28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

One of the best things about anime is that you can see impossible things that you would rarely see in other forms of media.

Most of the time, strength and anime kids don’t go together.

In anime, though, it makes perfect sense that a child could beat an adult.

When these smart figures destroy their surroundings, it’s always fun to watch.

Or, their strength might not just come from fighting, but from something else, like their natural skills.

No matter what, messing with these kids would NOT be like taking candy from a baby.

25. Eri From My Hero Academia

Strongest Anime Kids & Children

I know what you’re thinking, so let’s move on. You are correct.

Eri doesn’t fight.

She is a sweet, kind, and gentle little girl.

But you shouldn’t forget about her Quirk. She can make any live thing go back to how it was before.

This includes things like accidents, changes to the body, one’s age, and even lost habits.

This power is a lot like Orihime’s ability to change what happened in a certain place.

Even the bad guy in Bleach said that her ability was so strong that it was like a god’s.

Still, Eri has one of the strongest Quirks in the My Hero Academia series. And once she figures out how to handle it, she’ll be a very useful friend.

24. Shiro From No Game No Life

24 no game no life shiro 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

Shiro is the smartest person I’ve ever met.

Just to name a few things that have been done:

She learned a new language from small bits of knowledge in less than 15 minutes. She has perfect aim and can even beat hackers in video games.

I mean, I think she’s one of the smartest people in all of anime.

Even if she isn’t physically strong in the real world or in Disboard (the name of their isekai world), you might as well log off if you’re fighting her in the virtual world.

In a video game, an eleven-year-old girl is so good that she will give Kirito a run for his money.

23. Sugar From One Piece

23 one piece sugar 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

This little girl, who is actually 22 years old but is only 10 years old physically, has one of the strongest devil fruits in One Piece.

She can turn anyone into a toy with just a touch of her hand, and then she can make a deal with them.

The deal makes everyone who knew that person forget them and takes away their freedom. All of them have to do what Sugar says.

With this power, she could beat everyone on this list in theory, as long as they let her get close enough without noticing anything.

But the next figures on our list aren’t nice or naive enough to fall for her cuteness.

22. Reisuke Houjou From Mirai Nikki

22 mirai nikki reisuke houjou 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

Don’t be fooled by how silly Reisuke acts. This little boy has the mind of a murderer.

He will use high-level science and physics to make his targets unconscious and kill them. Not only does his knowledge help him in his goal to kill, but so does his age.

Reisuke can take advantage of his teachers when they aren’t paying attention by acting like a child.

Without Yuno’s amazing insight, Yuki would have given in to his frightening nature and died in a horrible way.

21. Wen From Cowboy Bebop

21 cowboy bebop wen 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

Wen is almost as old as time.


In the anime, Wen died because the gem Spike shot into his head made him age very quickly.

But if he doesn’t have this jewel, he can walk away from an explosion at a gas station, a car crash, and being shot in the head without any problems.

Wen is smart, and it seems like he can also handle a gun well.

Before he died, Wen was happy and shooting bullets around Spike to play with him. He even hit Spike’s cheek with one of the bullets.

With that much accuracy, it’s clear that he knows how to use a gun well. Even with the body of a child.

He should have learned more skills that would have helped him in a fight. Or maybe he did, and we just didn’t get to see…

After 62 years of life, he learned how to play a harp straight up.

Play fair.

20. Hibana Daida From Deadman Wonderland

20 deadman wonderland hibana daida 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

Another kid who seems nice on the outside but has a bad side.

Hibana is one of the most cruel people in this show, which is already very strange.

She fights with a huge iron knife that is twice as big as she is and can be made into a whip sword.

The seven-year-old is an Undertaker, which is a name given to the worst murderers.

You don’t think this nice girl could ever do something bad, do you?

She hurt and killed everyone in her class, as well as her mother.

And she was about 4 years old at the time.

Just a nice suggestion: don’t make fun of little kids. You could die.

19. Rudeus Greyrat From Mushoku Tensei

19 mushoku tensei rudeus greyrat 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

Rudy is a 34-year-old man, but when he dies and comes back to life, he becomes a young boy.

