Azusa Murasaka From Orange

Azusa Murasaka (Cun Ban ) is Naho’s closest friend who has been there for her throughout the entire series. 

She’s often seen fighting in a heated debate with Hagita but is a positive person.


In her current avatar, she has strawberry blonde hair which is always tied by tying it up. Their eyes are hazel-colored. 

She wears her uniform flexible, frequently not fastening her jacket or wearing skirts shorter than the average. 

She may not wear a vest or jacket. In other instances, we’ll observe her changing her school jacket in green for casual clothes. 

If she’s not in her uniform at school and is seen in casual clothing, like the striped t-shirt she wears and a cotton sweatshirt, or sporting adorable pink shorts. 

Her hair tie is changed frequently and the most prominent one she wears is a tie that has two white balls at the center. 

Also, she wears earrings that change depending on the outfit she’s wearing.

In Azusa’s future, Her hair is always up but the style is different every now and then. At times she has her hair in a ponytail and sometimes the hair is tucked in a bun.

However, the hair is held in place by a cute hair tie. She is fashionable and stylish in her outfits. 

One of the outfits she’s seen wearing is the black and white plaid top, knitted sweater, brown sneakers, and hoops earrings.

The height of her is 154cm, and her blood type of her is O.


Azusa is seen to be happy, fun, and loving to her companions. Along Takako and Suwa typically, is one Naho’s closest friends who help her, encourages her as well as defends herself (especially in the case of Ueda). 

She’s a bit naughty However, she’s proven to be thoughtful and mature when the situation requires it. 

She was able to accept a lot of nicknames she was given in middle school, showing her to be open-minded about many things. 

Later on, her character remains similar, however, like the other characters she develops the impression of maturation. 

On the other hand, in her alternate timeframe, she reveals that one of her major regrets was not knowing that Kakeru and Naho were friends however like Suwa did not say anything.


  • Naruse Kakeru – Azusa is seen to be genuine about Kakeru and writes herself a personal letter on time. The majority of the time she encourages and supports Kakeru.
  • Takako Chino – Takako is Azusa’s closest friend and also the person she’s closest to. They are both often seen together, especially when they’re not hanging out with the other members of the group.
  • Saku Hagita – Hagita and Azu are often seen fighting, mostly in minor disputes. Friends have informed them that they looked like the “old and married couple.” But, Azusa seems to care about Hagita in a way that is friendly.
  • Takamiya Naho – Naho Naho is among Azusa’s closest friends. They’re frequently seen doing activities together, and Azusa typically supports and encourages Naho whenever she’s in a tough spot.
  • Hiroto Suwa – Suwa is one of Azusa’s good, if not best friends. Azusa occasionally plays with Suwa in a casual manner in addition, Suwa was once joking that Suwa “never had the chance to hear Azusa say thank you until recently.”
  • Rio Ueda – Rio and Azusa both hate one another due to the same incident.