What Episode Does Itachi Die In?

Itachi Uchiha is among the Naruto fans’ favorite characters. 

It’s hardly a question why considering that Itachi has among the best and most thrilling stories from the entire Naruto anime. 

After the truth behind Itachi was revealed following his death, a lot of the fans were able to see their perceptions of him change drastically. 

In the case of two deaths that have occurred, there is much confusion about when and how the deceased died.

Itachi passed away during episode 138 for the very first time following the battle with his younger brother. He was reincarnated. Itachi was killed in episode 339, after breaking the resurrection Jutsu.

There are many questions that are not clear to a lot of fans. If you’re seeking information to clarify things for you, a lot more, read on since you’ve found the right piece.

In which episode did Itachi die for the first time?

Itachi Die What Episode Does Itachi Die In?

Itachi is killed for the very first time during episode 138 which is titled ‘The End’. The first time he died was following an argument with his brother Sasuke when he was using the majority of his power to get him out of Orochimaru.

As the thunderclouds gather over the clouds, Zetsu realizes that they were created by Sasuke’s Fire Release The Great Dragon Fire Technique, paired with the power of Itachi’s inexplicable Amaterasu.

In the hope of killing Itachi, Sasuke utilizes his new Jutsu, Kirin, to use the power of the sky using his chakra. He completely eliminates Uchiha’s Hideout.

Itachi stands up after surviving Kirin’s assault due to his Susanoo which is a huge chakra protector that is only available to people who have the Mangekyo Sharingan with both eyes. Sasuke is relieved to have achieved victory.

As Itachi gets closer to Sasuke who is completely free in chakra stifled Orochimaru fragment that Sasuke has taken in starts to take control of his body.

Orochimaru’s seven white snakes break out of the cursed seal of Sasuke employing the Eight Branches Technique, with Orochimaru himself emerging from an opening in the mouth of one snake, delivering thanks to Itachi for lowering the chakra of Sasuke until the snake could be freed and thankful for another opportunity to gain control over Sasuke’s body.

Itachi kills seven snakes by using Susanoo’s Sword of Totsuka, which is able to seal souls and bind them forever and seal Orochimaru’s cursed seal along the way.

However, this takes up the chakra too much, which reduces the character Susanoo to its very basic appearance. 

Itachi is prone to vomiting blood as he moves closer to Sasuke and cannot get away from Sasuke. 

As Itachi comes closer to Sasuke, he says one last word of encouragement to the man. He pokes his forehead before falling to the ground dead.

Sasuke is able to reflect on Itachi’s final words and stares at his brother’s corpse before he collapses close to him exhausted. While he could have had a lot more profound things to say about the second time he passed away but the simple “Sorry Sasuke, this is it” resonated with many of his fans.

The most common belief concerning the death of Itachi is that Itachi was killed by his brother. But that’s not the case. 

They definitely fought and it’s not a secret that Sasuke was determined to take revenge on his brother for the loss of his family and parents but he was never able to accomplish this.

The thing that many do not consider is that Itachi decided to fight against his brother due to the fact that he suffered from a chronic illness. 

He kept the illness from his brother in order to protect his health. He was also taking massive doses of medicine to be alive.

That’s why he decided to fight his brother because it would mean he’d be able to beat him with ease. Their fight would also be a Mangekyo Sharingan training for Sasuke that helped Sasuke to keep fighting competitors.

In which episode did Itachi die the second time?

reanimated itachi 1 What Episode Does Itachi Die In?

The Reincarnated Itachi is killed within the very same show in which he is brought back in episode 339. He dies when he is able to escape from the Reincarnation Jutsu.

Five Kage battle to defend themselves against Madara’s Susanoo-clad wooden counterparts on the frontline. 

In spite of the odds overwhelming, Noki encourages the troops to go to war, insisting they must finish a mission that cannot be abandoned.

Madara recognizes the fact that Noki is the problem and that he must resist his own willpower. The Kage is back in the fray to fight Madara’s counterparts.

The situation gets direr as Madara unleashes his full power by activating his last Susanoo and unleashing an attack with his sword against them.

Itachi gives orders to Kabuto to stop the Impure World Reincarnation in the cave. Sasuke announces his plan to take down the town that has been inflicting pain on his brother for many years and says goodbye to Itachi.

