Who Does Deku Like or Marry in My Hero Academia?

As “My Hero Academia” is an ongoing manga, readers aren’t able to tell who will end up being with whom.

My Hero Academia focuses on Izuku Midoriya or Deku’s journey of becoming Japan’s best hero. The show won the hearts of many anime fans. Thanks to its fascinating storyline and intriguing characters.

In addition to the hero-related things, fans also began making alliances with Deku alongside another character from the show. There are many popular ships like Deku x Shoto, Deku x Bakugo, Deku x Uraraka and many more. 

Of course, this is normal because Deku is one of the principal characters in the story, and has many scenes with other characters.

As My Hero Academia is an ongoing manga the fans can’t accurately predict who he’ll get. In this case, let’s attempt to predict the person Deku is likely to be with based on what has happened in the manga to date.

Who does Deku like, end up with, or get married to in My Hero Academia?

Who Does Deku Like 1 Who Does Deku Like or Marry in My Hero Academia?

It’s not surprising that fans have many theories about Deku‘s romantic life but as far as his background is concerned, he’s focussed on his education. 

His main goal is to become the most famous hero in the world and dating isn’t an option at the moment. 

However, we don’t know if this will continue to be the case for a while or when Isayama will ultimately decide to offer Deku the status of an officially recognized partner.

At the moment, they are of the opinion that Uraraka will be Deku’s closest pair Deku has. Uraraka was one of the girls and friends Deku was able to have since he entered U.A High. 

Her presence also allowed him to change his view of the world by giving him her descriptor Deku that eventually became his name for a hero.

There was a point when he was worried to hurt her and losing control. In exchange, he defended her from danger.

Deku as well as Uraraka’s relationship was revealed on many occasions throughout the series. One thing that convinced fans that they are his couple was is when Aoyama caused Uraraka to acknowledge her love for him. 

Since then, she is aware of Deku. Mina is also teasing the two, adding some possibility that they might become a couple.

Based on the first answer, he is overwhelmed by her. He is also that way when it comes to Tsuyu.

Who Does Deku Like 1 Who Does Deku Like or Marry in My Hero Academia?

Deku does have a crush on Uraraka, probably as an acquaintance. However, even if he has romantic feelings for her, I personally don’t think it will happen any time soon. 

My reason for this is that Deku is determined to be an icon. He seems to be more focused on his personal goals and less concerned about relationships. 

He’s different from his male classmates. Many of them are genuinely fascinated by their female peers. While Deku flirts and blushes, however, he does not make an effort to impress.

Uraraka to date is the only one among the two who has said she is a fan of Deku. However, her feelings may alter. I’m sorry to overanalyze everything.

Also, I’m going to apply psychology immediately to the world of anime (because it’s logical*sarcasm*). This means you can either go on to the next part or not.

She loves him for what she does not have. She just would like to be similar to him, more than any other thing. In addition to that being in life-threatening situations with someone else could make you feel closer to them even more. 

We know that class 1-A has had plenty of fun of high school lives already. It’s only just beginning to get started!

I personally for once don’t see the usual paring. It’s boring when it’s presented to you right from the start. I prefer that they both discover someone in their work as professional heroes. 

They’re both just starting their first year of high school, after all. With all the education and other preparations to become a hero, it’s not surprising that Deku is obsessed with his mission.

At present, the fans can simply enjoy the little glimpses and moments both of them share. The manga’s creator, Kohei Horikoshi, will sign the deal between the two of them or not, it’s his decision. 

The people who are loyal to Deku, as well as Uraraka, are able to only send the two for a while and create adorable fans of the two.

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