Why Do Titans Eat Humans in AOT?

Pure Titans comprise 90% of the Titan species found in the AoT. 

They hunt to consume humans, even though they lack digestive tracts and do not require food to survive.

Titans obtain all their power from the sun and do not require any other source of energy for their survival. 

In reality, titans do not bother hunting other animals or birds.

However, pure Titans go above and beyond to consume all human beings they come across–only to spit them out after the victim has died.

Why? Read on to find out why pure-titans eat humans!

Why Do Titans Eat People in Attack on Titan?

Why Do Titans Eat People in Attack on Titan Why Do Titans Eat Humans in AOT?

Titans eat human beings due to a desire to return to their humanness.

The Pure Titan can only regain its humanity by consuming any of its nine Titan shifters, which they are aware of and use as their primary prey.

They are the Nine Titan shifters, the only Titans who can switch into a human or Titan form. 

In contrast to the Pure Titans, who lose any sense of self-awareness and identity, the Nine Titans can remain fully aware of their minds as humans regardless of their transformation.

If the pure Titan happens to eat one of the nine titan shifters, it will relive the memories of the past and be capable of changing from its normal human to Titan appearances.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that pure Titans aren’t necessarily aware that their intended target is humans. They only feel an insatiable desire to hunt them.

For instance, the time Rod Reiss transformed into a Titan and saw the Titan, his eyes changed to see human beings in glowing, yellow dots. 

The light was tugging at his brain, and Reiss continued to pursue the light with an obsessional desire, unaware that the glowing creatures were human beings.

Due to their limited awareness, similar to moths attracted to flames and a flame, these Titans are the only thing glowing from within their completely darkened view.

What is the Reason Titans Gorge Themselves on eaten people?

Why Do Titans Eat People in Attack on Titan

Titans can’t swallow humans as they have no digestive tract.

Titans live off energy from sunlight, rendering the digestive tract ineffective for their biological needs. 

This is why, once they eat the spinal fluid, they have no interest in the creature and spit the fluid out.

It’s like people chewing gum on them.

As they rely on the sun upon as their main source of nutrition, Titans can’t operate during the night and enter hibernation mode. 

This is why the colossal Titans within the walls of Paradis were able to remain dormant for so long. 

The wall’s exterior prevented sunlight from reaching the Titans, and they became weaker until they were able to taste the sun once more.

Humans and all other creatures are, however, of no nutritional worth to the Titans. Humans are targeted only for the freedom they may provide the Titans.

What’s the Point of Pure Titans?

point of Pure Titans 1 Why Do Titans Eat Humans in AOT?

Marley is the basis for the Pure Titans to utilize them as tools to fight Paradis.

Any Eldian who is accused of inflicting harm on Marley will be punished by being made a Pure Titan—a fate that is worse than death and then being thrown into the grounds of Paradis.

The thought of being transformed into a mindless creature is terrifying enough to nudge the Eldians to submit. 

However, the Eldians in Paradis are affected by the Titans, which gives Marley the feeling of retribution. In essence, Marley is ensuring that Paradisians will not leave the walls.

Paradians are not allowed to leave the walls due to threats from Titans.

This is the meaning of “killing two birds in one go.”

To make the Pure Titan, an Eldian is injected into the spinal fluid of the Titan, and this causes an immediate transformation. 

If an Eldian from Marley is found to be guilty of committing a crime or in support of the cause of a rebellion, that is the punishment they will face.

Grisha Yeager’s wife from the beginning, Dina, was executed in this manner. 

After being snatched by an espionage network, she was exiled and given the Titan fluid. 

Dina would later eat Carla Eren’s mother. This would set off events that led to Eren’s becoming a Titan Shifter.

Why Marley is in the Caribbean?

Marley is in the Caribbean

Marley is aware that Paradis is likely to lose soldiers fighting Pure Titans, significantly weakening their strength as a military and making them vulnerable to attack. 

This also prevents Paradisians from fleeing the walls and prevents the possibility of rebellion from happening.

Marley affirms that what they’re up to is legal due to their past: Eldians constitute “demons.”

This isn’t true, however. Marley has long sought to acquire Paradis’s vast natural resources to benefit itself. 

After learning about “The Great Rumbling,” they’ve also been attempting to acquire some of the Founder Titan.

The quest has led the Marley to approve infiltration operations aimed at taking the Titan and declaring war on the island.

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