12 Games Like Guitar Hero

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There is a beautiful series of rhythm video games called Guitar Hero. The first one came out in 2005. In order to beat the music notes across different songs, the player can control a guitar-style game controller.

While playing, the player has to match the notes that scroll on the screen to the controller’s coloured fret buttons.

The first game in the series was Guitar Hero, and the most recent game in the series is Guitar Hero Live.

The series also puts out twenty-five games, two of which are spin-offs called Band Hero and DJ Hero. If you love music or playing the guitar, there is nothing better than playing it.

The goal of Guitar Hero is to give you the same sensation you might experience while playing guitar.

12. Amplitude

Amplitude 12 Games Like Guitar Hero

It was released by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2003 and is a music-themed single-player and multiplayer video game. The video game (Frequency) has a sequel that has just been released.

Each level in the game is made up of six-lane tracks, and the player must control a beat blaster ship through a variety of them. In addition, each one stands for a music instrument that holds a series of gems.

As the player in the game, you must shoot the approaching nodes at the appropriate time with the music. In order to pit players against one another, the game introduces the multi player feature.

In the game, if a player misses too many notes, they lose, so players should get points for playing correctly.

11. Etterna

Etterna 12 Games Like Guitar Hero

There is no better option than Etterna to think about if you’re searching for a music video game that is community-driven. You are ahead of other contestants who come from all over the world to show off their skills because of a cross-platform rhythm game.

Since the developer chose to release their project through Sourceforge, it is not available on any other third-party gaming markets.

To put it simply, it is the community-made version of Stepmania 5, and you will need a keyboard to play the game. Here is a list of games that are similar to Etterna if you’re searching for them.

10. Rhythm Doctor

Rhythm Doctor 12 Games Like Guitar Hero

It has all the Single Player, Co-op, and Split-screen game modes you could want, plus a fantastic Rhythm, Music, and Graphics experience. Rhythm Doctor, a game created by 7th Beat Games, has more than 20 hand-made levels, each of which tells a unique story that is unfolding. In addition, each level introduces a different concept of unique rhythm.

On top of that, there are a lot of doctors and patients to choose from, each with their own unique gameplay benefits. The main features include level editor, story mode, night shift versions, visual effects, and more.

9. Spin Rhythm XD

Spin Rhythm 12 Games Like Guitar Hero

Spinning Rhythm XD is an action, rhythm, and single-player music video game made by Super Spin Digital. It was released for many platforms, including mobile phones.

It offers you an electronic music control made rhythm game that is jam-packed with analog-inspired controls, fluid, and hand-made levels. You have to flick, spin, and tap the notes of the same colour to play a beat in the game.

You can also make your own levels to your favourite songs using the level editor, and there are many core features available. There are global leaderboards and daily and weekly challenges in the game.

When playing the game, you may enjoy the extensive visual features, such as track speeds, colours, low-impact graphics, and more.

8. Osu!mania

Osumania 12 Games Like Guitar Hero

Overdrive: Mania is a rhythm and single-player video game that can be played on many platforms, just like Friday Night Funkin’. While users of PC and Mac can enjoy the full version of the game, a beta version has been released for Android, iOS, and Linux. The game has four modes, including Osu!Taiko, Osu!, Osu!catch, and Osu!Mania.

A series of various beat maps, playable songs, and other features are added with each mode. Within the first mode, you’ll find three distinct items, such as Hit Circles, Spinners, and Sliders.

The game starts out with a low difficulty level but gets tougher over time. Those seeking alternatives to Osu!mania may find the following useful.

7. StepMania

StepMania 12 Games Like Guitar Hero

In addition to being a Rhythm video game, StepMania is also a game engine that Chris Danford released as a knockoff of Konami’s “Dance Dance Revolution.” The goal of the game is to meet the requirements by following the arrows that move upward on the screen. A Custom Song series called Simfiles is included in the game.

Additionally, it enables users to create custom dance patterns in the following file types:.mp3 and.ogg. You may be able to get on-screen arrows when you add background animations, such as Single Full Motion Video, Spirit-based Animation Sequence, and more.

