Saku Hagita From Orange

Saku Hagita (Qiu Tian Shuo ) is one of the characters of the story, as well as a classmate of Naho’s. 

Also, he receives a letter from his future self, asking him to assist in saving Kakeru. 

With the assistance of Naho and his companions, they are all determined to help save Naruse before he is destined for hell.


He has short greyish brown hair and glasses. 

He is not as muscular as Suwa and Kakeru and is of average height. 

He will switch to contact lenses in the near future.

The height of his body is 174cm. The blood type is AB.


Hagita is typically a quiet and calm person. He usually gets humorous teasing from his friends and, in particular, from Azusa. 

He can also be extremely awkward at times and often doesn’t realize the way he acts (such for instance, when he sketched on fake abs during the festival for sports or when he shrewdly stated that Suwa enjoys Naho). 

He likes reading manga. In the near future, Hagita has retained his tranquility and peace, but the latter has grown more mature and aware of the feelings of his friends. 

(One illustration of this is Miraiwhen Hagita informs Suwa-who does not want to forget and lose Kakeru even after his passing away- that the person Naho has in mind is him rather than Kakeru.) 

A common and obvious characteristic of Hagita’s character, both in the present time and the future is his refusal to acknowledge his feelings towards Azusa. 

In the movie, Mirai Azusa along with Hagita reveals they’ve finally started dating which resulted in a lot of teasing and a remark from Takako who asks ” When’s the wedding?” He quickly claims that they haven’t got married in the near future.


Azusa Murasaka

Saku loves Azusa however she does not admit the relationship. 

Then, in the near future, it’s suggested that he and Azusa are in a relationship and maybe getting married.