And a very powerful one at that.

There are seven names for magic ranks:

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Kingly, Imperial, Divine, and Saintly.

At age 2, he used a spell that was in the middle level.

At age 5, he learned how to cast a spell after seeing his teacher do it once. This gave him the Water Saint magic rank.

Knowing about a 34-year-old in another world helps show how smart he is…

But that’s not where his strength came from.

He did his best. He worked harder than he ever had before. Even though he wasn’t very important in our world, he was a genius in his isekai.

Even though he is a bad person, he is likely to become one of the strongest figures in Mushoku Tensei.

18. Eris Boreas Greyrat From Mushoku Tensei

18 mushoku tensei eris boreas greyrat 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

Eris’s ability does not come as a surprise.

She learned how to fight from Ghyslaine Dedorudia, who is a Sword King and follows the Sword God Style of swordplay, which is said to be the best of the three styles.

The red-haired tsundere is great for the style that emphasizes speed and aggression.

Rudy is a very good magician, but even his water powers won’t be enough to stop Eris’s fast blade from cutting into him.

Let’s hope he doesn’t get on her bad side.

17. Kabane Kusaka From Kemono Jihen

17 kemono jihen kabane kusaka 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

You’d be surprised at how cute a dead child is.

And to show you what I mean, let me show you Kabane.

He is stronger than most people and can heal himself. He can rip off his own head and put it back on.

Not only that, but this child doesn’t care about anything and doesn’t feel pain. He would say, “This is fine” if you set him on fire in a burning fire.

Kabane does have a different monster form that could be much stronger than his human form, but he hasn’t used it yet.

So, for now, he’s just a young boy trying to learn how to be human with his friends and enemies.

16. Child Emperor From One Punch Man

16 one punch man child emperor 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

The fifth-best S-Class hero is a child, and he or she lives in a world where most things are too strong and want to kill you.

That’s a pretty cool thing to do.

And can I just say how cool that hero’s name is? It’s one of the names I like best from the show.

Child Emperor is a fan-favorite hero because he is the loser in a world full of narcissists and monsters who want to kill.

He might not be the S-Class hero with the most power. But his ability to lead, his high intelligence, and, oddly enough, his maturity got him the fifth place.

In the anime, he hasn’t really fought either. But in the manga, he makes the most of his tools and their technological skills.

If a third season of the anime is approved, we’ll get to see how his tech works against one of the most-wanted baddies still waiting to be animated.

That is, if there is a third season of the anime.

15. Ururu Tsumugiya From Bleach

15 bleach ururu tsumugiya 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

This strange little girl is the cutest little girl you’ve ever seen, but not much else is known about her.

Until she starts Slaughter Mode.

Ururu is very strong, very fast, and very good at fighting. She will sometimes pull out a rocket launcher that is as big as she is to hit from far away.

Unless you’re Jinta, you definitely don’t want to mess with her.

She was mean to an arrancar, a foe who was hard for one of the main characters to beat in his alternate form. She beat him so badly that he had to go all the way.

Ururu is cute, but when she gets serious, she is very scary.

14. Pride From Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

14 full metal alchemist pride 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

Pride is the most powerful homunculus besides Father.

He is a scary and evil boy who mostly attacks by controlling shadows.

Because of his evil eyes and twisted teeth, he caused so much trouble that Hohenheim had to stop him.

And he can get even stronger by eating other creatures and taking on their skills, like Kimbley’s knowledge of chemistry or Gluttony’s better sense of smell.

Aside from his skills and huge amounts of chi, he is also a very smart person. While he was stuck in the dark, he used Morse Code to tell Kimbley where he was.

There’s no question that this kid can’t be stopped by just one person (or homunculus).

Even though he’s been around for over 300 years.

13. Gon Freecss From Hunter x Hunter

13 hunter x hunter gon freecss 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

Even though Gon looks like a happy, carefree, and nice child, which he is, you shouldn’t underestimate him in a fight.

All of a human’s basic traits, such as strength, reactions, senses, stamina, etc., are above and beyond what a human has.

