13 Games Like Metal Slug

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Run-and-gun video game Metal Slug is about the Peregrine Falcon Squad and a small group of soldiers who fight against the rebel army and other enemy teams that want to take over the world.

The player only has a gun at first, but as the game progresses, they may acquire new, more potent weapons.

It’s a great alternative to the well-known game Contra. A lot of war prisoners are waiting for someone to come and save them. Start your journey with a simple gun and charge at enemies.

As you collect power-ups and kill enemies, keep improving your weapons. You may have to fight a huge monster or a robotic machine at the mission’s end.

13. Demon Front

DEMONFRONT 13 Games Like Metal Slug

Everything about Demon Front is exactly like your favourite game, making it the perfect clone. It has almost everything you’d expect from a Metal Slug game, but it lacks a few features like the ability to control vehicles, which the series is famous for.

The second one was made and released by IGS, which is known for games like Bee Storm: Do DonPachi II, Knights of Valour 2, and Martial Masters.

Demon Front is a Metal Slug clone, as I said, but it manages to stand out from being a simple clone that doesn’t add anything new.

Some of its features are unique, which I find pretty interesting. Like, each of the four characters brings a pet with them.

In addition to shielding the player from projectiles, this pet can be used to attack enemies. Also, you can pick from four different players, but their stories all end the same way.

I would gladly recommend Demon Front if you’re looking for a fun Metal Slug clone. Keep in mind that the game isn’t as long as Gunforce II, for example.

12. Cuphead

Cuphead 13 Games Like Metal Slug

Fighting, action, and side-scrolling video game Cuphead was made by MDHR Entertainment and costs money. In this game, the player takes on the role of a character named Cuphead in a beautiful world.

There are different bosses that the player has to fight throughout the game. There are many levels in this game, and each one has a boss that you have to fight.

The game gives players a variety of weapon options so they can easily defeat enemies. The player will get in-game points as he defeats enemies.

The player can buy new weapons and improve old ones with these in-game points. The game has a co-op mode, beautiful graphics, and great game mechanics for players.

11. Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes 13 Games Like Metal Slug

Run and Jump, Platform, and Shooter video game Gunstar Heroes offers gameplay similar to Metal Slug and Contra.

At the beginning of the game, the player can choose between two characters, Red and Blue, who each offer different control schemes and four different weapon types.

In the games, these weapons are dropped as power-ups. Gunstar Heroes has multiple stages, and each stage offers more complex gameplay than the one before.

We recommend that you give it a try if you like fast-paced games where you have to run and jump.

10. Explodemon

Explodemon 13 Games Like Metal Slug

Explodemon is an action-packed Shooter video game that offers a captivating storyline and difficult gameplay. The player can play a robot who only wants to blow stuff up.

The player’s ultimate goal is to move on to the next mission after navigating the game world and blowing up enemy units.

The storyline, state-of-the-art graphics, and excellent visual details make it one of the best Run and Jumps video games. It’s a fun shooter game that moves quickly, so get it and enjoy it.

9. Aliens: Infestation

Aliens Infestation 13 Games Like Metal Slug

Another Side-Scrolling, Run and Jump video game that offers gameplay similar to Metal Slug and Contra is Aliens: Infestation. It lets the player put together his own team and use different weapons to fight various enemies.

Each mission offers a new challenge and more potent enemy creatures. The player only has to kill each enemy to move forward. Aliens: Infestation is a great game with a cool setting, a good storyline, and beautiful visuals.

8. Oniken

Oniken 13 Games Like Metal Slug

Oniken is a fast-paced run and gun video game with more than six missions, eleven tough bosses, and a lot of enemies to fight in two different game modes.

At first, the player can pick a faction, lead a team, and fight against the mega-corporation.

Similar to other run and jump games like Contra and Metal Slug, the gameplay of this game is very similar. Having fun and going on adventures while playing run-and-gun games is great.

This type of game sends you on an epic quest to complete missions and get in-game rewards that let you unlock achievements.

