10 Best Fertilizer of Sims 4

Hello, my lovely simmers! Welcome back to yet another blog featuring Sims 4 best fertilizers for gardening.

Who doesn’t like gardening? Of course, everyone does.

It’s the best stress-bustering and mind-relaxation activity.

Making fertilizer is a fantastic alternative and pleasure in Sims 4, and gardening is a skill that comes in handy.

There are a variety of tasks, abilities, and professions to learn in Sims 4.

So, my simmers, you can keep controlling your Sims lives for hundreds of hours and still have enough stuff to try out and things to do.

Doing garden work is one of the calmer things to do.

Gardening serves multiple purposes in the Sims 4 like growing vegetative plants would help in providing food, making potions, and even attracting vampires.

However, your garden needs to be fertilized correctly in order to yield a large harvest.

There are fertilizers in the Sims 4 that perform better than others in this regard.

The good news is that the player may cultivate a bountiful garden with their help, and most of them are easy to come by.

So let’s dive into the best Sims 4 Fertilizers.

Here is a list of Sims 4 Best Fertilizers

10. Anglerfish

10 fertilizer 10 Best Fertilizer of Sims 4

The rare Anglerfish is a fascinating fertilizer option that, when used correctly, can yield exceptional results.

This fertilizer has a moderate strength, but when applied fresh, it can greatly enhance the quality of your plants.

Catching this fish can be quite challenging because it is not very common.

Anglerfish are commonly found in the Forgotten Grotto and Sylvan Glade Ponds.

Take a note from me buddy, if you want to increase your chances of catching one, try using Bass, Salmon, or Catfish as bait!

9. Trashfruit

9 fertilizer 10 Best Fertilizer of Sims 4

Yeah! I know that Trash Fruit is not the top-notch fertilizer in the Sims 4 gameplay but trust me it can be incredibly advantageous in your game.

They appear when litter is left on the ground and are very simple to acquire.

The plant produces its fruits rapidly, but unfortunately, they are of no practical value.

This is what makes Trash Fruit such a fantastic fertilizer.

Since the Fruit only sells for one, it doesn’t have much value for your Sim.

You can utilise the harvest to cultivate top-notch plants, although they may take a bit longer to grow compared to other options mentioned here.

8. Tuna

8 fertilizer 10 Best Fertilizer of Sims 4

The large tuna is a great example of how fish can serve as effective fertilizers. This fertilizer is widely used, simple to obtain, and highly efficient.

Using tuna as fertilizer is a cost-effective option that won’t break the bank.

This fish can be easily caught, although you will need the City Living Expansion Pack to obtain it.

Just head over to any fishing spot in San Myshuno or any other fishing spot around the world and you’ll be able to catch that tuna.

7. Pet Poop

7 fertilizer 10 Best Fertilizer of Sims 4

Yes, I know that it sounds a little dirty and awkward but using pet poop as fertilizer will improve your gardening.

Using pet poop as fertilizer is more effective when you have a larger quantity.

When your Sim collects pet waste, it is stored in their inventory for later use as fertilizer.

This fertilizer is highly effective and surpasses the benefits of rare fish in the game! To obtain dog poop, you’ll want to have the Cats and Dogs expansion pack.

However, the benefits of having it make the investment worthwhile.

6. Rose

6 fertilizer 10 Best Fertilizer of Sims 4

The rose is one of my favorite flowers. I know it sounds a bit surprising that it can also be used as a fertilizer.

The Rose is a unique plant in The Sims 4 that blossoms during the spring and autumn seasons.

Due to its relatively low value of 29, it is most commonly utilised as a fertilizer.

You can find it in Willow Creek behind Umbridge Manor Mansion, and it only takes 48 hours to fully mature.

It is very effective as a fertilizer, so you should definitely give it a try!

5. Bees

5 fertilizer 10 Best Fertilizer of Sims 4

Any plant within a 5-square radius of Burtie’s Bee box can be fertilized. This box is part of the Seasons Expansion Pack.

By strategically positioning your bee boxes, you can effectively extend the coverage of your crops while using fewer boxes.

Using bees as fertilizer is great because no special interactions are needed! Placing the boxes is enough, as long as they are content and in good health.

The bee box is an affordable option at just $265, making it easy for sims to effortlessly pollinate nearby plants.

4. Dragon Fruit

4 fertilizer 10 Best Fertilizer of Sims 4

Dragon fruit is an incredibly productive crop that also has the added benefit of being a great fertilizer!

If you’re looking to get your hands on some Dragon Fruit, you have a couple of options.

One way is to graft snapdragons and strawberries together, which can be a fun and rewarding process.

Alternatively, you can simply purchase the buildbuy special rare fruits and veggies seed pack, which will give you access to this unique fruit.

You can easily find this fruit by fishing in Magnolia Promenade or behind Willow Creek Park, no need to purchase or graft it!

This may require a bit more time, but rest assured that it won’t cost you a dime.

3. Growfruit

3 fertilizer 10 Best Fertilizer of Sims 4

Growfruit of exceptional quality can be utilised to nourish other plants and is widely regarded as the top plant-based fertilizer in the game!

You can find their seeds in rare seed packets, and all that’s left is for you to grow and harvest them.

Using Growfruit is a cost-effective and efficient method to nourish and cultivate top-notch plants.

2. Wolf Eel

2 fertilizer 10 Best Fertilizer of Sims 4

One important aspect to consider when using fish as fertilizer is the freshness of the fish!

Ensuring the freshness of your Wolf Eel is crucial for maximising its fertilizing ability. So, be sure to prioritise freshness when selecting one!

The Wolf Eel is a remarkable fish that serves as a potent fertilizer, even when it’s not at its freshest.

It has a value range of 108-364 and can be obtained by catching it or receiving it as a gift for your sim.

Visit the Forgotten Grotto to try your luck at catching this fish using Frog as bait. Alternatively, you may receive one as a surprise gift during Winterfest!

1. Fungal Infusion Fertilizer

1 fertilizer 10 Best Fertilizer of Sims 4

This plant-based fertilizer is incredibly effective at boosting the growth rate of any plant it is used on.

It is a powerful and efficient fertilizer that will greatly enhance your plants’ growth! It’s worth the effort, just remember that you’ll need the Outdoor Retreat pack.

If you’re looking to get your hands on the Fungal Infusion fertilizer, head on over to the secret area in Granite Falls’ Outdoor Retreat.

It’s important to establish a good rapport with the hermit before requesting the secret recipe.

The recipe for the Fungal Infusion fertilizer asks your sim to collect specific ingredients: 1 Blackberry, 1 Dusk Spirit, 2 False Morel, and 3 Morel Mushroom.

Final Words

We’ve already reached the end of this blog….but don’t worry, we’ll meet again soon.

Fertilizing in Sims 4 can be quite frustrating.

If you want to stand, you’ll need to use different items each time and go into the picker repeatedly.

Select the identical item and observe as your queue is eliminated.

Guess what, applying fertilizer will solve this issue.

Listen to my simmers, caring for a garden requires regular care and attention.

Use the tips and fertilizers I have mentioned above and let me know in the comment section how your gardening process is going.

Till then, keep simming!!

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