8 Games Like People Playground

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A physics-based sandbox and single player video game with a side-scrolling viewpoint is called People Playground. In addition to amazing gameplay and clever mechanics, Mestiez develops the game for Microsoft Windows and adds some amazing features.

You can enjoy yourself by shooting, stabbing, and crushing ragdoll characters in this game.

A variety of objects are available, each with unique characteristics that describe how it interacts with other objects in the land. You can stab people in the game using sharp objects like swords and spears as well.

Many objects may conduct electricity, some of which are more effective than others in the city. Based on the same game play, Garry’s Mod and PlayCraft are the Best Substitutes for People Playground, though there are significant visual differences between the two.

8. Fireworks Mania

People Playground

Developed by Laumania ApS, Fireworks Mania is a top-notch Sandbox, Exploration, and Adventure video game. You are launched between fireworks in this explosive simulator.

Use firecrackers to blow up the environment while controlling the main character and exploring the environment from a first-person viewpoint.

You can demolish the scenes with a variety of tools, each of which has a unique feature and age. To increase the likelihood that you will receive a different result each time, the developer guarantees that you won’t receive the same thing twice. Have fun blowing up houses, buildings, and other objects while exploring the world.

7. Neos

Neos 2 8 Games Like People Playground

Do you love to play Virtual Reality (VR) games? Neos VR might be among your all-time favorite VR games, so you should give it a try. Set in an unknown universe where you may discover strange creatures and other people. It is made for the player who loves to hang out with friends by getting into exciting activities.

Using the customization feature of the game, you can import and create your avatar. Using 11 tracking points, including the hands, hips, chest, and knees, you can customize the body of your character. You can interact with dynamic bones while playing the game by grabbing and colliding with them. There are four modes available: First-person, Third-person, UI Aligned Camera, Freeform Camera, and more.

6. Playcraft

Playcraft 1 8 Games Like People Playground

Playcraft is a Sandbox and Massive Multiplayer Online video game where players from around the world can compete against one another using a variety of tools.

As well as being the best substitute for Garry’s Mod and People Playground, Bebop Games created it for players who love defeating their friends in-game.

The game is a lot of fun and doesn’t require any coding knowledge to create your games using simple controls.

Developers are eager to demonstrate to you, through their tools, that game development is a lot of fun and that the fun is doubled when you do it with friends.

The world of the game is highly customizable, and the options are infinite. Your objective is to create a team with friends and launch an attack to defeat enemies in a world that is completely destructible when you first enter it.

5. Melon Playground

Melon Playground 8 Games Like People Playground

You can express your creativity in Melon Playground, an action, sandbox, and strange video game. To show off creativity, the player in this game must combine the items.

Groups are created from the items provided by the game for combining. You can understand the combination of other items by looking at the character of each group of items.

Additionally, there is no set ending to the story in this game; instead, the outcome is entirely up to the player.

Since Melon Playground only supports single-player mode, the player must play the game by themselves.

4. Brickadia

Brickadia 1 8 Games Like People Playground

Brickadia neatly fits into both lists if you’re looking for games that are similar to People Playground or Garry’s Mod.

You are free to explore the surrounding area from a first-person viewpoint because it takes place in the sandbox world where you cannot see the character.

To create the world of your dreams, the world is made of blocks that can be stacked and broken.

Multiplayer functionality in Brickadia allows players from a wide range of countries to get close to one another. You can now use a variety of tools to either create your world or brutally destroy your friends for fun.

You can start your next level of creative skills and take them to the next level by using various blocks to create whatever you want.

3. Beat the Boss 4

beat the boss 4 32935 1 8 Games Like People Playground

Game Hive Corporation’s action, puzzle, and single- and multiplayer video game Beat the Boss 4 is available for iOS and Android devices.

The main focus of the game is on the players who want to exact revenge on their bosses and other stupid people. During the game, a lot of new tools, weapons, equipment, etc., are added. It offers a consistent gameplay experience across its collection of levels.

To beat the boss in his way, the player must choose his weapon and enter the game world. To fully immerse yourself in an amazing game experience, complete every level to unlock additional exciting features.

Give your boss all the amenities he is entitled to, including using guns to shoot him, as well as kick and punch him. In the incredibly cool Beat the Boss franchise, it is the fantastic try.

There are more than ten maps and thirty stages in the game, and the player can personalize his weapons, boss, stages, and other elements through customization options.

Over 180 handcrafted bosses, Multiplayer mode, Premium Weapons, and Unique Bosses are just some of the main features Beat the Boss 4 offers.

2. Office Zombie

office zombie 32940 1 8 Games Like People Playground

The brilliant Action, Puzzle, and Single Player video game known as Office Zombie was developed by Fluik, the same team that brought you Office Jerk.

It’s an exciting game to play and lets the player use a wide variety of objects to make the undead zombie’s day miserable. There are several levels, and each level offers comparable game play.

The gameplay of Beat the Boss 2 is designed to immerse the player in an enjoyable and addictive game with a lot of features. The major goal is to repel the zombie by doing its job and turning into a formidable headache for it.

Throw various objects, such as a voodoo doll, skull, trusty chainsaw, flaming cocktail, rusty saw blade, etc., on the zombie’s face and shoulder.

By earning enough points, you can unlock fun zombie reaction. Get the best points possible by finishing each level and challenging your friends to beat it.

The player’s progress in the game unlocks additional content. Office Zombie offers the standard features like Daily Challenges, Earn Rewards, Torture Zombie with Over 20 Items, Finish Checklist, and more.

1. Kill the Bad Stickman Boss

kill the bad stickman boss 32938 1 8 Games Like People Playground

On Android, you can play the action and puzzle video game Kill the Bad Stickman Boss. You must kill your bad boss in his style in this exciting puzzle game that combines the elements of role-playing and puzzles.

Weapons come in a wide variety, including a machine gun, pistol, and rocket launcher.

To give your boss the ultimate pain, build a torture chamber and place him inside. It’s time to exact revenge, vent your resentment toward the bad boss, and give the boss what he deserves.

To unlock advanced weapons and items to torture your boss, defeat the boss in various levels and accumulate the most points. Beat the Boss Franchise-style gameplay is the norm.

The main features of the game include a boss’s face smashing, a set of weapons, and tap and drag controls.

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