7. Intrusion 2

Intrusion 2 13 Games Like Metal Slug

A cool game with an MMORPG feature called Intrusion 2 takes place in a sci-fi setting. It enables the player to travel to the hostile planet, conduct military operations, kill hostiles, and destroy all the illegal weapon manufacturing units in order to advance.

It’s a great video game like Metal Slug, with up to nine difficult levels, three different game modes, and an epic boss battle. Intrusion 2 was made for the player who wants to play games and jump with other players.

6. Dead Pixels

Dead Pixels 13 Games Like Metal Slug

If you like the popular game Metal Slug, Dead Pixels is a great alternative that tells the story of zombies who become bloodthirsty after researching graveyards with toxic water.

Making people into zombies is what they do. The player can become a hero in Dead Pixels and begin his quest to save all people.

During gameplay, the player can explore the various levels, pick up items, and kill all the bloodthirsty monsters to move forward.

It is an excellent game that offers cutting-edge graphics and a compelling storyline for your enjoyment.

5. Expendabros

Expendabros 13 Games Like Metal Slug

Expendabros is a cool platform video game that offers all the exciting levels where the player can explore the world lore and eliminate all the vicious enemies.

There are seven different characters that the player can pick from. Each has their own special attacks and skills. Featuring tougher action and quick-paced gameplay. The game Expendabros is great fun to play.

The game has modes for both playing alone and with friends. Exp lore the scene your way and begin killing enemies to achieve victory.

The game has a scoreboard at the top of your screen that shows how many points you have earned. For players who are looking for Best Games like Expandabros, we’ve put together a list.

4. GunLord

GunLord 13 Games Like Metal Slug

One of the best games like Metal Slug, GunLord takes place in the modern world and offers nine difficult stages. With up to forty potent enemy creatures and bosses, it offers gameplay similar to other run and gun games.

To advance, the player must simply explore the world, interact with the objects, and eliminate all enemies. Try this; you’ll really enjoy it if you like the Contra and Metal Slug types of games.

If you’re looking for games like GunLord, we’ve put together a list for you to explore and find your favourite. The most popular games, like Contra, BroForce, and more, are on our list.

3. Broforce

Broforce 13 Games Like Metal Slug

When run-and-gun games were popular, Broforce takes you back to that time. Even now, players are in large numbers who enjoy playing platform games with a focus on the run and gun element, so that doesn’t mean the tradition of playing the classic game has reached its end.

This game isn’t just for consoles; you can also download and play the free Broforce Android version. In addition, the gameplay of Broforce is similar to that of Metal Slug, with two modes: single player and multiplayer.

The game uses a system that rewards the player with in-game points for rescuing prisoners of war, similar to Metal Slugs, and there are dozens of playable characters to choose from.

2. Contra

Contra 13 Games Like Metal Slug

In the 1987s, Contra was one of the most played video games. It offers a unique Run and Jump experience that is reminiscent of Metal Slug.

The game starts with the player picking a character and then entering a world full of enemies. The player starts the game with only a handgun, but as the game goes on, they can choose from different, stronger weapons.

Contra broke all the previous records and is still going strong in the end market. It is the first game that offers less entertainment with fast-paced gameplay.

Control your character and enemies as you move through the scene from a side perspective, shooting your way through enemies and a huge boss at the end of each level.

1. Rapid Reload

Rapid Reload 13 Games Like Metal Slug

One of the games on the list is Rapid Reload, which is also known as Gunners Heaven in Japan. The first PlayStation came out with this run-and-gun game in 1995.

A lot of people compare Rapid Reload to the Treasure game Gunstar Heroes. That doesn’t mean, though, that the game doesn’t play like The Metal Slug Series.

The story puts you in the shoes of either Rita or Axel, one of the adventurers who sets out on a great journey to find the legendary stone.

As they attempt to use the legendary stone to carry out their evil plans, a terrorist group known as the Pumpkin Heads will stand in their way.

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