people to live in your lovely city; once they do, you must give them access to water and electricity as well as other important services like a hospital, a fire station, a police station, and more.

You can pick the map size and difficulty level before you start the game. At higher levels of difficulty, citizens are very picky.

There are a lot of different things you can change about your city in TheoTown. Build anything you want in your city, including small homes, roads, town halls, high-rise apartments, highways, fountains, factories, churches, police stations, health care facilities, and much more.

6. Project Highrise

Project Highrise 1 15 Games Like Anno 1800

As a paid 2D city building and management simulation game, Project Highrise was made by SomaSim. Create buildings that are recognized all over the world as works of art and engineering by acting like an architect.

Plan your approach and pay close attention to how everything is put together, including every wall, apartment, wire, and office.

And since you own the building, you should make sure your tenants are happy and pay their rent on time. You are a smart developer, though, so you should put money into the future.

A prestigious title where everyone wants to live and work will also be awarded to you if you succeed.

But if you fail, your reputation will be ruined, and tenants will leave your building and build their businesses somewhere else.

5. Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital 1 1 15 Games Like Anno 1800

Two Point Hospital is a business simulation cartoon video game released in 2018. By creating the most functional and stunning healthcare facility in Two Point County, the game lets you build your dream hospital without creating a masterpiece.

If you want to get more patients and money, you should redesign your hospital so that there are better waiting areas, well-defined rooms, and well-organized hallways.

You should also make the hospital area bigger. To improve your hospital’s reputation, boost patient happiness, prevent boredom, and continue year-end awards, have both functional and decorative items.

4. Parkasaurus

Parkasaurus 1 1 15 Games Like Anno 1800

In the dinosaur zoo Parkasaurus, you manage and build their land and take care of all the dinosaurs using your strategy. Build well-designed exhibits, learn about unique technologies, and work to make this dinosaur park bigger.

Using various materials and exhibits, design a park that is appropriate for each dinosaur habitat.

Spend your resources wisely and build a park with four types of employees and more than 80 items that can be built.

Discover over 24 dinosaur species, and many more will be added in the future, as you breed and raise dinosaurs from their egg stages all the way up to adulthood.

To become the ultimate dinosaur tycoon, you must complete missions that take you around the world. Watch over guests and manage employees.

3. Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars 1 1 15 Games Like Anno 1800

Open-world City Building Simulation video game Surviving Mars was made by Haemimont Games. The game takes place in Red Land, where you pick a sponsoring nation, each with its own unique benefits, vehicles, and buildings.

You then light up Mars with robotic rovers and drones. Set up infrastructure for power and water on Mars, as well as resource depots, domes, landing pads, and most importantly, oxygen.

With little space for people and goods, the player must build a thriving colony on Mars. There will be difficulties; work on your strategy to improve your chances of survival while unraveling the Alien world’s mysteries.

2. Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines 1 15 Games Like Anno 1800

Cities Skylines is a single player, construction, and management simulation game with an open-ended play age. You will start the game with a plot of land, some money, and an exit for the interchange.

As Mayor, you can create and build your dream city and manage the economy and basic needs like education, health care, electricity, water, and more.

In addition, the citizens of your city react to many game play scenarios with gravity and authenticity. You can use the day and night cycle—construction or modification of existing structures and maps—to improve the local and craft map traffic simulation and policies.

1. Urbek City Builder

Urbek City Builder 1 15 Games Like Anno 1800

Originated by Estudios Kremlinois, Urbek City Builder is a paid simulation, building, and strategy video game. The player in this game must build a city and improve the population.

In addition to building a city, the player can make different neighborhoods, libraries, high-end shops, bars, parks, and more. Some of the things you can use to build these things are coal, skilled labor, food, and other resources.

Anytime during the game, the player can walk down any street to get a better feel for building a city. In addition, the player is responsible for building all of the structures in accordance with the surrounding environment.

The player in Urbek City Builder must play the game alone because it only supports one player.

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