15 Games Like Proud Father

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Want to find games like Honey Select Party? If so, you should try Proud Father.

It has a beautiful cast of anime characters and exciting choice-based gameplay. Romance, drama, and fun are all in it.

The game is also split into three days, and each day has a different set of objectives that you must complete to move along the storyline. Touch, Take a Shower, Make a Joke, etc. are some of the objectives for the first day.

To start, you can make any character you want. You can also choose which characters should be in the game.

According to the game, there are three main paths: harem, sister-only father, and top-secret.

Keep in mind that your early game choices will determine which path you take.

A character who is a loyal brother, husband, father, and uncle can be controlled by a well-written storyline.

The main character’s wife died almost four years ago, leaving him to raise his two daughters by himself.

The gameplay contains some mind-blowing twists and turns.

These games are similar to Proud Father, so you can check them out if you want to.

15. Monster Girl Dreams

Proud Father

Monster Girl Dreams comes with a twist of Text-based Role-Playing Game elements, giving you gameplay with a visual novel theme.

Each character comes with their own unique skills, stories, and actions to take. It casts a variety of characters.

You play the role of a male adventurer who just graduated from a school called Adventum in the video game.

The character then sets out on a journey across the home continent with monster girls to get rich. Most likely, he also wants to beat the Demon Queen.

At the beginning of the game, you can make an avatar and list your strengths and weaknesses in battle as well.

For different objectives, you have to talk to NPCs to finish tasks and get in-game rewards.

14. 3D Custom Lady Maker

3D Custom Lady Maker 2 15 Games Like Proud Father

Visual Novel, Adventure, Simulation, and Character Customization are just a few of the great features in the single-player video game. When life is boring, nothing beats having fun with AI.

Over 80 custom characters, each with their own unique traits and multiple endings, are included in the game.

You can choose the starting point while playing the game, as well as the lighting and camera settings.

There are dozens of accessories to choose from, and the selection of your favorite one could keep you playing for hours on end of fun gameplay.

13. Twists of My Life

Twists of My Life 15 Games Like Proud Father

Twits of My Life comes with Visual Novel, Text-based, and Choices Matter gameplay, offering the same elements as Waifu Academy. The game comes with a mix of Dating Simulations and only supports Single-player mode.

To experience a unique storyline and multiple endings, select your favorite avatar and enter the game!

During the game, the choices you make affect the outcome. There are multiple animated scenes and over seventeen different endings.

Because it features beautiful graphics and a dynamic storyline, the game is well received by players. If you’re looking for games like Twists of My Life, consider these.

Novel made Twists of My Life, a Visual Novel and singular-player video game. There are several playable characters available, each offering a unique storyline and character choices.

As the game begins, you take on the role of a law student who wants to live a normal life by studying, meeting people, spending time with friends, and other things.

A lot of people your age want to have fun. The game comes with beautiful graphics and an ever-evolving storyline. Depending on the choices you make, there are over seventeen different multiple endings.

Create your own avatar and embark on a journey to flirt with beautiful girls who want to meet a good-looking man.

You can treat each character in a different way because they all have their own unique thoughts, feelings, and actions.

In this 3D world, your main goal is to interact with non-player characters (NPCs) to find a date, love, and people to romance.

Take a break from everything, embark on a journey, and start interacting with other people.

12. Euphoria

Euphoria 15 Games Like Proud Father

As an adventure, visual novel, and single-player anime video game for PC, Euphoria was made by Clockup.

A character who got stuck in a house with six other heroines is the focus of the storyline.

Since all the characters are his classmates, the hero is a little confused when they confirm that they heard a strange voice.

To finish a difficult mission in the game, the player has to pick a heroine and do what the voice tells them to do.

Seeking Games Like Euphoria? Look no further! Here is a list of your favorite games, such as Honey Select Party and Waifu Academy.

11. President Yukino

President Yukino 15 Games Like Proud Father

Fun gameplay is guaranteed by the perfect mix of Adventure, Role-playing, and Single-player game elements.

You play as a female protagonist who was born into a normal family and is currently enjoying everyday life in the game.

The protagonist, Yukino, begins to experience bad luck all of a sudden. In addition, she is living with her uncle and working very hard on her education.

She often reads books at the library to learn more. One day, she was reading a book when she saw a man who went to her school and her eyes stuck on him.

The player also moves through the scene from an isometric viewpoint while enjoying the video cutscenes.

10. Waifu Academy

Waifu Academy 15 Games Like Proud Father

You have come to the right place if you want to find Games Like Waifu Academy. There are more than five products with gameplay and character types that are very similar.

There are elements of Adventure, Romance, Visual Novel, and Single-player Anime video games in Waifu Academy, which makes for great gameplay. Waifu Academy came out for PC and then stopped for no reason.

You can control a handsome guy in the game from a third-person viewpoint and start flirting with beautiful girls at school.

You can do a lot of fun things during the game, like sports, hanging out with guys, making new friends, and more.

9. Twins of the Pasture

15 Games Like Proud Father

Visual Novel, Simulation, Adventure, Female Protagonist, and single-player video game Twins of the Pasture was made and released by Diesel Mine.

Two young girls, who must make moral choices because of a heavy burden on their shoulders, are the central characters of the story.

