15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

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Cloud Meadow was made by Team Nimbus and is a visual novel, life simulator, and adventure game for one player.

A player takes on the role of Evan or Eve, a farm manager who just graduated from college.

From the farm, the player can sell milk, eggs, meat, and other things.

The player will learn about the whole world of the game as they play it more, but there won’t be many specifics.

On the other hand, exploring dungeons lets the player find new creatures and things that can be used to breed them.

This game is the best because everyone can enjoy it and it’s simple to learn.

15. Summer Memories

Cloud Meadow

Kagura Games made and put out Summer Memories. This game is a single-player adventure, visual novel, role-playing, and romance picture book.

The whole campaign, the player is a student who is almost done with school. It’s once again summer vacation time.

To spice things up and make them more memorable, the player has chosen to spend days seeing her aunt and other relatives who live in the nation.

The thought of seeing them again excites the player, even though she hasn’t seen them in a long time.

The player can pick from a variety of minigames, and the animated graphics make it easier for them to see everything.

There are lots of things to see and do in the game, which makes it fun.

14. My Cute Roommate

My Cute Roommate 1536x728 1 15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

I got a cute roommate from Philly Games. It’s a single-player adventure game, role-playing game, visual novel, and more.

First, the main character and his lovely cousin move into an apartment together. Like a lot of other games in this genre, this one is a point-and-click adventure.

You can interact with various objects, talk to non-playable characters, and move the story forward by clicking on static graphics.

Keeping a healthy routine of eating, drinking, and going to regular courses is important if you want to keep your eye on the prize because there are a lot of beautiful women in the same town.

13. House Chores

House Chores 15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

This is a simulation-adventure game for one player that has parts that are like anime and visual novels.

Because she is young and easily fooled by other people’s fake talk, the player in this game is a college student who needs assistance in social situations.

The player meets a lot of different NPCs along the way. Each one has its own personality and will respond to what the player does in a unique way.

There are many ways to play the game because one choice can have many effects on the story.

The anime-style characters, the interactions between non-playable characters, the female protagonist, the other endings, the various environments, and the enjoyable video game play are the most significant parts of the video game Household Duties.

12. Dandy Boy Adventures

Dandy Boy Adventures 15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

These guys made the video game Dandy Boy Adventures and sold it. There are simulation games, dating games, single-player games, and visual novels in it.

The player goes through life as a character and makes sure they don’t make any mistakes.

You can kill time with social games if you want to, but you’ll be stuck playing by yourself if you choose not to make friends.

In this game, players communicate with other players through text boxes.

In the same way, the player can go on dates with other characters by either inviting them to their location or going to the venues that other characters offer.

11. College Love Game

College Love Game 15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

College Love Game is a simulation, adventure, and multiplayer video game about dating.

For a good story, the player’s main goal at this point is to date a girl he likes, and while playing the game, he acts like every girl’s dream guy.

The perfect guy would have to find a way to win the heart of each woman because they are all different.

The way the player acts and speaks will determine how much better he gets at the game and how popular he becomes with girls.

As the story goes on, the player can go anywhere in the world and talk to the most beautiful women in the game.

10. Noelle Does Her Best!

Noelle Does Her Best 15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

The video game Noelle Does Her Best is an adventure, simulation, visual novel, and single-player action game.

Perform as many odd jobs as you can around Milum Town and the surrounding areas to get rich and settle your debts.

Noelle’s sword can easily cut through any enemy, but don’t be careless.

It will only take three hits to knock her out. Sure, the different things Rimuru sells can help make your trips safer, but don’t go overboard. Stay focused, because you owe money and time is running out.

Explore many places, ranging from a busy port town to a lush forest, some of which are riskier than others.

9. Latex Dungeon

latex dungeon 1 15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

SmomoGame created and released the video game Latex Dungeon, which is a single player Action-Adventure, Retro, Dungeon Crawling.

The player acts as a powerful hero throughout the game. The peaceful town in the second case is always under attack. Some bad people have taken all the pretty women.

Because of this, the main character needs to get brave and go on a dangerous mission to keep the female characters safe.

There are several levels for the player to go through, and each one is hard.

8. Idol Queens Production

Idol Queens Production 15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

Sun Bee Soft made and put out Idol Queens Production, a single-player video game with simulation and musical elements.

The player takes on the role of a manager at a music agency, who is in charge of managing the business and training idols.

