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When Will One Piece end, A Touching Story

One Piece has been going on for about 22 years now, and every year it has managed to display an incredible level of consistency. When will One Piece end? or what kind of one-piece ending will it be?

The long-running manga One Piece, by Eiichiro Oda, might be nearing its one-piece ending in the near future.

The manga has been quite a ride for all the fans, and we’re not even close to Luffy facing off against the heavy hitters right now.

With the Wano Country arc finally here, we’re at a point where the main fight against the Yonko finally kicks off.

One Piece stood as one of the Big Three manga of Weekly Shonen Jump, alongside Naruto and Bleach, which both started afterward. But even when those two series reached their end, One Piece continued.

Unlike its peers, additionally, One Piece never appeared to hit a wall or peak, and Eiichiro Oda put together a continuous saga filled with arcs that rose and fell naturally.

When will one piece end? A very touching one-piece ending

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According to Oda’s editors, One Piece’s ending will truly begin once we are done with the Wano Country arc. While it is unknown what exactly it means, we take it to mean that the Wano Country arc will be followed by the final segment of the story.

According to Oda, One Piece’s Wano Country arc will tie into the end of the story in a huge way, and Oda’s editors have said that the ending of the Wano Country arc will have a big surprise for the fans.

They’ve even gone as far as to say that this arc is the most important one in the series so far, so all the fans should anticipate it, even those who previously dropped the manga for some reason.

Furthermore, Eiichiro Oda has been talking about the ending of One Piece lately, and recently it was revealed that Oda is aware of how much the fans were affected by Ace’s death.

According to Oda, One Piece’s ending will be far more touching than Ace’s death. Some translations mention the word “emotional,” which has led some to believe that Oda may be killing someone off, but we believe that Oda meant it in a more general sense. The ending will be sad, no matter how good it is.

Still, no one knows the true one-piece ending except for Oda. The story is still one of Shueisha’s top titles, and its anime continues to expand under Toei Animation.

With a 20th anniversary film on the way, One Piece could carry on indefinitely if that is what Oda wants, so it is up to fans to decide whether or not his latest statement is an upfront one.

We can’t wait for One Piece to reach its conclusion, but more than that, it is important to enjoy the journey with everyone else because that is the essence of One Piece.

It’s hard to say, but based on the pace, the story that (we know) is left, and the fact that Oda will likely avoid going out of his way to write any additional stories or introduce many characters unnecessary to the central plot, we’re probably looking at a good 5 (at the very least) to 10 (most likely) to 15 (at the very most) years.

So, there’s no reason to hold your breath or binge it if you’re a new fan waiting for the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel to get into it.

We still have a LOT of one piece left. We’re definitely more than halfway through, but how much really remains to be seen?

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