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Trion Worlds created Trove, an online sandbox game. PlayStations, Xbox Ones, Macs, and PCs can all play this game. Within this game, the User fights the other player and gathers points to win.

This game is the best way to pass the time if you’re bored and want something with action, drama, and enjoyment.

Users can find instructions on how to play and use the game on the Trove official website. For fun with family and friends, millions of people around the world download this game.

15. Guncraft


Exato Game Studios made Guncraft, which is both a First-Person Shooter and a Sandbox Building game.

The Voxel Style in this open beta game is like that in Minecraft and Ace of Spades. Guncraft allows the player to build his weapons as well.

It features small-range weapons like different types of handguns. Because it is a sandbox game, the player can quickly build a bunker to protect themselves from the enemy if they are caught in the line of fire. The player can also create and share his maps.

As the game’s name suggests, Guncraft is an amazing and thrilling open world game that also features amazing 3D graphics, single player, and multiplayer gameplay.

14. Salem

salem 16208 1 15 Game Like Trove

Mortal Moments is making Salem, a freemium MMORPG, shooting game, and sandbox style video game. Witchcraft and Lovecraftian mortals are the main characters of the game, which is set in the 17th century England.

Salem allows you to explore an open world that stays the same over time, craft different things, build and destroy structures, and change the landscapes, structures, and other things.

Crafting is an important part of Salem because it allows you to build far, different structures, and innovate to improve your skills.

To gain experience points and fully enjoy the game, Salem also offers PvP battles.

13.  Cube World

Game Like Trove

Cube World offers the best-ever combination of Action-Adventure, Fantasy, and RPG elements and will take you to an amazing world of Voxel-based visuals.

The game features Zelda and Minecraft-inspired mechanics and lets you explore several randomly generated worlds, crawl through the deepest dungeons, or roam freely on the islands, climb, swim, or glide your way through beautiful environments, fight off enemies and monsters hiding in Castles, Ruins, Pyroids, and Dark Catacombs, engage in epic combat, craft weapons, etc., and enjoy an amazing game.

You can pick your character from several races in Cube World, such as Warriors, Mages, Rangers, Rogues, and more. Get wonderful skills and weapons, and then enjoy this amazing game to the fullest.

12. PK XD

PK XD 15 Game Like Trove

Playkids made PK XD, an action-adventure and social video game. The player in this game must communicate with their friends and visit their homes.

A player can not only talk to his friends, but also explore the game world with them. This game has a mode where the player can make their character before they start playing.

The player can make his house look nice while playing the game by using different themes and pieces of furniture. In addition, the game lets the player throw fancy parties with their friends.

11. Terasology

Terasology 15 Game Like Trove

If we talk about games like Roblox, Terasology is the best game. For Roblox fans, the game has a similar world, gameplay, features, and game modes.

Pick up your tools and begin to build your dream world. Break and create anything you can see in the real world.

You can play the game by climbing mountains, crafting the tools you need to build a structure, and meeting strange critters.

Create the structure of a building using blocks, step by step, and then add a lot of different things to make it look nice.

10. Minecraft

Minecraft 15 Game Like Trove

Minecraft is an open world, sandbox, and block-based video game, if we talk about its genres.

The world was procedurally generated in 3D, and many other things were mixed in, like gathering resources, crafting, and building.

Create a dream world using superb blocks, each with a unique power, by getting involved in the second world. Modes include Creative, Survival, Adventure, Hardcore, and Multiplayer.

9. BlocksWorld

BlocksWorld 15 Game Like Trove

Linden Lab presents BlocksWorld, a video game that resembles Roblox. It has physics-based, sandbox, and building compounds, and iOS supports the game.

Create something amazing that no one can imagine by unleashing your creativity. You can build anything, including houses, cars, mountains, lakes, and many other things.

8. Miner of Duty

Miner of Duty 15 Game Like Trove

Another game called Miner of Duty is set in a procedurally generated world and combines FPS and Sandbox elements. Unleash your imagination and grab your tools. With different blocks, you can finish your world and make your dream come true. Interact with objects and meet strange creatures.

You can change, destroy, and create anything you want in Miner of Duty’s fully destructible environment.

7. Block Story

Block Story 15 Game Like Trove

Massive landscapes can be created in Block Story, and you can choose what to create and where to go. As part of the epic quest to save the world, you can ride dragons and other creatures that are related to them.

For more fun, sandbox, building with blocks, and exploring are all put together. Release your imagination and take charge of a whole world where you are king and everything follows your orders.

The massive world can support up to 29 creatures. The most exciting game for players who are searching for games like Roblox is Block Story, which has a role-playing element.

6. Block Earth

Block Earth 15 Game Like Trove

In the same way, Block Earth brings similar gameplay and mechanics to Roblox. Are you prepared for another fun game? In addition to giving you some space to test your skills and creativity,

Block Earth also includes the sandbox, building, and exploration elements. You can build amazing buildings, mountains, and anything else you can think of.

There are all the tools you need to build anything here. Break and create anything in the block-based world by manipulating it.

5. Block World

Block World 15 Game Like Trove

A procedurally generated sandbox world like Roblox is the setting for Picroma’s role-playing game, Block World.

Build your dream world above or underground environment where you want to surprise your friends and show off your creativity.

Create structures and change the world to meet fascinating creatures by using different blocks with unique abilities.

Create stunning characters with multiple features using the character creation table. First, you choose a race, and then you can change their appearance.

4. SurvivalCraft

SurvivalCraft 15 Game Like Trove

Roblox served as the inspiration for SurvivalCraft, a superb, creative, cross-platform, and action game. Go wild with your imagination to create unique items that have never been seen before.

Bombs can be used to destroy rocks and buildings. You can get around the world, avoid dangers, ride camels, horses, and donkeys, and organize an army to protect your world from enemies. Make deadly weapons and use blocks to build the empire of your dreams.

Meet new people and play Sandbox Survivor together.

3. World of Cubes

World of Cubes 15 Game Like Trove

World of Cubes is a video game with solo and multiplayer modes that includes sandbox, survival, and building modes.

Try to unleash your creativity using the drag and drop features of the game and give it a chance.

You can make your world with thousands of random players, and then you can start changing the procedurally generated world.

Visit fun worlds created by others and upload massive maps and creativity to play with others.

It’s completely destructible, so you can build anything you want. To level up, try to find rare resources.

By completing the mission, you can access additional tools and make multiple items using various tools.

2. Discovery

Discovery 1 15 Game Like Trove

There are games on Discovery that are similar to Roblox that can be played on multiple platforms. These are the top 10 games to play if you’re sick of Roblox genres and growing tired of them.

Discovery has elements of a sandbox, construction, exploration, and destruction, and it lets you make your character.

You can interact with objects, meet cool creatures, and use various block types to create the structures you want.

Each block presents unique abilities and all necessary tools are available for use. You can make towers, trees, houses, mountains, and a lot more.

1. Roblox

15 Game Like Trove

Users make their video games on Roblox, which has both MMORPG and Sandbox elements.

You can use this game to create any world you can think of, complete with mountains, rivers, buildings, homes, and anything else you can think of. You can play in Single Player or Multiplayer and meet cute creatures who control the world.

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