10 Games Like Territorial.io

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David Tschacher made Territorial.io, a free strategy game that can be played alone, with other people, or in a web browser. It works on Android, iOS, and Chrome.

You can conquer territory in this game and choose to become a nation with any name and location.

Your goal is to get enough balance to expand your territory by fighting other countries, traveling to new continents, and connecting empty land.

Territorial.io offers a variety of maps, each with its own regions and conditions, to choose from.

You can pick a position and play against other people with friends. Think about a big piece of land because it means a big balance.

10. Age of Conquest IV

Age of Conquest IV 10 Games Like Territorial.io

Noble Master Games made Age of Conquest IV, a free 2D big strategy war game that can be played alone or with other people. It is an independent game.

It can be used on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and Classic Mac OS.

It’s the best game ever because you can take command of your army, grow your kingdom by killing enemies, conquer the whole world, and do anything you want.

Take over many empires, such as the Roman Empire, Asia, Japan, the Incas, China, France, and more.

You can also manage the economy, population, festivals, every city’s administration, diplomacy, and message in your country. Choose how to edit the maps and make sure they are balanced.

You will get ELO ratings, achievements, and high scores.

9. Age of Colonization: Economic strategy

Age of Colonization Economic strategy 1536x864 1 10 Games Like Territorial.io

The free strategy game Age of Colonization: Economic Strategy was made by Oxiwyle.

Many people around the world enjoy playing this interesting geopolitical strategy game.

You can become the leader of one of Europe’s great powers and be ready to fight the Roman Empire, France, and England, which is full of aggressive wild people.

Develop your army, go on spy missions, attack other countries and take their resources, and protect your own country from attacks.

Additionally, signing peace treaties, selling more products to other countries, and purchasing products you require.

Choose a religion for your country, set up international meetings and historical events, make laws, increase production of goods, and get a lot of cool equipment.

8. World Empire

World Empire 10 Games Like Territorial.io

The free strategy war game World Empire was made by iGindis Games and can be played alone, with other people, or in a multiplayer mode. To start, you’ll pick your favorite country, flag, and political view.

Attack countries next to you and take their soldiers. If you fail to keep a small number of captured forces, that country may rebel against you and switch sides with another player.

You will be chosen by parliament to lead your country. You will have unlimited power and can rebuild things, build your empire, boost your military power, keep things up to date, collect daily items, and more.

Anti-Air Missiles, Fighting Robots, UAVs, helicopters, jets, submarines, and more are just some of the weapons that can be used.

7. RISK: Global Domination

RISK Global Domination 1536x864 1 10 Games Like Territorial.io

The SMG Studio made RISK: Global Domination, a free online co-op, single-player, multiplayer, board war game, and strategy game.

It can be used with Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Macintosh.

For 2 to 6 players, it’s a game of peace, war, and victory. It shows you a map of 42 regions and 6 continents.

The main objective is to use your tactics to conquer all of the other players’ territory.

Fight for your region’s honor and win and maintain allies by using diplomacy.

Go from beginner to Grandmaster of war and politics by playing more than 60 Maps.

You can play with the classic rules and change your character’s frame, color, dice, and troop.

6. Europe Empire

Europe Empire 10 Games Like Territorial.io

The free multiplayer and turn-based strategy game Europe Empire for Android was made by iGindis Games.

Spend your time wisely by putting the right strategies and tactics into action as you lead the country you’ve chosen to build an empire.

In this game, the US president has decided to focus on domestic issues after saying that US troops will no longer be sent to fight in other countries, and he is starting to withdraw his army from all over the world.

Work on your empire’s superior military and economic development, from diplomacy to war.

There are many things like Weapons, Tanks, Anti-Air Missiles, UAVs, Fighter jets, Submarines, Fighting robots, a War Room, a Spy Center, World News Distribution, and more.

5. War: Battle & Conquest

War Battle Conquest min 10 Games Like Territorial.io

A free online multiplayer strategy game called War: Battle & Conquest was made by Buldogo Games.

As a General, you must lead your troops, attack your enemies, and use all of your war strategies to take over the world.

For people who like Risk, Axis, Risiko, and Allies, this is a mix of the classic board game.

Every time you play as a General, you have to come up with a strategy, make plans, attack, defend, and unlock new weapons. Gain four stars to unlock new skills like Atom Bombs, Blitzkrieg, and more.

With each win, you’ll get a trophy and a reward. Have fun with your friends and play special challenges and different missions.

It has great graphics, the best sound effects, and the ability to make your army look the way you want it to.

4. Antiyoy

Antiyoy 1536x866 1 10 Games Like Territorial.io

Yiotro made Antiyoy, a free Turned-based strategy game for Android and iOS.

You will enjoy a cool and amazing set of civilizations in this game, which has a lot of challenging levels and features.

You need to make your civilization as strong as possible before attacking it with other cultures.

You need to work on both the military and the culture to keep a balance that lets you grow faster than your income.

As well as moving each of your troops, you can build farms that make the most of the land you’ve found. Enjoy smooth animations while playing this easy to play game with your friends.

The simple interface makes it easy to build castles, farms, trees, and guards.

3. Asia Empire

Asia Empire 10 Games Like Territorial.io

The free Turned-based Strategy game Asia Empire was made by iGindis Games.

It lets you pick from more than 50 different countries, be in charge of one, come up with strategies, and play against another country.

You can build an empire, use both military and economic power, and go to war or negotiate with other countries.

You could sell weapons to the US, Russia, China, and the EU. In the multiplayer mode, up to eight players can play simultaneously on the same device and message each other.

Besides that, you can enjoy beautiful scenery, great graphics, fun gameplay, and good sound effects.

You can use Tanks, Anti-Air Missiles, Fighter Jets, Fighter robots, Aircraft Carriers, UAVs, Submarines, and other weapons.

2. Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy

Supremacy 1914 WW1 Strategy 1536x864 1 10 Games Like Territorial.io

Bytro Labs made the free Real-time Strategy game Supremacy 1914 – WW1 Strategy.

You can pick any country, be in charge of it, and keep your army, weapons, rare resources, and other supplies in good shape.

Make great trade deals and go to war with your competitors. Build a country and use it to take on the world.

With the real-time multiplayer mode, you can play against more than 500 real people on each map.

Enjoy Realistic unit movement and distances, Real World Different Vehicles, Numerous Destructive Weapons, Multiple Maps, Historical Units, Simple and Smart Control Schemes, and much more. Often add new content and win with your friends.

1. Rival Regions: world strategy of war and politics

Rival Regions world strategy of war and politics 10 Games Like Territorial.io

A free Strategy game for mobile devices created by Rival Regions Games is called Rival Regions: World Strategy of War and Politics.

In this game, just like in the real world, you can create a political party, get votes, and take seats in Parliament.

To create a state on the world map and increase its economic power by expanding the state’s borders, look for your friends and work with them.

Fight your rivals for the law and the freedom of your area. You can get uranium, gold, oil, ores, diamonds, and travel to more than one hundred states around the world.

You can create your newspaper, take part in the war, use real-world territories for your state, and choose its government.

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