In any fight, he can look at himself and his opponent and come up with a plan to win. And don’t get me started on his Nen…

Wing says that Gon’s ability to learn nen is “terrifying,” even though he is good at rock-paper-scissors.

During the Fourth Phase of the Hunter Exam, he used Nen in the form of Zetsu before he even knew what it was.

Gon doesn’t need much or any help to learn something new.

Gon’s amazingness comes from the fact that he has so much ability.

12. Killua Zoldyck From Hunter x Hunter

12 hunter x hunter killua zoldyck 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

Killua’s skills are very close to those of his best friend Gon, but his personality and way of thinking are a little bit different.

Killua has been trained to be a killer since she was a child.

His family thinks he is the best killer in the history of the Zoldyck family, which is known for being a family of killers.

Like Gon, he can use this ability along with his intelligence and knowledge to adapt to any situation.

Because he has grown up emotionally, he can think quickly and quietly, while Gon can’t.

Killua became cruel and bloodthirsty through abuse and training, and he developed a liking for electricity.

Killua’s lightning power is my favorite electricity-based power in all of anime because it is so unique.

But it’s funny that a manga with a slow output rate could have a character who moves so quickly.

Togashi, best of luck. Godspeed.

11. Kagura From Gintama

11 gintama kagura 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

This girl has a bad temper, which hides the fact that she is also kind.

It’s because she has blood from the Yato clan, which is known all over the world for being very strong and good at fighting.

This clan has a state called “awakening,” which brings out all of a Yato’s killing and destroying habits.

But because she can’t control herself, Kagura keeps this secret.

Even among his own clan, the Yato, Kagura is thought of as a great fighter, one of the best in the clan.

Even though she is very strong and powerful, Kagura’s best qualities come out when she is with her friends in the Yorozuya.

A place where the fact that she is Yato doesn’t matter for their ties.

10. Mariko Kurama From Elfen Lied

10 elfen lied mariko kurama 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

A psychokinetic little girl in a wheelchair is a bigger sadist than Hibana Daida.

Her vectors, which are like invisible arms, have the longest length and most of them.

She is the strongest of all the Diclonius.

She could kill people with ease by ripping off their limbs like a fly’s wings or blowing up their heads into bloody fireworks.

Mariko doesn’t feel bad about anything because she is not a person.

When it comes to hurting and killing someone, there are no rules.

Even though she smiles while torturing and killing, it’s just a mask for how sad she is and how much she wants to be with her family and live like a normal kid.

At least in her last moments, she got a taste of what she wanted.

9. Akki From Shinsekai Yori

09 shinsekai yori akki 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

In Shinsekai Yori’s world, people can’t kill other people. Because if they do that, they will die.

This is called “Death Feedback.”

Akki was brought up by giant rats. Even though she is a person, she thinks of herself as a monster rat.

She doesn’t think of people as her own kind, so the Death Feedback has no effect on her.

That means she can use her psychokinesis to kill any person without anyone being able to hurt her.

Akki can set people on fire and twist their bodies so they look like liquorice. She won a fight against Kamisu 66’s most powerful telekinesis user.

And the monster rats raised her to be their best tool against people.

In a strange way, it was because of people that she was born in that place to begin with.

8. Sho Suzuki From Mob Psycho 100

08 mob psycho 100 sho suzuki 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

The son of the strongest esper is strong, but not strong enough to live up to his father’s hopes.

Even so, Sho is still a very smart young esper, on the same level as the Ultimate 5.

He has no trouble beating powerful espers like Ishiguro and Hatori.

He has also shown that he is good at telekinesis by using complex methods like Light Distortion and Psychic Energy Storage.

Sho might be able to use telekinesis as well as Toichiro… or he’ll never get it.

But no matter what, he is a friend and partner that Shigeo can’t do without.

7. Yachiru Kusajishi From Bleach

07 bleach yachiru kusajishi 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

This ball of happiness with pink hair is the biggest shinigami’s best friend.

You can be sure that she will be strong.

Even though she looks like a child, she can scare those under her leadership with just her reiatsu.

In the manga’s Thousand Year Blood War arc (spoilers ahead if you haven’t read it), Yachiru’s reflexes and instincts are so good that she can fight an enemy she doesn’t even know is there.

