Pokemon GO Players Give Important Tip for PvP and Raids

Using Blissey in Raids or PvP has been warned against by some Pokémon GO players. Trainers can test the strength of their teams in Pokemon GO in a variety of ways.

That being said, some Pokemon are good choices for Pokemon GO players, while other monsters aren’t the best.

By battling in the Ultra League, a very competitive Pokemon GO league that trainers can unlock once they have three Pokemon with CP 1,500 or more, Pokemon GO players can test the strength of their Pokemon.

Pokemon GO trainers can also take part in Raid Battles, which are another popular part of the game. But unlike the main Pokemon games, Pokemon GO doesn’t have as many Pokemon that can be used for PvP or Raids.

Therefore, some Pokemon GO players have warned about a choice that other trainers should be careful with.

Trainers cautioned against using Hundo Blissey in the Pokemon GO Ultra League after OneThousandLeftTurns asked if it would be worthwhile.

In the comments, someone said that Blissey is bad for PvP because it’s good at staying alive but not so good at winning.

As an example, the comment said that all it takes for an unprotected Swampert to do to knock out a Blissey in the Great League is 5 Hydro Cannons.

They also said no when asked if Blissey would be useful in Pokemon GO Raids. Normal types aren’t very good against any type, which makes them bad choices for raids.

Where Can Pokemon GO Trainers use Blissey?

Players responded to the OP’s inquiry about Blissey’s strongest suit as defending Pokemon GO Gyms. It’s up to players in Pokemon GO to protect Gyms with their Pokemon, but if they lose, the trainer who beat them takes over control of the Gym.

Since Blissey has the most HP in Pokemon GO (496), it is the best Pokemon to use to block attacks and make it hard for opponents to take control of the Gym.

One way players can get the valuable PokeCoins without spending real money is to defend a Gym. By successfully defending a Gym, Pokemon GO players can get 50 PokeCoins every day.

Trainers can purchase items like Remote Raid Passes, Incense, Poke Balls, and Lure Modules from the Pokemon GO in-game store using PokeCoins.

PokeCoins can also be used to add more storage to Pokemon GO, which lets players carry more Pokemon and items.

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