6. Quaver

Quaver 12 Games Like Guitar Hero

It might be the best option for you if you’re searching for games similar to Friday Night Funkin. Quaver comes with a combination of Music, Rhythm, and Single- Player Elements.

It was created and released by Swam for Multiple Platforms. The game is still in early access, but it has almost 6,000 good reviews on Steam. For players all over the world, the full version of the game will soon be released.

In addition, Quaver is a community-driven video game that comes with an open-source competitive video option, two game modes, and online and rhythm leaderboards.

When playing in the online game modes, you have the option to make your own map or challenge your friends.

5. Parappa the Rapper

Parappa the Rapper 12 Games Like Guitar Hero

This is the only single-player video game that comes with Parappa the Rapper. It stays true to the rhythm genre. In 1996, Sony Computer Entertainment releases it for PlayStation; in 2006, it was released for PlayStation Portable. Rap-based game play features that were amazing and unique at the time the game was released.

The plot revolves around a character who must use his rapping skills to get through all six stages of the game. In the game, you play as PaRappa, a rapping dog who is trying to win the heart of Sunny Funny, a Flower-like girl. Here are some alternatives to Parappa the Rapper if you’re searching for similar games.

4. Sound Voltex

Sound 12 Games Like Guitar Hero

Konami, the company that made Dance Dance Revolution, released the rhythm and single-player music video game Sound Voltex, which is sometimes written as SOUND VOLTEX.

The game is split into two parts that are connected to one another. Their names are the follo win G: Sound Voltex Booth and Sound Voltex Floor.

It’s different from other games because it doesn’t ask players to play the music correctly. Instead, players from all over the world must apply various effects to the already-existing music track.

The following are the game’s standout features: You can rate systems, objects, skills, and more.

3. Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin 12 Games Like Guitar Hero

Ninjamuffin99 created Friday Night Funkin’, a Single-Player Rhythm Video Game, for Multiple Platforms.

It is also known as FnF and is an open-source video game that borrows many features from PaRappa the Rapper and Dance Dance Revolution to give you an exciting video game experience.

In addition, it has a roster of characters from other media.

It revolves around a test character who sets out to beat a series of competitors in singing and rapping competitions so that he can date his love.

The main game uses timing inputs to match the notes of other characters while staying healthy. If you’re searching for Friday Night Funkin’, we’ve got some games to play.

2. Band Stars

band stars 30902 1 12 Games Like Guitar Hero

Music and single-player video game Band Stars was made by Halfbrick Studios and is very addicting. It offers exciting game play and takes you on a journey. You have the chance to become famous and open your own studio.

A variety of characters and levels are included in the game. The skills and personalities of each character are unique. Get points to buy new instruments and record great music that will wow fans and critics.

Hire musicians from tonnes of exciting characters while completing challenges. Find new fans, go to new concerts, and explore new locations. Develop them and establish yourself as the world’s best test band.

Over 200 Challenges, No Talent Necessary, Unlockable Band Members, Leaderboards, Lyrical Styles, and more are just some of the cool features that Band Stars offers.

Band Stars is a great game to play and enjoy because it’s addictive, has great mechanics, great music, and has tonnes of songs.

1. Cytus II

cytus ii 62966 1 12 Games Like Guitar Hero

A rhythm, music, and single-player video game called Cytus II was made and released by Rayark International Limited.

In order to become the master, the player in the game must complete a variety of tasks in the virtual world. Although difficult to master, it offers simple rules for play.

The game offers a variety of songs by composers from all over the world, such as Korea, Japan, Europe, and more.

During gameplay, the player can play songs from different styles, such as rock, classical, and electronic.

The player will experience the exciting challenges through the sensation of his fingertips thanks to the more than 180 levels.

180 Different Charts, Explore the Virtual World, Sixty Songs, Unique Rhythm Game Play Style, and more are just a few of the prominent features that Cytus II offers. If you like playing music games, give it a try.

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