Kakeru Naruse From Orange

Kakeru is the male character of Orange. The show is centered around him, his life along with the work of fellow characters to fulfill the desires of an e-mail coming from the distant future. 

The details discussed are revealed after the show and manga in a follow-up called Orange the future.


Kakeru is of average height and an average build. 

His eyes and hair are dark. He typically wears the standard high school uniform provided by the school he attends. 

He is 175cm tall. He weighs 65kg and his blood type is B.


Kakeru is at first shown to be reserved and quiet However, when Hiroto Suwa along with his friends invites Kakeru to join them for their return walk and spend time with him more, he is able to be more open and enjoy himself. 

He enjoys video games. While he tries to put on a smile for his family and friends, however, he is unable to hide his emotions often.

He is also incredibly depressed about the death of his mother and blames himself for the tragedy. 

As the story develops and he lets some of his emotions out in the form of Hiroto Suwa and Naho Takamiya however, even after this incident, he appears to be adamant that his feelings are merely an inconvenience to others people. 

He also is very self-critical every day. He says he thinks about committing suicide every single day. He is also an experienced runner and is the fastest athlete within his group.


Main Timeline

Kakeru is welcomed as a freshman student in Tokyo and ends up in the same class as Naho Takamiya in class. 

When the short school time end, Kakeru is invited by Azusa Murasaka to her family’s bakery to eat some delicious buns. 

At first, he declines but is persuaded through Hiroto Suwa to go. After being convinced, he requests an email in a hurry that is later discovered to be addressed to his mother who took her own life on the day after. 

The following day, he’s absent from school and remains in the absence for two weeks, attending funerals and grieving for the death of his mom. 

In the meantime, Naho in the story receives a letter telling her to take care of him. It explains what transpires and the things she regrets not having done. 

It also informs the girl of the fact that Kakeru is killed as a result of the course of an “accident” as well as that she feels she might have prevented his death. 

Naho is unable to do the things that her future self believes she ought to be doing due to her shy nature. 

He confesses the feelings he has with Naho she confesses that she is experiencing the same feelings.

However, they both did not say they began dating. They love one another but haven’t become already a couple.

As in the alternate timeline character, he tries suicide by being hit by a truck however this time he tries to avoid it in the final moments because he was afraid to be killed. 

Additionally, he was not riding his bike since it was destroyed by Saku Hagita.

Kakeru and Naho began dating shortly after, and promise that they would always be together with the rest of the world. 

10 years later, they as well as Naho have been together (thus which makes her Naho Naruse) as well have a son called Haru.

Alternate Timeline

In the alternate timeline, Kakeru dies after being hit on his bicycle, struck by the truck, and then wonders about the person Naho has given the heart of chocolate to. 

The other five sent notes to the past as well as the events in the second timeline to help save Kakeru in that timeline.

Trivia About Him

  • His most-loved food is curry.
  • He is known for spreading out.
  • The neck is a bit sensitive to touch. the neck.
  • He is known for hiding his true feelings from his own self, believing that nobody will notice.