Naho Takamiya From Orange

Naho Takamiya is the main female protagonist of Orange. She receives a mysterious note from the future, it concerns Kakeru Naruse.


Naho is a teenage girl of average height, pretty skin, and shoulder-length straight blonde hair with a tan-like appearance and hazel eyes that have a green tint. The actress is regarded as gorgeous.

In the 10-year-time skip of her as adulthood in the timeline of the future, she appears to be taller. Her hair is shorter but is curly and slightly wavy towards the ends.


Naho can be described as an affectionate but shy young lady who is prone to cry whenever she’s anxious or embarrassed. 

Naho is seen to be an inactive personality. As shown on numerous occasions throughout the show, Naho is unable to express her thoughts and reveal to her friends (especially Kakeru Naruse) what she is feeling in fear of causing harm or confusion to them. 

However, Naho’s feelings regarding the things she is passionate about are extremely intense and passionate even though she isn’t able to display her feelings. 

As she grows older she is more open and is able to share with people how she feels however, she still displays some of her reserved and shy characteristics from high school, like Kakeru as well as Hiroto Suwa.


At the beginning of the tale, Naho receives a letter by herself ten years in the future. When she is at school she is able to open the letter and read the letter. 

The letter informs Naho about the events that will take place within the tale. The letter instructs Naho to be careful and be vigilant about the student who is transferring named Kakeru Naruse. 

At first, she’s uncertain and doubts the message however, as the letter is accurate in predicting the future, she’s certain that it is accurate. 

In the evening, Azusa Murasaka invited Kakeru to come along to her bakery owned by her family.

Naho Takamiya’s Relationships

Hiroto Suwa

In the present storyline, Suwa along with Naho are close buddies. Suwa is revealed to be romantically involved with Naho however, she doesn’t feel the exact as Naho does. 

She doesn’t realize that Suwa is romantically interested in her. He takes care of her and is there for her every time she’s being victimized (such as when she is harassed by Rio Ueda and her peers).

After receiving the letter and recognizing that the contents of the letter are real after receiving the letter, he put Naho and Kakeru’s emotions ahead of his own and supports Naho as well as Kakeru in their quest to be together. 

Along together with Azusa Murasaka, Takako Chino and Saku Hagita, aid Naho and Kakeru to become closer and assist to keep Kakeru from taking her own life.

If you look at the alternative timeline which is ten years in the future, Suwa is married to Naho and they have a son. 

The man regrets having not told Naho that Kakeru was a fan of her just ten years ago. He believes that had he done so, she may not have taken her own life. 

So, he, along with Naho on the other timeline, as in Azusa, Takako, and Hagita in the alternate timeline write letters to their former self to prevent Kakeru’s demise.

Kakeru Naruse

Kakeru is Naho’s love interest and close friend. Kakeru’s love interests are Naho.

Kakeru is a student who transferred from Tokyo. In his first day at his school of choice, Azusa Murasaka, Takako Chino, Saku Hagita, Naho and Suwa decides to invite Kakeru to walk with them home after school. 

While out, Azusa brings buns from her family’s bakery to give to the students. Naho in order not to cause any annoyance declares that she doesn’t mind what kind of bun she chooses however she really wants to have a curry bun. 

Kakeru is aware of this and exchanges his curry bun with her melons bun.

Kakeru began dating Rio Ueda after she confessed to him which caused Naho to be quite upset.

He first requested Naho to give her advice regarding whether he should venture on a date together with Ueda by writing her name on an article of paper before placing it in the eraser, which she loaned her. 

On the other timeline, Naho was unaware of the letter. After studying the letters, in the present timeline, Naho went through the document in which she was asked if she should take him out on a date with Ueda. 

She was unable to find time to reply to Ueda due to the cleaning of class. She was quick to write “NO” onto a piece of paper before putting it in Kakeru’s shoes inside his locker prior to returning to class.

After she had returned to her class, Azusa, Takako, and Higata were sitting in front of the windows looking out the window, looking out the window, Kakeru provide Ueda Senpai with his answer. 

Naho is watching Ueda-Senpai leave with smiling on her face. Then, when Azusa shouts for the answer, Kakeru replied, “yes”. This caused Naho to sad and she left the class.

Ten years later, in our main timeline Naho, as well as Kakeru, were married (which means that she is now Naho Naruse) They have children.

So Suwa writes a letter to rectify the wrong he committed, and Naho and Kakeru meet up with Kakeru, a child from a different universe.

Mirrai is written by Orange Mirrai has been written by Ichigo Takano.


  • Names like Nahomeans “summer” (Xia ) ( na) and “sailboat” (Fan ) or “grain” (Sui ) ( ho).
  • Naho’s last name Takamiyameans “tall tall, tall” (Gao ) ( taka) and “temple, palace, shrine” (Gong ) ( miya).