Pokemon Fan Builds LEGO Ho-Oh

A gifted Pokemon fan used LEGO bricks to create an incredible sculpture of the fabled Ho-Oh recently.

Pokemon players are constantly creating their favorite creatures in drawings and sculptures that are shared on social media for other fans to view and appreciate.

Nintendo’s ongoing series of monster-collecting role-playing games is a constant source of impressive fan art.

It should come as no surprise that Pokemon fans have assembled tributes to their favorite creature-raising game series using the well-liked Danish building toys, as LEGO is another video game franchise that appeals to gamers of all ages.

These fan made LEGO creations cover a wide variety of subjects, from model versions of well-known Pokemon locations like Kanto’s Route 3 to exact replicas of Eevee and its constantly growing evolutionary line.

Scarlet and Violet creatures like Koraidon and Scream Tail, as well as a variety of Pokemon Sun and Moon’s interdimensional Ultrabeasts in the style of LEGO’s former Bionicle line, are some of the more recent Pokemon LEGO projects.

On Reddit, user and LEGO fan eyemcantoeknees recently posted pictures of their most recent creation: a model of the fabled Ho-Oh mode from Pokemon Gold and Silver made of LEGO bricks.

With its fiery golden tail and head feathers, majestic red, white, and green winged wings, and piercing orange eyes, this recreation of the legendary Rainbow Pokemon is incredibly well-detail.

A LEGO base mode modeled after a Pokemon Gold Game Boy Color cartridge is connected to Ho-Oh for aesthetic flair.

Many people left comments in the comments section praising eyemcantoeknees’s work and expressing their wish for an official Pokemon LEGO set line.

Ho-Oh Is A Legend of the Gen 2 Pokemon Games

Even though it made a brief appearance in the first episode of the Pokemon anime a few years before its release in the Generation 2 Pokemon games, Ho-Oh remains one of the most well-liked Legendaries in the Pokemon franchise.

Along with the equally legendary Lugia, who eyemcantoeknees has also made a LEGO mode of, it served as a cover monster.

Only one Ho-Oh exists in Gold and Silver, and Trainers who have the Rainbow Wing item can try to capture it by scaling the top of the Tin Tower.

Many Pokemon fans have honored Ho-Oh through their artwork, with some of them even creating alternate Paradox variants and baby versions of the famous bird and its silver-colored counterpart.

Eyemcantoeknees’ most recent Pokemon LEGO set carries on this tradition by expertly recreating Ho-Oh’s appearance in plastic blocks with a level of detail that would make any player wish for a Pokemon LEGO crossover game.

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