Unfortunately, both of their parents died suddenly, leaving the sisters to deal with the harsh world on their own.

In the game, there are multiple situations, and each choice can change the outcome. Therefore, the ending is directly related to the choices the player makes.

The storyline and the player’s ability to complete the quests will both be affected by the characters in the game.

Receiving party has given 120 to pay the full amount, and it’s up to the player to solve this problem.

8. SinVR

15 Games Like Proud Father

A single-player adventure, anime, adult, and visual novel video game called SinVR was made and released by SinVR. Similar to other similar types of games like Love Vibe and Lewd Island, the player comes to control the destiny of a hot woman who lives in a city with other people of all genders.

The game has a huge library of women with various body types and personalities that a player can customize to draw in male characters.

Although it takes a long time, the player can fall in love and agree to adult content which they want. The female character in the game can travel to various locations and experience various unique events. The player will see a passion meter at the top of the screen that will fill up when the lady pleases the other guy. This will make the lady a five-star girl.

7. Love Story: Teenage Drama

3793601cba067372ac0f07a88427f8cd fgraphic 15 Games Like Proud Father

The adventure, visual novel, interactive story, and single-player video game Love Story: Teenage Drama was made by WEBELINX LOVE STORY GAMES.

Throughout the gameplay, the player must assume the role of a female character who is going through a difficult time, and it is the player’s responsibility to direct her.

By making choices that could alter her life in a huge number of ways, the player in this adventure comes to discover or meet many different people.

When the player moves from one person or relationship to another, different key paths definitely appear based on the choices he makes.

The female’s feelings will be affected by each small step, and it is unclear how to find true love. The player should go through the various stages of life and discover new love every time.

6. Living with Temptation 1 – REDUX

Living with Temptation 1 – REDUX 15 Games Like Proud Father

You can make choices in a story in the video game Living with Temptation 1 – REDUX. Within the game, you can interact with a babysitter and her pretty friend.

It’s a visual novel game. Making choices, interacting with characters, and telling stories are the main components of the game.

The objective of the game is for the player to start dating the pretty nanny and her visually appealing friend.

Players will likely engage in romantic interactions and conversations with the characters as the story progresses. Within the game, players can choose to date various characters, such as the nanny and her friend.

A lot of different relationship options are available to players.

5. Treasure of Nadia

Treasure of Nadia 1 15 Games Like Proud Father

Adventure, simulation, and visual novel game Treasure of Nadia was made and released by NLT Media.

It is for one player only. The player assumes the role of Henry, the main character, in this game.

The game takes place in Cape Vedra, a fun village. Idaho Johnson, the player’s main goal is to carry on his father’s name.

The player will meet a woman who will help the main character discover the truth about the town while they are doing this.

In the end, the player will be able to visit our libraries, pubs, supermarkets, rainforests, and other places. Thus far, the player has discovered the ideal mix of visuals and movement.

Not like some other games in this genre, the player won’t have to deal with scary things.

The game does have some explicit content, though, so only adults should play it.

4. Honey Select Party

Honey Select Party 15 Games Like Proud Father

If you want to play romantic games like Waifu Academy, now you can.

If so, Honey Select Party is one of the best anime games, offering fun gameplay and a beautiful cast of anime characters.

In the game, you have to talk to NPCs in order to progress with your story.

Each of the many endings has a unique storyline and character, as well as multiple endings. What happens in the game depends on the choices you make.

Also, your character can choose how fast a relationship with their own custom-made avatars should move forward.

A lot of people also think it’s one of the best alternatives to Waifu Academy. Besides that, here is a list of games that are like Honey Select Party and will give you the same pleasure.

3. Sisterly Lust

Sisterly Lust 15 Games Like Proud Father

Psychological horror and single-player video game Sisterly Lush was made by Perverteer Games and is available on a number of platforms.

A beautiful cast of female characters have fun together on beaches and other locations in the game.

There is a character in the story who goes back to her hometown after her father dies suddenly.

You control a character in the game as he gets used to a new life full of beautiful women.

You have a choice in this game, and what you do will determine how it ends. So, you should be careful about what you choose.

2. Dreaming of Dana

Dreaming of Dana 15 Games Like Proud Father

Dreaming of Dana is a dating sim that lets you meet new people and look for love while going to a series of parties.

You can play the role of a wealthy kid who has almost everything in the game. It would be fun to live a fancy life and see how your character’s dreams come true.

You will observe how the protagonist gradually stops caring about her sister after getting a job and becoming more involved in his life.

Several characters in the game could be signs of love and romance. There are several versions to choose from, and the gameplay is very good.

1. Captain Hardcore

Captain Hardcore 15 Games Like Proud Father

An organization named AntiZero Games made a VR game called “Captain Hardcore” that includes explicit material.

Players can take on the role of the main character, Captain Hardcore, in the interactive game “Captain Hardcore.”

In the world of the future, this character is a hero who goes on adventures in space.

In this online world, the player can visit many locations and meet many characters.

There are adult themes and action in this game. Its main goal is to give players a realistic virtual reality experience.

Virtual reality (VR) motion controllers and other ways to interact with the game make it more fun and realistic.

In the game, players can communicate with various characters, and these exchanges can occasionally get explicit and personal.

Players can go places and meet lots of different characters. They can go on fun and exciting adventures.

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