It is possible to unlock the Navel (Hard) is unlocked when you’re at fifty and have completed the MSQ “The Ultimate Weapon” (ending the content of ARR). 

You’ll then need to return to The Waking Sands and finish several other Primals in order for unlocking The Navel (Hard). 

Here’s a list to follow, starting with Titan:

  1. A Recurring Problem: (Location: Minfilia, The Waking Sands X:6.9, Y:6.1)
  2. Ifrit Bleeds, We Can Kill It: (Location: Thancred, The Waking Sands X:6.1, Y:5.1)
  3. In for Garuda Awakening: (Location: Papalymo, The Waking Sands X:6.1, Y:5.0)
  4. In a Titan Spot: (Location: Y’shtola, The Waking Sands X:6.1, Y:5.1)

We’ve all heard of the Primal Titan, the massive man you’ve probably killed several times on Duty Roulette.

Titan can be an issue for groups that are just starting out. When you’re 34, you’ve never had the opportunity to experience many of the intricate mechanics, and Titan could be a bit of an unwelcome surprise.

Once you’ve defeated him a few times, however, the battle turns very easy.

You can rest assured that taking on The Navel (Hard) is a step up in difficulty to the appropriate level for the 50 Trial.

The thing that is really unique about Final Fantasy XIV compared to other MMOs is that Square Enix will often completely reinvent the game to increase difficulty.

It’s not just about the boss causing more damage and taking less. 

The fights evolve quite significantly and require new strategies and tactics while retaining the “theme” of the original fight. particularly with regard to the early Primal battles.

How to unlock the Navel (Hard)?

You’ll have to satisfy some prerequisites prior to going toe-to-toe on stony feet on Titan again.

For starters, you’ll need to be in the 50th level, and you must have completed the main mission, “The Ultimate Weapon.”

This quest is the final chapter of the content of A Realm Reborn.

When you’ve achieved the milestones listed above, after which you’ll be able to visit The Waking Sands, it’s time to obtain an item called “A Recurring Problem” from Minfilia (X:6.9, Y:6.1).

Here’s where it can become something of an undertaking.

To be able to complete the goal of unlocking The Navel (Hard), you must go across the various Primals on Hard too.

You’ll need to complete a quest sequence that starts with “Ifrit Bleeds, We Can Kill It” that you get from Thancred from the Waking Sands.

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This unlocks the Bowl of Embers (Hard).

The victory over Ifrit’s more difficult form can lead toward “In for Garuda Awakening,” purchased from Papalymo in The Waking Sands.

Beat Garuda’s defeat, and you’ll be able to access “In a Titan Spot”. (I hope you’re completely enjoying all the puns, too!)

Once all of that is completed and completed, the Y’shtola will eventually give you the access rights to The Navel (Hard) after you’ve jumped through some fetch quest hurdles first.

Is the Navel (Hard) pretty difficult?

I would imagine that at some moment in time, yes.

These were basically content for the endgame in A Realm Reborn before any expansions were released, which is why they needed to be challenging in order to keep players playing.

Then it could be extremely unfortunate to witness a complete party wipe in these dungeons.

In essence, the majority of the players are very well equipped and have the experience to face the challenges of today.

Level sync could get everyone approximately the same level, but it will only accomplish a certain amount if the majority of players are aware that the battles forward and back are an easy walk.

It’s also possible for higher-level players to dominate these battles without outside assistance.

I can slash Titan within a couple of minutes on my own, and I’m not an exceptional player!

Is there an even harder version of The Navel?

Yes, absolutely. If you feel that your Hard meeting with Titan has made you want more, then you are able to unlock the Navel (Extreme).

The issue was first introduced with Patch 2.1 and requires significantly more teamwork and coordination to overcome.

Similar to unlocking the first series of difficult Primal fights, your path towards The Navel (Extreme) begins with Urianger at The Waking Sands.

They are only available after you have cleared The Navel (Hard) in addition to giving in the quest.

Simply pick up “Primal Nature”, then the quest “Primal Nature” after that, and then follow the next series of Extreme difficulty tests for a chance to go to the Navel and back.


1. It is possible to instantly die if you fall off the edge. It is most likely to happen when he employs the “Landslide” attack (rectangular AoE ahead of him, can push you off in the event that you’re hit). Think of it as an attack that is one-hit-KO and be sure to avoid it!

