15 Games Like Azur Lane

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An action-adventure, visual novel, and role-playing video game called Azur Lane was made by Yostar Limited.

The player has to take on the roles of different animated characters throughout the game.

This game requires the player to fight enemies. The game has many missions, and each mission has its own set of goals.

Along with that, the game lets the player change how the anime characters look.

The player must talk to non-player characters (NPCs) and find rare items while playing the game.

The controls for Azur Lane are easy to understand, and the graphics, background, and music are all very good.

15. Honkai Impact 3

Azur Lane

Honkai Impact 3 is an Action and Single-player video game created by Mihoyo Limited for Android and iOS.

The game takes place in the fantasy-based world where Honkai, the strange force that destroyed human civilization on different occasions, has re-emerged in the peaceful world once again.

The team of girls appear as a last hope of humanity must battle against enemies for survival in the apocalyptic world full of beasts and zombies.

As the captain of the team, the player must command these girls into the fight against undead creatures in different locations across the world.

During the game, the player will experience the unique personalities of girls, challenge and dominate different stages and raids.

The game is played from a third-person perspective, and the player controls the female protagonist to complete the quests and earn points.

The player can get into the sealed realms to unearth the legend behind the Xuanyuan Sword.

Honkai Impact 3 includes prominent features such as Fantasy Environment, Command a Team, Explore the Memories, Restore Historical Events, and more.

14. Arknights

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Yaster Games Limited made Arknights, a video game with Action-Adventure, RPG, Anime, Single-player, and Multiplayer modes.

The player assumes the role of a female protagonist named Amiya throughout the game, whose job it is to find and train the best operators to complete the main mission.

Because the enemies are so cruel, the player is chasing them down to protect innocent people.

How Rhodes Island ends up will depend on the player’s skills and strategies, so he must not stop along the way and fight until the end.

The amazing thing is that the player finds hundreds of unique operators that are related to different classes.

All the classes come with set strengths and weaknesses, so the player can make an endless number of combinations.

The sounds of Japanese characters make it more interesting. A complete story in the RPG and anime genres offers a genuine sense of excitement.

13. Genshin Impact

EGS GenshinImpact miHoYoLimited S1 2560x1440 91c6cd7312cc2647c3ebccca10f30399 15 Games Like Azur Lane

The video game Genshin Impact was made by Miho Yo and is an adventure, simulation, open world, single-player, and multiplayer game.

The player controls a group of four characters throughout the game and can switch between them at any time during battle.

To take their opponents down, the player can mix and match different skills and attacks.

Every character has unique strengths, and the player can improve them in a variety of ways, such as by raising the character’s level or by improving the character’s artifacts and weapons.

To earn rewards, the player can complete various tasks. The player needs resin, a type of currency, to claim the domains that will reward highly valuable resources.

12. King’s Raid

Kings Raid 15 Games Like Azur Lane

King’s Raid is a casual anime role-playing video game made by Vespa Inc. The story of the game is about a lady named Kasel whose brother has gone missing.

A Kasel name knight-in-training is the role the player must play in this game. To solve the mystery surrounding his brother’s disappearance is the player’s goal.

The player must fight enemies in addition to uncovering the mystery surrounding the brother’s disappearance.

The game also awards points to the player for uncovering the mystery and eliminating the enemies.

The player can select his favorite character for playing the game from among the many characters available.

11. Epic Seven

EPIC SEVEN 15 Games Like Azur Lane

Epic Seven is a free video game made by Smilegate Studio that combines action, adventure, role-playing, arcade, combat, and strategy.

The player in this game must play the role of a fighter who must fight off enemies who are attempting to conquer the world.

The player in this game is given a number of characters, and he or she can pick the character they like best.

The characters in this game are all skilled and able to beat their enemies.

Also, this game has both a solo player mode and a multiplayer player mode.

In solo mode, the player must fight each character in the game one at a time.

In multiplayer mode, the player has to get their friends to join and complete a number of challenges.

10. Raid: Shadow Legends

raid shadow legends 15 Games Like Azur Lane

It’s one of Plarium Global Ltd.’s best Role-Playing Video Games for mobile devices.

Experience a huge battle where champions aren’t supposed to be kind to anyone.

We are very close to losing the battle, and the explosion could happen at any time.

These are the Best Games Like Raid Shadow Legends for players who can’t handle champions and want something a little easier than RSL.

Additionally, Teleria’s world is about to end, and you are the only hope who can save it.

Instead of waiting any longer, get together with other online players to form a team and start your journey to kill enemies.

Don’t forget to get strong weapons so that you can keep yourself fully armed and hope to quickly dispatch enemies.

Over thirteen factions and more than 500 warriors are also available.