Isane noticed that she was able to beat her tricky opponent with just a shikai, which had never been done before.

But what’s even crazier is that it was suggested that Yachiru might be Zaraki’s zanpakuto in human form, which would explain why her “shikai” was so different.

When you know this, it changes how you see Yachiru and how she acts around Kenpachi.

I can’t wait for her to come to life again.

6. Nataku Son From Fire Force

06 fire force nataku son 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

This child is someone everyone can understand.

People are counting on this young student to get smart as soon as possible.

Nataku was raised to be a strong and smart boy, even if he has the power to destroy the entire Tokyo Empire.

But that was asking too much of him. And this made him want to feel weak and fragile instead.

But, in reality, he’s not.

When he went crazy, he shot out radioactive energy that went all the way to the moon.

So, this kid is pretty much a nuclear bomb.

I wonder if that would make his parents proud.

5. Toshiro Hitsugaya From Bleach

05 bleach toshiro hitsugaya 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

Who do you think is the coolest captain in Bleach?

It’s not Toshiro, then! (If you read the TYBW arc in the manga you’ll know what I mean).

The clever shinigami became the Gotei 13’s youngest captain ever.

Shunsui, one of the strongest shinigami who has ever lived, said that Toshiro will be stronger than him in about a hundred years.

But even in his present form and during the TYBW arc, Toshiro uses his ice powers in creative ways, showing more techniques than any other captain.

Even though Bleach is over, there is still room for Toshiro to grow.

He might become captain-commander one day.

4. Sho Kusakabe From Fire Force

04 fire force sho kusakabe 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

Changing time is always a cool skill.

Even though they are broken, they are cool.

In Sho’s case, he cools the area around him, which slows down time for him by reducing the thermal expansion of the world.

So, Sho thought that for his opponent, three seconds was the same as one second for him.

To fight Shinra, you’d have to be able to move at the speed of light.

Still not sure?

Don’t worry, all you really need to know is that he is very strong, very fast, and very cool.

3. Shigeo Kageyama From Mob Psycho 100

03 mob psycho 100 shigeo kageyama 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

A boy who has trouble making friends is one of the most powerful ESPers.

Even though it seems like a set-up for a joke, Mob’s character gives a deep look into the human situation and tells a coming-of-age story that is funny to both middle schoolers and adults.

It’s mostly about things on Earth.

Mob’s power is so much stronger than that of all his peers and esper seniors that it is truly limitless.

We don’t really know how strong he is when he goes into???%.

But even though he has all that power, Mob stays a humble, loving boy who keeps his heart even when people hurt him because they disagree with his ideas and beliefs.

Shigeo is a very strong young man.

2. Beatrice From Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World

02 re zero beatrice 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

Here’s the librarian with the most power you’ll ever meet.

And she is a tsundere loli who is more than 400 years old and has two drilled tails.

I’ll say it again: this is not a game.

Beatrice uses power and can change space, time, and even the way things are. She can open doors to other worlds and make shields that stop any magical attack.

I should probably start reading books too…

But it’s a shame that the last thing she was told to do was just wait for someone to save her.

Now that Subaru is with her, we’ll get to see a lot more of her skills in action instead of them just sitting in that library.

It didn’t really go bad after 400 years, but you get the idea.

1. Tet From No Game No Life

01 no game no life tet 28 Strongest Anime Kids & Children

The anime kid we know who is the strongest is a god.

This is anime, so of course it is. What were you hoping for?

He is called the “One True God” by the church. He is the most important person in charge of Disboard.

We don’t know how powerful Tet really is, but Jibril can give us a glimpse of what he can do.

She said that the Old Deus would have a hard time calling someone from another world, but Tet had brought two people from another world for a long time.

As a god who is stronger than his predecessors, Tet is likely in charge of all matter and the way the world works.

In the light novel, he goes to other worlds and parallel dimensions to learn new games and tactics.

He met Shiro and Sora there.

Now I’m wondering what they’ll do about the name “One True God” if there are two of them.

Maybe the second season will tell us.

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