15 Games Like Epic Seven

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Smilegate Studio made Epic Seven, a free action-adventure, role-playing, arcade, combat, and strategy video game.

The player in this game must play the role of a fighter who must fight off enemies who are attempting to conquer the world. The player can select his favorite character from among all the characters provided in this game.

All the characters provided by this game have the skills and abilities necessary to defeat their enemies. In addition, this game has both a solo mode and a multiplayer mode for players.

The player must fight each of the game’s characters one at a time in solo mode. The player must invite friends and face multiple challenges in the multiplayer mode.

15. Eversoul

Epic Seven

Independent, anime, and role-playing video game Eversoul was made by Kakao Games Corp. The player in this game must take part in a fierce battle and fight enemies.

The player must use his strategies and skills to win in battle and defeat his enemies. Beautifully crafted souls from six different factions can be found in this game.

Each soul has its unique battle animations and skills to play. The player must put together a squad of souls before they can play the game.

The player can use a variety of buildings and decorations to create his game world while playing. The player can explore the game world in addition to creating and decorating it.

14. OUTERPLANE: Strategy Anime

OUTERPLANE Strategy Anime 15 Games Like Epic Seven

Strategy for the outer plane Smilegate Holdings, Inc. made Anime, a video game with action, anime, and strategy elements. The player must take part in multiple events in this game.

The player must participate in and win the game while playing. The player must show off his skills and take great moves to win the fight.

To defeat the enemies in this game, the player has access to a wide variety of attacks. The player must finish a guided quest and get a 3-star hero throughout the game.

This game takes place in an otherworldly kingdom that the player can freely explore. For completing all of the game objectives, the player is also rewarded by the game. For the players, this game comes with captivating cute scenes, captivating visuals, and 3D graphics.

13. Heir of light

Heir of Light x SW update 1 15 Games Like Epic Seven

Com2Us Holdings Corporation created Heir of Light, a free action-adventure, role-playing, fight, and anime video game.

In the game’s story, the world is in chaos, and the player is seen as humanity’s only hope. The player must fight enemies and bosses in this game.

To restore light and bring peace to the town, the player in the game is required. The game also supports PVP mode, allowing the player to compete against other players online.

The scores of each player are displayed on a leaderboard in the game. The player must play this game by themselves because it supports both single-player and multiplayer modes.

12. Crossing Void: Global

Crossing Void Global 15 Games Like Epic Seven

A free anime and role-playing video game called Crossing Void: Global was made by 91Act. The player in this game must create his team and get them ready for battle.

In this game, there are many characters, and you can pick your favorite ones to make a team. The game lets the player explore the skills shared by two characters.

You can also explore, improve, and collect different characters in the game. The player can find extra lines that they can interact with from the voice actors from the anime series while they are playing the game.

The player can play Crossing Void: Global by themselves or with friends in either single-player or multiplayer mode.

11. Destiny Child

Destiny Child 15 Games Like Epic Seven

The video game Destiny Child was made by SHIFTUP and has action, fantasy, anime, and role-playing elements. The player in this game must create his team and send his army out into battle.

The player must unlock a pretty character to create his army. Each of the characters in this game has their unique skills, voices, and stories.

A player can fight other players in PVP battles while playing the game. In these battles, masters from all over the world compete against each other.

That team can win the game because they have great plans and great skills. The player must play this game by themselves because it only supports a single-player mode.

10. Abyss: Rebirth Phantom

Abyss Rebirth Phantom free 15 Games Like Epic Seven

Springcomes made the free casual, anime, and role-playing video game Abyss: Rebirth Phantom. The player’s soul transfers to the Abyss and meets an angel there, according to the game’s story.

The player in this game must use his strategy to lead the cute girls. It’s an exciting fantasy game.

The player must play this game alone because it supports single-player mode. The game also has great music and great visual details for players.

Those who don’t have time to play games will find the Abyss game very useful.

9. Counterside

Counterside Prydwen Institute image 15 Games Like Epic Seven

Fantasy and role-playing video game Counterside is free and was made by Studiobside. To save the world, the player in this game must guide the attractive characters.

The story of the game is that corrupted objects are endangering humanity, and the counters must fight these corrupted objects.

To win in the arena, the player must battle multiple realistic characters. The player can experience different contents in this game by using the skip and auto-play functions.

There are also multiple emotional stories in the game, as well as voice acting that is very realistic and atmospheric background music that is of excellent quality. Korean, English, French, and German are some of the languages that Counterside can be downloaded.


ANOTHER Eden 15 Games Like Epic Seven

MORE OF THEM Developed by WFS, Inc., Eden is a free role-playing and casual video game. In this game, the player must explore the world and travel to various locations.

A player has to explore the game world, look for log-in bonuses, and pay attention to social interactions. There are 26 chapters in this game, and each chapter has a different number of levels.