In order to win, the player must hire or recruit trainers for their heroes and let them go so they can do their best.

The player has to keep track of time, learn to sing and dance, and practice acting all at the same time.

To get more talents and charms, the player has to boost the idol’s morale. The player has to teach the stars everything they need to know to do more than just concerts onair.

To teach someone something in a moral way, talk to them often and openly. Once a group is found, the player needs to meaningfully connect with the trainees.

7. Man of the House

Man of the House 15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

They made and released the visual novel game Man of the House for one player.

Throughout the game, the player takes on the role of a young boy who lives with three different beautiful women.

A lot more beautiful women with interesting pasts can be found all over the city.

There are options for when and where the player can talk to different women, ask them out on dates, or even ask them to marry him.

There is still time for the player to think about what each woman wants and do everything he can to get it.

If he makes the right decisions, an adult man who is capable of bearing fruit. If he doesn’t, he’s just a computer desk.

A lot of good things about the game are its beautiful women, open world, ability to talk to non-player characters, and high-definition graphics.

6. Treasure of Nadia

Treasure of Nadia 15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

One-player adventure, simulation, and visual novel game Treasure of Nadia was made and released by NLT Media. The player takes on the role of Henry, the game’s main character.

Cape Vedra is a fun village where the game takes place. The player’s main goal is to carry on the name of his father, Idaho Johnson.

This is where the player will meet a woman who will help the main character find out what’s really going on in town.

The player will eventually be able to visit our pubs, libraries, supermarkets, rainforests, and other places.

In the meantime, the player has found the right balance between visuals and time.

The player won’t have to deal with scary situations like they do in other games in this genre. Adults will find some explicit content in the game, though.

5. Monster Girl Island: Prologue

Monster Girl Island Prologue 1536x864 1 15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

Free-to-play adventure visual novel single-player video game Monster Girl Island: Prologue was made by Redamz and released by the company. At some point, the player will arrive on an island where monster women live.

It was like the player woke up on this island after an airplane crash. He couldn’t remember what happened or how he got there.

If the player looks more closely, they can see that the locals aren’t normal people and probably aren’t even human. Monster Girls will be a big part of the player’s adventure.

Making choices during conversations and responding to branching events forces the player to think of a lot of different ways to get close to the women.

4. Femboy Besties

Femboy Besties 15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

One-player video game Femboy Besties was made and released by owlyboi. There are elements of adventure games, visual novels, anime simulations, and simulations in it.

In order to decide whether to give up her dreams or say yes, the player takes on the role of a high school student who is asked by a charismatic person.

You can’t help but play this game again because what you do makes a difference.

The player may meet many different people along the way, and each one will present a unique challenge.

The player must decide between a good ending and a bad ending after giving it some careful thought.

3. Dreams of Desire: Definitive Edition

Dreams of Desire Definitive Edition 15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

They made the video game Dreams of Desire: Definitive Edition and sold it. It’s an adult visual novel, a game, an anime, and a single-player adventure.

Different paths and outcomes are possible, but the player must use his skills to stay out of the draft in the end.

In a point-and-click part of the game, the player doesn’t have to do anything to move forward.

What the player does and how good he is at what he does determine how things go and whether or not his sisters support him.

The outcomes of the game depend on the player, who interacts with numerous people in numerous locations.

2. Life With A Slave – Teaching Feeling

Life With A Slave – Teaching Feeling 15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

The visual novel Life With a Slave-Teaching Feeling is for adults. It has anime-style art and a lot of adult themes.

The main character is a licensed doctor who helps people who can’t get care from hospitals or other official places because the police are always looking for them.

The main character is willing to save the life of a man for a slave.

This game’s point is to show that the player can do anything and bad things will always happen. Help the girl get her life back on track.

After a slave’s former master mistreats him, a doctor takes on the role of his protector in “Life with the Spirit of Slavery.”

1. Wolf Girl With You

Wolf Girl With You 15 Games Like Cloud Meadow

The video game Wolf Girl With You is a single-player title made and released by Seismic Software. It has parts of adventure games, visual novels, anime, and other types of games.

The player and a wolf girl become good friends during the story.

As long as the girl is happy and liked, everything should be done to keep that up. One night, the player meets a wolf girl who will become their loyal friend. They have to teach her how to eat, bathe, and sleep.

The player can change the rules of the game every time they play. The player might be able to understand what’s going on even though the dialogue is in Japanese by turning on the English language converter before starting the game.

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