Panda in Jujutsu Kaisen

Who Is Panda in Jujutsu Kaisen? Explained!

There are many strange characters within the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. 

Each of them is a logical fit only within this story, and may even add to the plot with their oddities. 

There’s a man who loves fingernails as well as a girl who kills dolls, a man who is a stooge in accordance with your ideal kind of woman, a man who is obsessed with onigiri, and an adorable panda.

Wait, a PANDA?

Yes, indeed.

PandaSenpai is a much-loved and relatable character from Jujutsu Kaisen.

Like other pandas, Panda is cute and cares about his pals.

In Episode 16, Jujutsu Kaisen we were told “Panda ga panda Janai”

Panda ga panda Janai!”

which literally translates to “Panda is not a panda!”

I believe that we were all stunned by this. 

Panda…is not an animal?

What does he do, then? 

Who is this guy? 

But don’t fret! 

This article will help you stay from the maze of confusion.

Who is Panda?

Who Is Panda in Jujutsu Kaisen

Panda is a second-year student of The Tokyo Jujutsu High college. 

Panda is a semi-grade 2 sorcerer. 

His appearance is similar to the appearance of a mature panda but he behaves and talks as human.

Panda, in reality, is an abruptly modified Cult instead of a real panda. 

A master of sorcery and puppetry, the principal Yaga at Tokyo Jujutsu High, Tokyo Jujutsu High, created Panda. 

But, Panda is different from other corpses that are cursed.

A cursed corpse is a non-living thing that is entrusted with a curse and acquires self-control. 

A cursed corpse that we found in the tale is Yaga’s doll Yuuji train with. 

This doll is a straightforward cursed corpse that doesn’t have any emotions of its own. 

It also is more than humans to perform actions like “react when the cursed energy flow is not constant.”

Contrary to the doll Panda can be more than “a doll.” Panda was created as a sentient, cursed corpse that is capable of having emotions. Panda is also able to speak and behave as humans. 

Therefore, he is given the title of Abrupt Mutated Corpse instead of a “cursed corpse.’

When Mechamaru is attempting to smack Panda and calls him dolls Panda reveals that he’s not a fan of being human. 

He’s different to humans and believes that the human species is disgusting. 

They do possess certain qualities that Panda doesn’t but it doesn’t cause him to want to be human. 

Instead, he finds satisfaction as a cursed corpse. 

Because humans make cursed corpses but they don’t have hearts. They have “cores” instead.

The Panda’s cores

Who Is Panda in Jujutsu Kaisen

The anomaly of Panda is that he has three cores rather than only one. 

Yaga says that he is a twin within him. 

When he is in need they’ll give him their strength. 

They allow Panda to change his form whenever the battle requires. 

Once lost, Panda is unable to change to one of his primary forms until he is healed. 

What are the three cores?

Panda core

Panda’s primary core is… Panda. 

It is the balance of form that he typically wears. 

It is comfortable to wear and does not swell with the cursed energy. 

In this way the character is quick and strong. 

It is evident that his punch was a surprise to Mechamaru as well. 

He also makes unpredictability in his normal form.

Gorrila core

It is the Monke, RUN! It’s a wrong cartoon. Heh, this monkey will don’t throw a rock. 

In Episode 16 Panda wears his Gorilla Mode. This mode is most suitable for fights that are short and close-range.

Panda’s brother is hyper-reactive cursed energy and can be fierce when fighting. 

This form also comes with a unique feature it’s called it’s Unblockable Drumming Beat. 

Each attack made by Panda within this style “resonates” and hurts the opponent, even more, when they defend themselves.

This ensures that even with a smaller force, the force is still as strong. 

The impact could be crucial as well, especially when it strikes the head of the opponent. 

One drawback of this technique is that it removes the cursed energy of Panda.

Sister core

A third Panda’s core from his elder sister has been kept secret to this point. 

In Panda’s battle against Mechamaru, the older sister’s core was destroyed right from the moment the battle began.

Yet, Panda describes this core as a shy, sexy one. It is possible that it’s smaller in size and robust but sly. 

Because Panda is the balance of his siblings, his older sister might appear to be the exact opposite Gorilla. 

We don’t know whether this core is okay or not. 

Panda does not state or not, so when we talk about “crushing,” we cannot decide if his older sister is alive or not.

In addition to his cores, Panda also has some other talents.

Panda’s capabilities

Panda has been deemed a cursed body which is why he has an enormous amount of energy that is cursed. 

The cursed energy could encase his body to aid in defense and attack. 

Even though he’s a panda, Panda is an intelligent and skilled combatant. 

Panda is able to predict the moves of his adversaries in order to ensure he is always one step ahead.

His unpredictable fighting style has surprised his opponents numerous times.

As a cursed corpse the slayer also has an increased capacity to deal with the brunt. 

He was able to defeat the Mechamaru’s Ultra Cannon by himself even when it destroyed one of his cores. 

The size and weight of Panda make him an advantage in battle, without slowing down his speed. 

Panda can also deliver an oomph that could be similar to Aoi Todo’s power.

Are you impressed by Panda’s skills? 

How do you feel about Panda’s abilities?

About the third core? 

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