The player will face numerous difficulties throughout the game’s levels. In this game, the player can also travel through the past, the present, and the future. Dealing with non-player characters (NPCs) is necessary to move forward in the game.

7. Shining Beyond

Shining Beyond 15 Games Like Epic Seven

Action-adventure, anime, role-playing, and fighting video game Shining Beyond is free and was made by XII Braves. There is a war between the heroes over the land that shapes the story of the game. The player in this game must use his sharp mind to overcome difficult obstacles and take down formidable monsters.

The game gives the player a variety of heroes from which to choose to play. The heroes provided by this game each have their unique play style and skills. The game also lets the player unlock different outfits for the character. The player can obtain resources and treasures while playing the game.

6. Valkyrie Connect

Valkyrie Connect 15 Games Like Epic Seven

The action-adventure, role-playing, strategy, and fighter video game Valkyrie Connect is free to play. It was made by Ateam, Inc.

The player must take on the role of a female fighter in this game, which takes place in a stunning world. By creating a party of characters, the player in this game must take part in a battle against the enemies.

This game also has a lot of cute characters that the player can pick out as their favorite. There is a customization option in the game that lets the player change how their character looks.

Score Attack, Auto Battle, and PVP Arena are just a few of the multiple modes that Valkyrie Connect supports.

5. Grandchase

grandchase 1 15 Games Like Epic Seven

Krag Studios made Grandchase, a free-action, fantasy, and role-playing video game. The world of this game is flat, and the story is about the Grand Chase group’s adventure.

The group’s job is to take down an evil queen who starts a war between two kingdoms. Multiple quests and side missions in this game are packed with difficulties.

The quests are provided with in-game currency upon completing the missions, quests, or taking down other players to buy the item.

And the game gives the player a bunch of different characters to pick from and then they have to pick their favorite. Honor Guard, Survival, and Tag Team are just a few of the game’s multiple modes.


The Alchemist Code First Trailer Announcement Header Image DAGeeks 15 Games Like Epic Seven

Gumi Inc. made THE ALCHEMIST CODE, a free role-playing, action-adventure, and strategy video game. This game requires the player to take on the role of a fighter and use his fighting skills to defeat the enemies.

The player must loot items while playing the game in addition to fighting enemies.

For playing the game, the player can choose from a variety of characters. The player must choose his favorite character from the provided characters before beginning the game.

In addition, the game has a feature called “customization,” which lets the player change how his character’s avatar looks. The player can freely move around the game world because it is an open world.

3. KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

KonoSuba 15 Games Like Epic Seven

NEXON Company made KonoSuba: Fantastic Days, a free action, strategy, and role-playing video game. The story of the game involves the player guiding a traveler through a world that is in danger from the Evil King.

Everyone in this game is against the player, so they have to deal with a lot of problems.

For playing the game, the player can choose from a variety of characters. From all the provided characters in the game, the player can select his favorite character.

The player can meet a diverse group of heroes and heroines and learn about their missions while playing the game. The player can play KonoSuba by themselves or with friends because it supports both single-player and multiplayer modes.

2. Imperator: Rome

capsule 616x353 26 15 Games Like Epic Seven

One-player and multiplayer Grand Strategy video game Imperator: Rome was made by Paradox Development Studio for several different platforms. A follow-up to Europa Universalis: Rome, which came out the following year.

The game takes place around 450 AUC and comes during the time of the Wars of the Diadochi and the establishment of the Roman Empire. More than 7,000 cities are included on the massive map in the game, which extends from the Iberian Peninsula to India.

All of the nations can be played as in other Paradox games. The game does, however, advertise several notable features, such as a diverse population, character management, new battle strategies, different types of governments, and more.

The player must hone his strategy skills to become the master and take down the other factions in the game, where strategy is the key to success.

The player must declare his nation to start the war in the game before entering the unstoppable play and attempting to dominate other countries with his strategies.

1. Galimulator

capsule 616x353 27 15 Games Like Epic Seven

For multiple platforms, Snoddasmannen made and released Galimulator, a strategy game and single-player simulation.

The game simulates violent wars, politics, revolutions, and other strange events in a procedurally generated galaxy. It takes place in a sandbox environment.

The player in the game must watch the world as the space empire and compete to dominate it for power. While playing, the player has to choose whether to watch the game in Observer mode or play freely in Sandbox mode.

For example, Emperor mode, Sandbox mode, and Observer mode are three fun game modes. In the game, the player must battle enemies to dominate as many stars as possible, and to win, he must create ships that can fight and perform other strange tasks.

The player will face strange, vicious monsters during the game, and they must destroy them to make points. Finding new technology is the player’s main goal to make himself powerful, and he can change his politics during the game to focus on fortification, expansion, and more.

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