20 Games Like Taboo – Official Party Game

Hey everyone! It’s great to see you again at MyOtakuWorld. When we got back, we had more games like Taboo – Official Party Game.

For adults to play at a night party, Taboo is a fun game. You decide how many rounds each player will play, how many rounds each person may skip, and how many total skips are permitted.

Getting started, finish a set of the game’s original cards. All of the following languages are translated here: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Greek, and Polish.

No additional software or screens are required to play. Anyone with two to six close friends can play this game anywhere.

It’s possible to play with all of your friends on the same phone if you come together.

You must make sure that no one on your team can see the screen as the person who gives the clue.

20. Charades! House Party Game


With friends, Charades is a great game to play. Get together with people who want to have fun and hang out. More than 35 different groups are there.

You can pick the classification that best suits your playing style at the beginning of the game. You and your friends can play together.

You can get new cards by tilting the controls. Your team will have to show you how to use them.

After being turned on, a game clock starts to run out of time. Whichever team can explain the most cards first wins.

No real adult options because it’s a drinking game.

19. Charades Guess the Word

Charades Guess the Word 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

Putting on a show Anyone of any age can play the word game Guess the WordTM. Using the cues provided by your friends, try to decipher what the phrase on the phone means.

They can talk about it, dance, sing, yell, or act it out. Everyone can play it, making it the best party game ever. To start having fun, put the phone on your head.

You must tilt your phone down to see the next word if you guess it correctly. You can tilt the phone upward to skip a word. Time is running out, so try to guess as many words as you can.

For free, you can use the Movies, Celebrities, Animals, Objects, Act it Out, Locations, and Landmarks categories.

18. Guess! – Excellent party game

Guess Excellent party game 3 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

Among the best party games is Guess. The most recent version is Guess, and Teazel Ltd. created it. You have a limited time to correct as many words and sentences as possible.

Unfortunately, locked packs are no longer available. All of it is free and there are no ads. There are lots of different kinds to pick from.

The device can switch between two modes: Simply hold your phone up to your head to use the Heads Up Display. To help you figure out what the word means, several other players will try.

You can put your finger down if you know the answer or up if you don’t. Try to figure out what word you’re acting out, imitating, or describing.

17. GuessUp Kids – Image Charades

GuessUp Kids Image Charades 1 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

For a family game night with the Whole, GuessUp Kids is the best version of the traditional charades game. Say what the picture is about, act it out, or make noises to help your family guess.

You only need a phone, some friends, and the urge to laugh for hours to have a good time. Within GuessUp Kids, there are lots of places to visit.

Animals, Geography, Education, and Gastronomy are just a few of the hundreds of picture categories. On social networks like Instagram, Facebook, and others, sharing fun videos is simple.

You and your family have a certain amount of time to figure out what the pictures are by using their hints and clues.

16. Jain Heads Up

Jain Heads Up 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

By playing the multi-activity game Jain Heads Up! with your friends, you can both have fun and learn more about Jainism.

To figure out the word on the card before time runs out, use the hints your friends give you.

It’s a heads-up game with a Jain theme that looks and plays well, is top-rated, and has been dubbed A Nonstop Fun Game for your next dinner party with friends and family.

Enjoy! Someone could give you a new deck of cards if you look at your phone.

15. SayWhat?! – Charades, Heads Up, Speech Jammer

SayWhat Charades Heads Up Speech Jammer 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

What are you talking about? Heads Up, Speech Jammer, and Charades are the best free charades games. You can have fun without having to deal with annoying ads.

People who enjoy games like Heads Up, Speech Jammer, Nicknames, and Catch Phrase will have fun with it. It just made playing word games with friends a lot more fun.

A group of words in a category will be read only once before the system starts to use them again. In a charades game, you shouldn’t act out the same word twice.

You can make a deck that fits you perfectly with its custom deck generator by using a unique set of icons. The decks give you privacy.

14. HeadBang!

HeadBang 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

When teens get together, Head Bang is a fun game to play. Fill the hole at the bottom of each pantyhose foot with a ball. Whatever heavy ball you have on hand will work. As soon as the gun goes off, two people will start throwing the ball into the stocking to knock the bottles.

No one can touch the pantyhose. One point is awarded to the team whose player is the first to knock down all of its bottles. If the stocking falls off, you’re out, and the other team gets the point. Lovely, loud music can play in the background while you play the game. It can be set to start when the top players begin playing and end when they are finished.

13. Heads Up – charades party game

Heads Up charades party game 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

The Ellen show hosts and guests play the game Heads Up, which Ellen DeGeneres made. Having fun and laughing a lot. This is a fun change to the old game of charades.

A famous person’s name, a song title, or a funny accent are just a few of the clues your friends will give you to help you figure out the word on the card. You simply have a certain amount of time to figure it out.

It’s great for a group of friends, a game night with the family, or even a party with hundreds of people. Simply tilt your phone to get a new card.

You can post videos of your fun in-game acts directly to Facebook or save them to watch later.

12. NETFLIX Heads Up!

NETFLIX Heads Up 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

With a deck all about Netflix, Netflix Heads Up! is a version of the popular mobile game. Players have one minute to figure out what the other player has written on their forehead in this version of charades.

It’s a fun game to play and doesn’t take much work.

One player holds the device to their forehead and tries to guess the words on the screen while their friends shout clues. You can save videos of the action to watch later or put them online for other people to see.

