How to fly a helicopter in GTA 5 on PC

Flying a helicopter in GTA 5 is straightforward on a console. On the other hand, playing it on your PC with a keyboard is a little more difficult.

GTA HELICOPTER IN PC How to fly a helicopter in GTA 5 on PC

In this tutorial, we will show you how to fly a helicopter in GTA 5 on your PC while mastering the fundamental controls.

How To Fly A Helicopter in GTA 5 (PC)

In GTA 5, you may steer the helicopter using the A and D keys on your keyboard, while ascending with W and descending with S. Tilt the plane left or right with numpads 4 and 6, and up or down with 8 and 5.

Flying a helicopter in GTA 5 is easier than flying a plane. Helicopters have slower and smoother landings due to their design and mechanics.

Fortunately, you will get to fly a helicopter in a mission named “Three’s Company,” in which Trevor pilots a helicopter while Michael rescues a guy from a tall FIB building.

We’ve also placed the controls in this table for your convenience.


Key FEnter/Exit Helicopter
Key WAscend
Key SDescent
Key ARotate to Left
Key DRotate to Right
Numpad 4TIlt Left
Numpad 5Tilt Up
Numpad 6Tilt Right
Numpad 8Tilt Down

2. Take-off.

GTA HELICOPTER How to fly a helicopter in GTA 5 on PC

Press “F” to mount the helicopter. It will automatically start the engine.

    3. Fly a helicopter.

    • To climb the airplane, press “W”, and steer with “A” and “D”.
    • When you’ve gotten high enough, use Numpad “8” to tilt down and progress forward.
    • To tilt the helicopter forward while maintaining altitude, use the “W” key and Numpad “8” simultaneously.

    4. Landing

    • Use the “A” and “D” keys to guide and align your landing zone.
    • Press “S” to fall as you get closer to your landing spot.
    • Use the Numpad controls to keep your angle stable. This will assist you fall without swaying away from the landing place.
    • When you see you’re getting closer, press the “S” key again to drop even more.
    • After landing, press “F” to dismount the helicopter.

    Remember that the helicopter may swing due to the wind, so try to fly gently to prevent colliding with nearby objects.


    Many specialized helicopters carry guns, magnets, or hooks. Examples include the “Buzzard” and the “Cargobob”.

      We have noted the particular controls they have in case you come into these sorts of helicopters:

      Buzzard uses the “Spacebar” and “Tab” keys to shoot and swap weapons.

      To utilize a magnet or grappling hook with Cargobob, use the “E” key.

      Overall, flying helicopters in GTA 5 is easier than flying planes. It is more peaceful and simple to manage, particularly during landing.


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