9. Tales of Wind

Tales of Wind 1 15 Games Like Azur Lane

NEOCRAFT LIMITED created Tales of Wind, a free Role Playing Video Game.

The player in this game must play the role of an unnamed character who must complete all of the side quests.

Multiple outfits can be added to your characters after you create them. The player can create characters, and they can all follow a story.

Multiple innovative game play modes, such as a quiz, racing, and shooting mode, are available.

The player must choose the correct path because this game offers multiple ways to confuse them.

In addition, this game allows the player to create guilds to defeat enemies.

8. Knights Chronicle

Knights Chronicle 15 Games Like Azur Lane

Action-adventure, anime, and role-playing video game Knights Chronicle was made by Netmarble.

This game requires the player to go on an exciting adventure to Garniel, a dangerous planet.

The main goal of the player is to fight enemies when they appear. There are nearly 160 characters in this game, and the player can pick his favorite.

In order to fight enemies, each of these characters has their own unique skills and abilities.

The player can also hire characters with unique skills through the game.

The player cannot play this game with friends because Knights Chronicle only supports single-player mode.

7. Seven Knights

Seven Knights 15 Games Like Azur Lane

Netmarble made the action-adventure and role-playing video game Seven Knights.

The plot of the game is that the God of Destruction wants to wipe out all people.

In this game, the player must play the role of a valiant warrior in the land of Asgar.

What the player has to do in this game is beat the bad guys and save the world.

The player must make a character in order to play this game.

Throughout the game, the player has to talk to NPCs and collect items.

There are several quests to complete in this game, and when they are, the player is rewarded.

The player can improve their character’s skills by using these rewards.

6. Girls Frontline

Girls Frontline 15 Games Like Azur Lane

The role-playing and strategy video game Girls Frontline was made by Mica Team.

The alien force was found in Russia in the early 1900s, which is when this game took place.

To win this game, you have to put together a team of T-Dolls and fight SF.

The player must play the role of a commander throughout the entire game.

The player must also organize the team and give orders to the T-Dolls in the game.

There are many characters in the game, and they all have real guns.

The player cannot play this game with friends because it only supports single-player mode.

5. LYN: The Lightbringer

LYN The Lightbringer 15 Games Like Azur Lane

Rock Square Thunder made LYN: The Lightbringer, an action-adventure and puzzle video game.

The story of the game is that the world of the game is under siege by bad people.

The player controls a female character in this game, which is set in a stunning world.

In the game, the main goal of the player is to get rid of the corruption.

The player must fight and collect light motes across different levels.

The game is also open world, so players can freely explore the dark dungeons that are full of different dangers.

4. Grand Summoners

Grand summoners 15 Games Like Azur Lane

GOOD Smile Company made the action-adventure and role-playing video game Grand Summoners.

This game has exciting battles where the player has to lead a summoner.

Heroes have to fight for justice and stop the threat in this game.

The main goal of the player is to protect the realm from demonic forces and fight against evil forces.

The game offers the player numerous rewards for helping to defeat demonic forces and defending the realm from demonic destruction.

Grand Summoners has both single player and multiplayer modes, so players can play by themselves or with friends.

3. El Chronicle

El Chronicle 15 Games Like Azur Lane

The video game El Chronicle is an adventure and role-playing game made by Cravemob.

The player in this game has to take on the role of a girl. Fighting demons and gods is the player’s job.

The player has to find hidden treasures and collect hidden things while fighting demons and gods.

The player can also craft the items with these hidden treasures and things.

The player can freely explore the whole game world because it is an open-world game.

The player can talk to non-player characters (NPCs) and have pre-defined conversations with them throughout the game.

The game also lets the player invite their online friends to play in a team with them.

2. Browndust

Browndust 15 Games Like Azur Lane

A casual action-adventure, strategy, and role-playing video game called Browndust was made by NEOWIZ.

The player must engage in real-time turn-based combat in this game, which is set in a fictional world.

It is the player’s main job to defeat enemies throughout the game.

There are almost 1400 levels in this game, and each one is hard.

When these levels are finished successfully, the game gives players a lot of different rewards.

Players can upgrade and collect strong heroes by using these rewards.

Browndust has a multi player mode so players can play together and compete against other players.

1. Grandchase

grandchase 1 15 Games Like Azur Lane

Grandchase is a fantasy, role-playing, and free-action video game made by KOG Studios.

The adventure of the Grand Chase group is the focus of this game, which is set in a 2D world.

The group is tasked with bringing down an evil queen who instigates conflict between two kingdoms.

Multiple quests and challenging side missions are included in this game.

The player receives in-game currency after finishing the game, missions, or taking down other players to get the item.

Aside from that, the game gives the player a choice of characters from which to pick their favorite.

Multiple modes, such as Honor Guard, Survival, and Tag Team, are available in Grandchase.

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