2. When you play “Geocrush” (boss jumps up in the air, disappears, and then smashes into the ground), there is no risk of falling off the ledge from the shockwave. But, the arena will be shattered over (outside) an outline of red, which will appear at the edges of the field. Thus, keep within the circle in red (so you do not fall off). However, try to remain as near to the red lines (inside their boundaries!) as you can to limit any damage.

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3. When the boulders in the rock start to begin to appear, just avoid them (stay away from them to avoid injury and don’t attempt to take them down as they’re an unneeded waste of DPS).

Phase 1: 100% – 90% HP

Landslide -> Tumult -> (Repeat)

In the initial phase, an invisible wall stops players from falling over the edge, as well as Titan himself, who will utilize Landslide and Tumult repeatedly. 

If Titan is running around 90 percent HP and he is able to fly in the air and utilize Geocrush. 

Players must move towards the outer edges of the boss’s room as far from the center as they can. 

However, players must remain in the area of the red circle, since that area of the arena is likely to disappear into the lava below.

Phase 2: 90% – 75% HP

Weight of the Land -> Landslide -> Tumult -> (Repeat)

At this moment, the wall that was at the edge of the boss’s room is gone. This means that players are able to be thrown off the platform by attacks such as landslides. 

The Weight of the Land is the brand new power used by Titan during this phase. The players must get out of the sand traps which are visible on the ground. 

With around 75 percent, HP Titan is able to leap in the air and use Geocrush again. The players should make their way towards the outer edges of the boss’s room close to when the indicator for ground turns red. Geocrush marks the end of Phase 2.

Phase 3: 75% – 55% HP

Landslide -> Weight of the Land -> Bomb Boulders -> Landslide -> Weight of the Land -> Rock Throw -> Tumult -> (Repeat)

Bomb Boulders and Rock throws are new abilities utilized by Titan in this stage. Bomb Boulders are spawned by bombs that spread around the arena and eventually explode according to the order in which they are dropped. 

Rock Throw place an image of a clock at the feet of any player. After a few seconds, the player is encased inside the Granite Gaol, incapacitating the person. 

Other players may destroy the Gaol to release the player (who receives a cleansed debuff – the Determination down).

Bomb boulders can be found in two distinct patterns. In the first, bombs are spawned near the edges of the room, and then in the middle. 

The bombs near the edge area will first explode before the bombs that are in the middle will explode. 

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To avoid this, players should first make a move towards the middle of the room in order to avoid explosive bombs that are at the edges of the room.

They should then relocate to the empty space on the outside of the room, to stay clear of the bombs that are in the middle. 

In the opposite design, bombs explode in the central and corners of the space. Players must stay away from the corners and in the middle of the room in order to avoid explosions.

Phase 4: Titan’s Heart

Rock Throw -> Landslide -> Weight of the Land -> Tumult -> Rock Throw -> Landslide -> Weight of the Land -> Earthen Fury

The players must destroy Titan’s Heart before they can complete the ability’s rotation, as the failure to do this will result in the wipe. Titan is not able to use Boulder Bombs in this phase.

Titan will utilize Rock Throw twice during this stage. The players must kill Titan’s Heart with the Granite Gaol and free the player to use one rock throw. 

The player should not pay attention to your Granite Gaol in order to DPS on the Titan’s Heart for the second Rock Throw. Don’t forget to wash the Determination down.

Utilize the Limit Break to take out the Heart in case your group isn’t able to provide enough DPS.

After taking out the Heart Players, the players should then remove the player from the Granite Gaol. Healers must apply AoE heals prior to Earthen Fury.

Phase 5: 55% – 0% HP

Mountain Buster -> Tumult -> Weight of the Land -> Bomb Boulders + Landslide -> Mountain Buster -> Weight of the Land -> Rock Throw -> Landslide -> (Repeat)

In the fifth and final stage, Titan gains the Mountain Buster ability that deals massive damage to tanks.

If Titan’s HP falls and he casts Tumult up to 7 times in one row.

Additionally, two bomb boulder spawning patterns from Phase 3 Titan will also have a new pattern. 

In this pattern, 9 bombs are dropped in three columns to create a three X three formation. The 3 bombs that are in the middle column will explode first, so players must move either north or south in the two columns of bombs on the sides. 

When the bombs in the center have been destroyed the players must return to the center of the room in order to stay clear of the explosives on the sides.

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