Takako Chino From Orange

Takako Chino is one of the characters of the story. She is a classmate and best friend, or Naho Takamiya who also receives a note by her future self assist in saving Kakeru Naruse. 

With assistance from Naho and her companions, They all came together to save Naruse before he was destined to die. she also is very cautious of Naho and stands up for her.


Takako is a tall and slim teenage female with long, black locks and blue-gray eyes who dresses in boyish attire outside of school. 

After the time skipped, she cut her hair in a boyish cut.

She is tall at 170 cm. the blood type is A.


Takako is shown to be quite grown-up and a little boy who is a good friend and willing to defend her fellow classmates, particularly Naho Takamiya.

She’s not averse to Rio Ueda harassing Naho constantly and, for this reason, she has a particular dislike of Ueda who has said on multiple occasions that she’d love to punch her, as she has called her a snob. 

If Ueda is accused of being attractive, Takako promptly agrees and goes on to state she has an irritable temper, and should Ueda would not stop bullying Naho she’d inform the entire school of what she was “their Beauty Pageant Queen actually like.” 

On the timeline, the two Azusa Murasaka are the most likely to be who are secretly creating “dates” with Kakeru Naruse and Naho. 

They also see her defending Kakeru and say that “he has the power to decide for himself whom he would like to have a relationship with.” 

As for the future as Azusa as well as Hiroto Suwa is regretting not having told Naho about the feelings of Kakeru. (Not as girly as Azusa.)


  • The term Takakomeans “filial religious piety” (Xiao ) ( Taka) as well as “child” (Zi ) ( ko).
  • The surname of Takako is Chinomeans “thousand” (Qian ), “wisdom, intelligence” (Zhi ) (or “scatter” (San ) ( Chi) as well as “field wild” (Ye ) ( not).