11. Psych! Outwit your friends

Psych 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

Psych! was created by Ellen DeGeneres. Cards Against Humanity and trivia are combined in the hilarious game Outwit Your Friends.

In “The Truth Comes Out” and other fun categories like it, you and your friends can play the game. Knowing facts and making up answers is what this iOS and Android app game is all about.

The group decides which answer is correct after each person makes up an answer.

Once players pick a category, like “laws,” “animals,” or “movies,” they make up answers to trivia questions that belong to that category.

Once all the wrong answers have been shown, everyone tries to guess the right one.

10. Picolo drinking game

Picolo drinking game 1536x710 1 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

A fun way to liven up any party is to play the Picolo drinking game. A lot of people like Drunk Pirate and King’s Cup, so this new drinking game is a lot like those two.

The only thing that makes this drinking game different is that there are no cards. Whether you’re with friends at a bar or just want to unwind at home alone, this game is the ideal way to spend an evening.

Anyone can play Picolo because it’s a fun game with simple rules. Only your phone and at least two other players are allowed to play.

You can have more fun at night or in the morning with this brand-new drinking game.

9. Chain Reaction

Chain reaction 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

Chain Reaction is a word game all about connecting words. It was first made by Buddy-Matt Entertainment for the Android operating system.

You play in two teams, with at least two people on each team. When it’s your turn, a category will be read out to you, and you’ll have thirty seconds to provide as many answers to the question as you can, with each team member taking turns answering.

When one player is unable to provide an answer, the chain will break. Moving a pawn around a board that looks like a Spartan race shows you the right answers.

8. GuessUp – Word Party Charades

GuessUp Word Party Charades 1536x864 1 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

Party games like charades, catchphrases, and taboo phrases have a new and fun twist in GuessUp. A fun game night with close family or friends is the best way to use it.

While you try to figure out what the card says, just hold the phone up to your ear and listen to your friends imitate, describe, and act out as many words as you can think of.

It’s possible to record games and watch them later on your phone. It’s also possible to post it on social networks. To play, you can make decks and give them to your friends.

7. Charades

Charades 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

Fat Chicken Studios made the game Charades. If your friends challenge you, the goal of the game is to correctly guess the word on the screen. The player must complete the mission before the timer expires.

The user can play against friends in head-to-head online games. What if the player does something like dance or answer trivia questions? The rules of the game might change.

For fun, the game doesn’t require players to follow complicated rules. What the player wants to do determines whether they play the adventure as an artist, singer, actor, or scientist.

6. CharadesApp – What am I?

CharadesApp What am I Charades and Mimics 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

You can play the classic guessing game CharadesApp – What am I? with your friends and family one-on-one.

Heads Up can be played with any of the more than 60 pre-made charade decks, or you can make your own. Allow your friends to guess what’s on the screen by holding it up to your head.

By dancing, singing, miming, or doing other kinds of performance art, they could drop hints. Answer “right” by picking up the phone. Put the phone down for a “pass.” What you are will be clear once you guess the word or phrase.

You could be some of these things: a singer, an animal, an item, a cartoon character, a video game character, or others.

5. Spaceteam

Spaceteam 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

Sleeping Beast Games created Spaceteam, a cooperative and multi-player word game. On mobile platforms like Android and iOS, it can be played. Pressing the button will also make you yell at your friends.

Playing this game is fun and different. Up to eight people yell at each other until one of their ships blows up. It’s a party and word game.

For the game to work, all players must have mobile devices capable of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The buttons, dials, sliders, and switches on the player’s control panel were picked at random.

The player must act quickly because his team members received urgent instructions.

4. Charades Premium

charades premium 1 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

To help you figure out the word in your head, your friends can give hints in Charades Premium. You and your friends may sing, dance, imitate, or give hints as you try to guess as many words as you can.

Video game players from all over the world can understand it because it’s available in many languages.

It’s a great way to liven up a party because you can do things like name cities and landmarks or guess actors, movies, and TV shows.

Pick from more than 85 decks that are fun and full of great words and phrases that will make you want to play for a long time.

3. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

One Night Only Best Quick card game Werewolf can be played with three to ten friends. Everyone plays a character that is very different from the other players and involves bluffing and role-playing.

There’s a chance that you’re just a regular villager trying to keep the scary creature that only comes out at night a way from your town. There’s a chance you’re a Seer who sees things other people don’t.

You could either be a WEREWOLF, a scary creature that howls at the moon, or the sneaky Troublemaker, who wants to cause trouble and chaos, as the name suggests.

The One Night Ultimate Werewolf app, which is highly recommended, walks players through the game and adds some scary music.

2. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

Trivia Crack is a great online question-and-answer game that lets players from all over the world compete against one another and show off their skills and knowledge of various topics.

Trivia Crack is a video game that contains both trivia and question-and-answer sections. It is fun to play and pulls you in.

The game lets you play against other online players from around the world as well as your friends. You can test them in a way where you ask them questions and see how they answer them. This is a lovely game that you can play and enjoy.

1. Chain Reaction

Chain reaction 1 20 Games Like Taboo - Official Party Game

Chain Reaction is a word game all about connecting words. For the Android operating system, Buddy-Matt Entertainment first created it. Each of the two teams you play on has at least two players.

When it’s your turn, a category will be read out loud to you, and you’ll have thirty seconds to provide as many answers as you can to the question, with each team member taking turns answering.

When one player is unable to provide an answer, the chain will break.

Moving a pawn around a board that looks like a Spartan race shows you the right answers.

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