Hiroto Suwa From Orange

Hiroto Suwa (Xu He Hong Ren Hiroto Suwa) was one of the major characters of the story and a classmate from Naho’s. 

He also receives a note from his future self, requesting help in saving Kakeru. With the assistance from Naho and his companions, They all wish to save Kakeru before he is destined for hell. 

Kakeru is also the main character in Miraithe’s film and story which concentrates on his feelings toward Naho as well as his actions which led to the alternate timeline’s present.


Suwa is portrayed as large and muscular. His height is 185cm, and his blood type is O.

In the current timeline, the actor has longer, blonde chestnut brown hair, and dark eyes. 

He is dressed in his uniform in a neat manner wearing a dark green blazer blue slacks with grey slacks, a white shirt, and brown shoes. Instead of the usual brown bag for school, he wears a red and white Adidas bag that can be used to go to soccer practices. 

He wears a necklace of beads on his neck in the current timeline, but not in the next timeline.

In the near future in the near future, he’ll wear a black shirt and a blue jacket. He also wears green khaki pants and brown lacy boots.


Suwa has an outgoing friendly, cheerful, and easygoing personality. Suwa is the first to get to know Kakeru when he leaves and further demonstrates his openness and friendliness. 

He’s occasionally a bit gluttonous and has the ability to laugh. Suwa is also a compassionate person who is selfless to others, as is evident by his willingness to sacrifice Naho and Kakeru’s needs over his own so that they can be content. 

Suwa often appears to be naive and in a state of ignorance. An example of this is his own letter, in which he informs Naho that he received an identical letter to hers and that it was received long after its initial appearance (he is also hesitant to reveal to Naho that they were married later on). 

Another instance of this is the actions that result in the future of the alternate timeline; He’s aware of Kakeru and Naho’s affections towards one another, but remains in hushed silence and doesn’t say anything until Kakeru is gone. 

Another interesting characteristic that he has is his inclination to make a mess of things as is evident in numerous instances during the entire story for instance when he presents Kakeru flowers, kneels down on his knees, and pleads with Kakeru to join his soccer team and (in the alternate timeline) makes a proposal his proposal to Naho before they begin to date.


Suwa is a member of the soccer team.

Orange Mirai

In the second (our primary) timeline, Suwa decided to stand by the bond with Naho and Kakeru instead of revealing the feelings he felt to Naho. Suwa understood the regret his future self felt for not helping Kakeru.

In the first timeline, Suwa did not disclose her feelings for Kakeru. Naho and Kakeru were romantically involved with each other, despite the fact that they’re each a passive couple who don’t want to pursue their own happiness.

When Kakeru passed away, Suwa considered himself a bad person for not having been capable of saving his life. 

Suwa also felt a great sense of guilt over his decision to marry Naho and was skeptical that they would have been together in the event that Kakeru was alive. Naho stated that she would have preferred Suwa (Suwa) in the world.

His guilt is spread to Suwa from the main timeline’s Suwa as well as through the letter, leading present Suwa to believe that he is to be a sinner because he could make use of Kakeru’s death in order to be close to an afflicted Naho. 

However, his family and friends assured him that he was not that kind of person, or that it was instinctual for him to comfort Naho whenever she was angry.

The timeline’s original Suwa made the decision to conclude his letter to ensure that Suwa was aware that he had the option of which route to take after the rescue of Kakeru. And he decided not to discuss his thoughts with Naho.

In the future in an alternate time, Kakeru and Naho’s infant son is very attracted to Suwa. When Suwa holds the baby and stares at him and Naho, smiling together, he realizes that his decision was right. Seven of them take the picnic with each other before watching the sunset in orange.

The first Naho awakes with tears of joy after an unreal dream in which he saw Kakeru look happy in the universe of a parallel universe, surrounded by the people he loves. 

Suwa affirms to her that there is a world out there and that in a different world, they could save him, sharing that she too had the identical dream.

The novel Orange Mirai has been written by Ichigo Takano.

Atualmente, Hiroto Suwa, namora com Lann, comecaram a namorar meses apos se conhecerem, hoje eles possuem um relacionamento duradouro.