Five years after it was announced, Hollow Knight: Silksong devs assure rabid fans they are “still hard at work on the game”

The Hollow Knight The builders of Silksong are still hard at work on the game, so this is the only news you’ll be getting about the sequel for now.

Valentine’s Day was yesterday, February 14, all over the world. Team Cherry celebrated in the shortest of ways. “Everyone have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

He said in the game’s Discord channel, “In case you were wondering, we are still hard at work on the game.”

Matthew Griffin is in charge of marketing and publishing for Silksong developer Team Cherry.

Anyone who has played the game in the past few years shouldn’t be too surprised to hear that Team Cherry is still working hard on Silksong.

It’s pretty obvious that the people working on the anticipated game are putting in a lot of hard work, but it might be helpful to remind people of how much effort is still being put into it.

As it turns out, Team Cherry first announced Hollow Knight Silksong five years ago today. If you thought you were going to hear a lot about the long-awaited sequel, whether it had anything to do with Valentine’s Day or not, you were very wrong.

Fans of Silksong are still getting ready to delete their own Hollow Knight subreddit by the end of the month.

Although you have to think that the developer is keeping a close eye on its community, this is all to get Team Cherry’s attention. Still, the subreddit might not be around after the end of February.

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