Death Parade Season 2

When Will Death Parade Season 2 Release?

Death Parade is based on a physiological theme. Where in the anime the story focuses on games like darts, bowling, etc. I know it too lame but yeah, it’s true in the series.

The story says welcome to the afterlife in the world of Death parade where the mysterious bar in which the bartender who also serve as arbiters the bar was handled by Decim who judge the soul and place the soul towards void or in the cycle of reincarnation after the Death Game in which both of their lives will be on stacks.

I know the whole story of the is more fantasy theme but it’s true. In the bar, the master of the bar put every soul against each other in the game that I told above and the winner of the game enters into the cycle of reincarnation and those who lose the game will fall into the void.

Death Parade was created, illustrated, and directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa. For the first time, Death Parade premiered on 10 January 2015. After the release, the show created lots of fan following.

Death Parade Release Date

Death Parade was first premiered on January 10, 2015, in Japan and finished on March 28, 2015. And after the success of the first show, the studio behind the show announces the second season of the show but as we know it’s been almost 6 years after the first season of the show and we don’t have any news about the sequel of the show yet.

Death Parade Season 2

And if we predict it, we can say maybe this year the sequel of the show will come on our screen but it was just a guess now we can just for the show and let our ears and eye open on the official announcement the studio will be made in future so let just guess that this year might be the year when our wait for the new season will end.

And who knows the release of the second season will happen somewhere in 2021.

Death Parade Main Character

Here are some of the main characters of death parade let’s know them briefly.


Decim is the main protagonist of the show. Decim is also an arbiter who also runs the mysterious bar that we talked about above. Decim’s role is to judge the souls who are sent to his bar.


Chiyuki is Decim’s assistant at the Quindecim bar, but unlike her cool boss, Chiyuki displays human emotions openly, is an opinionated woman, and has a short temper too.


Nona is Decim’s boss and manages the entire tower in which bars like the Quindecim are housed. Although Nona is Decim’s boss, she handles the overall administration


Ginti runs a bar called Viginti which is situated on the 20th floor of the tower. Ginti is also an arbiter of souls.


Castra is also an arbiter who monitors deaths and decides which souls are sent to which arbiters.


Oculus is an alleged god, who spends his most free time playing galactic pool. Oculus is also an arbiter.


Clavis is the elevator man of the tower, who is always seen with a smile on his face. Calvis is also an arbiter.


A member of the information bureau, Quin is also an arbiter and former bartender at the Quindecim before the responsibility given by Decim.

Death Parade Plot

Death Parade although based on very unrealistic fact but when it comes to imagination, we can imagine anything right although the premise of the Death Parade is very unique and different from other anime because in this series when a person dies, he/she are sent to the mysterious bar run by the bartender who also serves as arbiters of soul.

All the deceased soul plays a game with each other and who will win it step towards in the cycle of reincarnation and those who fails went into the void.

In the follow up of the story the show focused on the mysterious bar called Quindecim and its bartender who also serve as arbiters of soul and top of that the Decim who played an important role her whose role is to judge the souls who are sent to his bar.

Those who are sent to Decim’s Bar after that he engages them in Death Games with the character before judging his/her soul.

While Decim is a veteran at his job and judges all the souls who pass through the Quindecim, his life takes a turn when he meets a curious black-haired woman named Chiyuki. And after meeting her he starts to question his rulings.

Where to Watch Death Parade English Dub Online

For those who like watching anime shows in English and also for international fans, above everything Death Parade has a great English dub. So, watch the show in English on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Amazon.