Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Reveals First Look at Zombies

In Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, Treyarch has revealed information that is sure to pique the interest of fans of the Zombies mode, which has been around for decades.

Treyarch has confirmed several major details regarding Zombies. As part of the official Black Ops 6 reveal that took place during the 2024 Xbox Games Showcase, the developer shed new light on its fan-favorite zombie-slaying game mode by confirming several key details about the game.

Since Black Ops 6 was officially confirmed earlier this year, anticipation for the next Call of Duty title from Treyarch has been building for some time.

Modern Warfare 3 has provided players with a Call of Duty experience that has been praised for its gameplay mechanics but has been criticised for its story and content that has been recycled from previous games.

Some people felt that Modern Warfare 3’s campaign mode was lacking, while others criticised the game’s emphasis on multiplayer map remakes.

However, even Zombies is not immune to criticism due to the fact that it features an open-world format that is controversial.

Black Ops 6 Zombies, on the other hand, is being marketed as a return to form, which is good news for fans of an older version of the Zombies franchise.

As part of the 2024 Xbox Games Showcase, Treyarch officially revealed a limited-time look at the Zombies mode in Black Ops 6, confirming several key features associated with the game.

Liberty Falls and Terminus are the two maps that new players will have access to when the game launches.

The former focuses on a small town in the countryside, while the latter, which was highlighted in the early footage of the mode, takes place on an island prison of some kind.

Treyarch has confirmed that Black Ops 6 continues exactly where Black Ops: Cold War left off, with the prison map taking place in the location that Peck pointed in the Forsaken cutscene.

In the screenshot of the game play, an Aether turret trap can be seen as well as a bloated Zombie that may serve as a mini-boss.

Treyarch Shares First-Look at Black Ops 6 Zombies

Additionally, Treyarch has confirmed that round-based gameplay is back with these two maps. This is a feature that a lot of Zombies fans have been hoping to see return in Black Ops 6, and Treyarch has confirmed that it will be.

However, Black Ops 6 players will still be able to play as Operators if they so choose. The game will also feature a dedicated crew of Zombie-slayers, which has been heavily requested by fans.

Weaver, Carver, Dr. Grey, and a new character named Maya Aguinaldo will make up the core cast of characters in the show.

Additionally, it has been confirmed that Gobblegum will be returning, and players will be able to acquire pieces either through in-game rewards or through the use of microtransactions.

As a reward for players who were able to complete the game’s story mode, Call of Duty Zombies began as a simple easter egg that was packaged at the conclusion of World at War in 2008.

Players fell in love with the survival event right away, becoming addicted to its satisfying and rewarding game play and, eventually, its complex story line.

Zombies is a game that has been a mainstay of the Call of Duty brand for almost twenty years. Despite its blood and gore, it features a lot of challenging mechanics, Easter eggs, and strategy.

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