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What Episode of Miraculous Ladybug is the Reveal?

The first episode in Season 3 arrived way earlier than anticipated, and with spoilers leaking out, viewers are now more uncertain than ever before about the reveal that will take place in Miraculous The Stories of Ladybug and Chat Noir.

This article contains spoilers that date back to the end of season 3 that include Chat Blanc, the Queen’s Battle, and Chat Blanc.

First, I came up with some theories and opinions on the time it could be. The relationship between Adrien/Chat and Marinette Noir.

In Season 2, Frozen revealed more of Adrien as well as Marinette moments. However, not in the manner, you’d think. It was more about revealing what Adrien thinks about Marinette… for right now.

However, before I get to the reveal, I must confess that something…


I am aware, I know. It’s a shame since these are OTP and the main characters on the TV show. But I don’t get the problem.

However, not because I love Lukanette. He is among my top picks. I want him not to be hurt. It breaks my heart to think of the hurt it causes him being aware it’s because Marinette loves Adrien. A beautiful pure, innocent child.

In the end, I promise you. I love and would like Adrien as well as Marinette in a relationship. This makes me realise that they’re both stupid. You know, just how blind are you?

I watched every episode from the first and second seasons and, yes, there were many funny moments between them (I loved the Adrienette ball and was squealing in the balcony scene since Marichat was my OTP), but nothing more.

The only thing I can see is that Adrien is a fan of Marinette just as a friend.

Adrien likes Marinette and he enjoys being with her, however, Adrien doesn’t have romantic feelings for her.

He wasn’t even jealous of Luka during their double date.

He was too obsessed with skateboarding with Kagami.

Many of you would think, “yeah, but did you see that when Marinette was crushed on the wall, he left Kagami and tried to help her?” That’s right, it would be something I’d do the same as well, together with my friend. Adrien is an honest gentleman.

Think about this:

If ADRIEN romantically liked MARINETTE and asked MARINETTE to go out and not KAGAMI whom he recently met, don’t you consider?

He didn’t think twice about asking her for a date.

It seems like Adrien likes girls with strong personalities, girls who are confident, confident, and able to communicate their thoughts, like Ladybug and Kagami.

He certainly is very much concerned about Marinette. However, it’s not in a romantic manner. It’s more like a BFF or sister.


I’m referring to the premiere episode Season 3 had Adrien looking at Marinette as if this was the case.

We also saw Chat Blanc, where Marinette and Adrien were able to become an actual couple for a short time. Adrien is going to fall in love with Adrien in no time once they each reveal their identity as Hawkmoth has been put behind bars (or dead). I still hate Hawkmoth for the things did he do in Chat Blanc. He’s absolute evil).

Okay. After I have that done let’s talk about when the reveal will be for the amazing Ladybug.

What Episode of Miraculous Ladybug is the Reveal?

Miraculous Ladybug q 1

“THE BIG REVEAL” is the third episode of Minecraft LadyVlog. It first premiered on May twelfth in 2017.

There’s been a lot of theories and speculation. We have a few facts to share. the fact.

They have up to five seasons to write. Last time they were promised a reveal and the kami’s were the ones to find out and not the creator. 

The news was also confirmed by the kwami that Adrien, along with Marinette, was going to be in the canon, but not yet. This is why they’re adding additional love interests. The characters need time to develop and grow.

This is the part that tears me up. I am in love with my favorite cinnamon roll Adrien however, I am scared that Luka may be injured. I wish him a happily ever after too. 

I’ve seen some articles claiming the couple will be Chloe and Will, but it’s not clear which season. The final episode of Season 3 was when she said the guy was cute, but this is the sole interaction we’ve witnessed between them. 

She’ll need to go through a significant redemption storyline before she’s able to have any sort of relationship with anybody.

Astruc said that certain people don’t have redemption. This could be referring to her, but I’m not entirely sure. We were able to see on The Felix show that Chloe has a sweet side. 

Yes, she’s an entitled brat. However, she does possess certain positive qualities hidden beneath the horrible yellow.

What are your thoughts on the revelation? Are you sure it’ll be revealed during season 4, or later? Let me know below in the comments!

As always

Keep smiling!