Where to use the BC Toolbox key in DMZ

Players have the opportunity to travel the Al Mazrah map in Warzone DMZ, making stops at numerous points of interest (POIs) in order to fulfill a variety of contracts and faction goals.

BC toolbox key 2 Where to use the BC Toolbox key in DMZ

From the very beginning of the game, there will be a few of the buildings, rooms, and toolboxes that are locked. Players are required to locate a key that corresponds to these closed regions and then use that key at the designated spot in order to unlock them.

It is possible to gain keys through a variety of means, and they can be utilized in a number of different matches. In the DMZ, the B.C. Toolbox is a locked box, and in order for players to unlock this small box, they need to locate the key to the box.

The completion of HVT contracts, visits to various supply drops, and completion of various faction tasks are all ways for players to get keys in DMZ in a short amount of time. Keys can also be discovered in a variety of loot caches that are dispersed throughout the terrain.

The DMZ allows players to hold up to twenty keys in their key inventory at any given time. Before you begin matchmaking for a game, you must ensure that the key to the British Columbia Toolbox is in the bag.

At this location in the DMZ, you will find the B.C. Toolbox key.

Where is the DMZ is the B.C. Toolbox?

The point of interest for the B.C. Toolbox may be found at the Al Malik Airport. The toolbox may be found within the main terminus building at this point of interest (POI), and in order for players to reach this lockable box, they will need to navigate inside the complex.

BC Toolbox Key Where to use the BC Toolbox key in DMZ

The tactical map and make your way to the Al Malik point of interest once you have spawned in the match.

After entering the main building at the airport, players are tasked with locating the section that is designated for the arrival of luggage bags. Players will notice a little entry to the baggage area that is located along the escalator that is used for luggage moving.

Please enter this area and glance to the right to locate a tiny toolbox that is green in color and locked. This is the British Columbia Toolbox, and in order to access it, players need to have the key that corresponds to it.

Although there is not much loot contained within this toolbox, players have the ability to plunder it and then sell it at a shop.

At this particular Al Masik Airport area, there are a large number of artificial intelligence soldiers, and gamers may even come across hostile operators. In order to successfully enter this region, we strongly suggest obtaining a number of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Before charging in with your comrades to remove the enemies, use the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to locate their locations.

While inside the airport facility, there are a number of artificially intelligent fighters who are outfitted with body armor and whose weapons have different attachments. Make use of a variety of weapons and equipment, such as the bomb drone and the drill charge, in order to eliminate these adversaries from a distance.

In addition, there is a possibility that a stronghold will emerge from the Al Masik Airport. To successfully penetrate the area, you will need to locate a keycard into the fortress.

The stronghold can be taken by players in order to obtain their individual loadouts in a short amount of time. Once they have gathered all of the stuff from the BC Toolbox, players have the option of going to an extraction point in order to leave the map.

Alternatively, players have the option of remaining in the area and completing a variety of contracts and faction assignments before requesting the exfil chopper in the Warzone DMZ domain.


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