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Maxim Karpenko made Worldbox, a video game combined with simulations, role-playing, adventures, and management. The player in this game must play the role of a world creator.

The player can create and destroy things at any time during the game play. Lots of different kinds of plants, animals, and people can be made to live in this game.

In this game, the player’s job is to protect people from harm and build a civilization. On top of that, you need to control the environment, build roads, make colonies, and build houses.

The player must start a new religion and battle enemies while playing the game. The single-player mode in WorldBox means that the player has to play the game by themselves.

12. Idle World

Games Like Worldbox

Wedle World is an Adventure, Idle clicker, Casual, and Single-player video game made by HOMA Games. The player must upgrade the planet throughout the game while carrying a heavy burden of Earth’s creation.

To colonize the planet, more energy is needed, and keeping track of everything is necessary. The player must unlock the atmosphere perfectly to prevent natural disasters from destroying the planet.

The four factors that the player needs to effectively manage are creation, protection, upgrade, and preservation. The land, plants, organisms, and animals all need the right amount of balance.

Using the real-world system, the player must divide the land into seven large continents. The Idle World game has various basic features, including Four Basic Factors, Seven Continents, Planet Management Scenario, and Beautiful Animations.

11. Creatures 2

norn3 1 12 Games Like Worldbox

Created by Creature Labs, Creatures 2 is an Open-Ended, God Simulation, RPG, and Single-player video game. A follow-up to Creatures, the player doesn’t have any set goals, but the game is about raising Norns very quickly.

The player starts with nothing in each new world, but their main goal is to give the tribe or group food and make sure they are healthy. The player also has to make sure that Norns don’t die without breeding with other creatures.

Everything in the game is an independent agent, and users can create their agents using the special kit, just like in the original game.

A vast disc world with vegetation and animals serves as the setting for the game. You can also find some animals, which can be thought of as a food source. The seasons are winter, summer, fall, and spring, and each has its weather.

10. Reshaping Mars

Reshaping Mars 2 12 Games Like Worldbox

Tholus Games created Reshaping Mars, a video game that combines building, strategy, management, and simulation.

The story of this game takes place on Mars, and the player has to find a place with lots of minerals to stay alive.

Making Mars a habitable planet for humans is the main goal of the player throughout the entire game.

In this game, the player must find people to work for them, build homes for them, and disconnect the power grid.

While building houses and hiring people, the player also has to gather materials, construct factories, and conduct research.

And while you’re playing, you have to dig the mines and drive the engineering vehicles. Individual play is possible in this game, so the player must play by themselves.

9. Song of Syx

Song of 12 Games Like Worldbox

Simulator, building, combat, and strategy video game Song of Syx was made by Gamatron. Within this game, the player has to grow a metropolis by planning, building, and fighting.

The player must make minor changes to the empire as a whole throughout the game. You must learn about the character traits of people’s lives in addition to making minor changes.

You must engage in farming and make clothing to stay warm in the winter during the game play. Each character in this game has their interests, goals, and personality traits. The player is free to move around in the game world since it is an open world game.

8. Stardeus

Stardeus 12 Games Like Worldbox

Developer Kodo Linija made Stardeus, a strategy, survival, simulation, building, and management video game. In the game, humans who have survived are working on a broken-down starship.

The player in this game must save his human crew and rebuild the ship that was damaged. The player must balance the oxygen levels in addition to saving the human crew and rebuilding the destroyed ship.

During the game play, you must grow crops for food and build ships. The player must also find a way to survive in the harsh universe while playing. By adding more computers and using them more, the player has to look into alien technologies.

7. Odd Realm

Odd Realm 12 Games Like Worldbox

An adventure, simulation, strategy, and role-playing video game called Odd Realm was made by Unknow Origins. The game takes place in a fantasy world, and the player has to accomplish a lot.

Throughout the game, you must build a society by putting up various buildings and homes. The player must create his clan by adding hundreds of people to it during the game play.

While making a clan, you need to give each member a different job to do. The player must also defeat the monstrous characters.

The player must research various niches and explore the game world in addition to defeating the monsters.

6. Clanfolk

Clanfolk 12 Games Like Worldbox

MinMax Games Ltd. made Clanfolk, a video game that combines building, role-playing, and simulation. As the game begins, the player is in an empty plot with his closest family members.

As the game goes on, you have to survive by building a home. In this game, the player and his family must endure the harsh winter, harvest the crops, and keep an eye on the livestock.

You must protect your livestock from subzero temperatures and torrential rain while playing the game.

Additionally, while playing, the player must engage in fishing, cooking, hunting, and crafting. In addition to carrying out all of these activities, you must also teach your elders how to do them.

5. Space Haven

Space Haven 12 Games Like Worldbox

Spatial Haven is an adventure, simulation, and building video game made by Bug-Byte. This game requires the player to go on an adventure in space with his friends.

As Earth is coming to an end, the player in the game must build spaceships, visit other planets, and create a spaceship.

Throughout the game, you have to deal with different conditions and other inhabiting groups, as well as the crew’s needs.

Open-world games let players freely move around in the game world. The game also has a customization feature where you can change your spaceship and make it perform better.

Players cannot play this game with friends because it only supports single player.

4. After The Collapse

After The Collapse 12 Games Like Worldbox

Action-adventure, strategy, and survival video game After The Collapse was made by Anarkis Gaming. The story takes place in a world after the end of the world, and the player is in charge of a group of survivors.

In the game, the player has to be in charge of a clan. You must defend the survivors from threats in the environment and raider attacks during the game play.

The player has to get advanced materials and learn about new technologies while playing the game. The player in the game is free to move around the vast land.

3. Gnomoria

Gnomoria 12 Games Like Worldbox

A strategy, management, and building video game called Gnomoria was made by Robotronic Games. The player of this game must create a small town and expand it into a kingdom in a world that has been destroyed.

You must build a variety of buildings to create a town and expand it. The player of this game is in charge of a group of gnomes.

The player has to keep track of resources and make different things during the game. You have to fight enemies and defeat them, as well as manage resources and craft different things.

Furthermore, you have to dig through an underground world to find artifacts while playing.

2. Stranded Alien Dawn

Stranded Alien Dawn 12 Games Like Worldbox

In Stranded Alien Dawn, Haemimont Games made a building, simulation, survival, strategy, and management video game.

The player in this game must protect the people from the alien attacks in a dangerous alien world.

You must protect the survivors from bad weather, starvation, and disease throughout the game.

All of these things mean that the player needs to come up with a good plan to protect the survivors. You must build a special base while playing and manage food for survival.

A player must hunt, plant, harvest, and grow crops to manage food. The player can also research technologies in the game to expand his horizons.

1. Super WorldBox

unnamed 2 12 Games Like Worldbox

The adventure, simulation, and single-player video game Super WorldBox was made by Maxim Karpenko for mobile devices.

The player in this sandbox game must create their own lives and fill the globe with various items.

Wolf, orc, elf, dwarven, dragon, and zombie spawners are just a few of the things that the player can make appear.

Life, death, spawning, recreation, and everything else are all controlled by the player. The game allows the player to craft and build homes, roads, and other necessary things to maintain a proper system.

The troubled people will call for help, and the player is their only hope. No matter who they are, the player has to help everyone.

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