10 Games Like Bitlife: Life Simulator

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CandyWriter, LLC released Bitlife: Life Simulator, a text-based life simulator app for Android and iOS readers.

When you are making decisions about your education, career, and choice, it gives you a chance to see how life changes.

A mystery box is given to winners of the game, which also releases new Challenges every week.

You start the game by choosing your name and gender. Pressing the “+” button will make you older.

You can then make choices and see how they affect your life.

You have the choice to play the game as any character you want, including a doctor, criminal, professor, mafia, and more.

Choose a profession and begin working toward the ribbon.

You can only imagine the visual effects of this text-based video game. You can change your taste by playing games like Bitlife.

10. AltLife: Life Simulator

AltLife Life Simulator 10 Games Like Bitlife: Life Simulator

If you’re looking for a BitLife alternative, one of the best options is AltLife: Life Simulator.

In the same way, it works to give you Life Simulation gameplay, where you start your virtual life with just one click to see how many turns it takes the game.

You won’t find two stories that are exactly the same because there are so many of them.

Play the game to live out your dreams, make money, and form relationships with those you care about.

Then, see how life turns out. AltLife: Life Simulator has many of the same features as BitLife, such as Relationships, Careers, Activities, Assets, Items, and more.

9. Life Simulator – Realistic Life Simulation Game

Life Simulator Realistic Life Simulation Game 10 Games Like Bitlife: Life Simulator

If you’re a player who enjoys Text-based Life Simulators like Bitlife, you’ll love Life Simulator: Realistic Life Simulation Game.

The game’s development was done by Mind Vacation, Inc., and it will only be released on mobile devices.

You get to choose your life story and compete to become the richest person in the virtual world as it comes with both education and fun.

Financial, Relationship, Time Management, Career, and other topics are just a few of the topics covered in this win-win guide.

The game features dozens of doable life goals as well as more than 10 Unlockable Perks.

Players can meet, date, propose to, and marry people with different personalities during the game.

8. Life Simulator: Role Playing Real Life Sim RPG

Life Simulator Role Playing Real Life Sim RPG 10 Games Like Bitlife: Life Simulator

Are you looking for a Text-based Life Simulator Video Game with Graphics, like Bitlife? If so, we present Life Simulator:

Role Playing, a video game for mobile devices released by ACG. In the virtual world of Life Simulator: Role Playing video game, where you enjoy/live the life of a legend, most wishes that are made in real life cannot be granted.

The inclusion of RPG elements takes your gaming experience to the next level, allowing you to make choices regarding your career, education, love life, health, and other areas.

The real life element enables you to customize your gender, name, face, and other basic details. Get your life going and have fun.

7. LifeSimulator – Chinese Life

LifeSimulator Chinese Life 10 Games Like Bitlife: Life Simulator

One of the Best Text-Based Life Simulators is brought to you by Kiwigames, offering a similar game to Bit Life for Android. In this game, you can start at random to find love while also trying to get promoted.

When it comes to doing virtual stuff, everything in the game is possible, and everything is generated at random.

Like, in the game, you are free to choose a family, give your character a name, and start your life the way you want.

Rich Stories number in the thousands, and Chinese Life details are very large.

When trying to make money to support yourself, choose your career and work hard to achieve it.

When you play the game, you can see how life changes and how it ends when the character you create dies.

6. Life Simulator

Life Simulator 10 Games Like Bitlife: Life Simulator

You can play the text-based video game Like Simulator on your Android device. It was made by Kgapps.

It features an exciting role-playing game where you can play as Carl Sagan, a character who wants to become a millionaire.

Not only can you become a millionaire, you can also become a billionaire. You have the choice to either live a legal life or a criminal life when playing the game.

Get ready to escape from jail and start a new life as you please if you choose to be a criminal.

The game has several meters, and if your health gauge goes down to zero, your character will die and you’ll have to start over.

You can go on a date with your love to your favorite place to have fun during the game.

5. InstLife

InstLife 10 Games Like Bitlife: Life Simulator

Due to unknown reasons, InstLife was shut down, but a trace of the game can still be found on websites like Uptodown.

Life Simulation is a text-based video game that lets you lead your virtual life and do whatever you want.

You can choose from a variety of options that will make your future fun and exciting.

As a new born baby, you start your virtual life and grow over time. After completing lots of achievements, your character may ultimately perish.

Therefore, you should take full care of your choice because they affect both the outcome and the game.

4. Simulife: Life Simulator Games

Simulife Life Simulator Games 10 Games Like Bitlife: Life Simulator

Simulife: Life Simulator Games aims to release the game with the choice of letting you control your virtual life.

It is one of the best Text-Based Video Games as well as the best source of video.

You have the option to choose your life, choose your career, and take care of your health in the game.

It gives you the option to marry and have kids so you can enjoy life.

Find your love and have fun if you don’t want to marry. To make your virtual future bright, there are lots of options you can try.

The game regularly offers challenges and has a lot of prominent features added.

3. QuickLife

QuickLife 10 Games Like Bitlife: Life Simulator

Whether you prefer to play BitLife or AltLife – Life Simulator, you should give QuickLife a chance because it is a very similar game with a simple interface and few options.

Quicklife is a text-based and Life Simulator video game created by Antonio Stipic that gives you the chance to be anyone you want in real life, such as a smuggler, criminal, or mafia boss.

You must give a newborn baby a name before starting your life, and then you must take care of it until the end.

Decide on the profession for the baby after deciding which school you are willing to admit it to.

Simply put, you have the chance to see how life changes and ends.

2. Forts

capsule 616x353 6 10 Games Like Bitlife: Life Simulator

EarthWork Games made and released Forts, a great game that combines RTS, Base Building, and Strategy elements.

The game is mostly about Artillery-based play, and it adds two new tech buildings that give soldiers access to six weapons that can be destroyed and a variety of strategies.

During the game, the player unlocks flak guns, which can be used to clear the skies of enemies, and EMP rockets, which can be used to take down enemy tech.

To compete with new AI (Artificial Intelligence) or other online players in Skirmish and Multiplayer modes, you can choose from a huge number of weapons.

The game offers a number of different game types, including Fast Build, Zero Gravity, and Rapid Fire.

It combines physics-based RTS and custom bases elements to offer an exciting game mode where the player can develop his tech tree, unlock new weapons, and more.

Forts have core features like Build Forts, 28 Missions, Unlock Tech Tree, 16 Weapons, 4 Factions, and more. You are going to love it if you try it.

1. Life is Hard

maxresdefault 14 10 Games Like Bitlife: Life Simulator

Pirozhok made and released Life is Hard, a 2D strategy, adventure, and single-player simulation game for multiple platforms.

The player is put in control of a tribe in this game, which focuses on a combination of management and strategy elements.

The player’s main objectives are to protect his village from dangerous enemies, gather useful resources, expand his town, upgrade his tools and weapons, and colonize more islands until he is the master.

There is no set task in the game, so the player can do whatever he wants. The player in the game can upgrade his tools, trade with his neighbors, and work to create the most beautiful town.

The player’s planes could be ruined by a number of random events, but the player shouldn’t care. Those who support justice emerge during times of crisis.

The player can take over the world with fire and a sword to fight Vikings for iron and other rare materials.

Core features of Life is Hard include “Prove the Civilization,” “Expand the Village,” “Select the Path,” and more.

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