Itachi is able to approach Sasuke and makes use of his Sharingan to instruct him regarding his role in the Uchiha Clan Downfall as the illuminations surrounding the reborn shinobi begin to illuminate the battlefield before they turn into glowing pillars.

After finally telling the whole truth to Sasuke, Itachi gives his goodbye words to his younger brother to tell him that regardless of what happens to him or what happens to him from now on he will always cherish Sasuke.

They have an even more important moment when they exchange their final goodbye. Itachi acknowledges that he should not have protected his brother from all that was happening and if he hadn’t done that, the result could be different.

The last words he spoke, “I’ve always lied to you and requested that you forget me but I kept your distance from me by my own hand since I didn’t want you to be entangled in any of this, but now I’m thinking that maybe you could have been a different person from your father and mother, as well as the rest of the Uchiha if I had just been there at the beginning and gazed at you straight in the eyes and revealed the truth with me who was unable to do so and telling you this from the top isn’t going to be absorbed. But I’d like to share at the very least this truth: you will never have to ever forget me and regardless of what you do from now to the end, I promise you that I’ll love you forever.” It made fans discover a new side to Itachi and earned him more admirers than he did before.

In which episode did Itachi return?

Itachi is renewed in episode 339 which is titled “I Will Always Love You”. After his fight with Sasuke, Kabuto utilized the Reanimation Jutsu to bring him back in The Fourth Great Ninja War.

Fortunately, Itachi was able to get away from the influence of Kabuto due to his impressive visual skills and joined forces with Sasuke to take on Kabuto as well as undo his Reanimation Jutsu. 

After that, Sasuke chose to follow the steps of his brother joining his brother in the Allied Shinobi Forces, fighting with Naruto.

The Myth

One of the most common myths about Itachi’s trip to the death-place has been that Sasuke killed Itachi. But there’s nothing of truth in this idea.

The brothers, Itachi as well as Sasuke, did battle quite well. The two brothers fought fairly well and Sasuke was determined to kill Itachi in all ways for the harm he caused to their parents and clan but did not get the chance to achieve it.

One thing that many do not realize is Itachi was sick while he had to fight Sasuke. He was taking medication to be alive and Sasuke did not know about the condition.

Itachi was aware that Sasuke could defeat him if they engaged in a fight and he made sure that their fight would serve as an exercise in Mangekyo Sharingan for Sasuke.

What illness was Itachi suffering from?

Itachi had been suffering from Microscopic polyangiitis (MPA) which is an auto-immune illness that is rare that causes antibodies to fight blood cells within the body. 

They begin to bleed when they are damaged and inflamed.

In addition, MPA attacks the vital organs, which can cause bleeding, coughing, and fatigue. The same symptoms Itachi displayed throughout the series.

In which episode did Itachi die The Second Time?

Itachi returned after a long absence in Episode 339 and then was killed during the exact same episode for the second time. He passed away after he was able to get rid of the prison of Jutsu.

How Old is Itachi when he died?

Itachi was aged 21 when he was fighting with his younger brother Sasuke and then died. To extend his life span at the age of eleven, Itachi had become an Anbu.

Six months later, Shisui died. At the age of 12, Itachi became the captain of Anbu. Itachi was 13 an old at the time he murdered his family and parents.

What caused Itachi to kill his Lover?

Itachi lover What Episode Does Itachi Die In?

It’s impossible to talk about Naruto without talking about Itachi Uchiha. Uchiha is a character people dislike because he killed his lover, clan, and parents.

Sasuke became a foe to his brother after he murdered their parents. Sasuke promised to pay back the murder of his parents.

On the contrary, the fans are split on what they think of Itachi. Some feel that Itachi shouldn’t have strayed from his family, while some think he had no other choice but to do anything to protect Konoha against her foes.

Itachi did not kill his clan because of anger, it was due to his desire to defend his family home and brother Sasuke.

Another reason that people are against Itachi is the events that led to the death of his love Izumi Uchiha. Izumi could have been Itachi’s wife had he not killed her.

Itachi killed Izumi at first in the night he slaughtered his entire Uchiha clan.

Before she passed away Izumi thanked her for the love he showed her. In the response, Itachi also responded by thanking Izumi for the affection they shared before she hung up the ghost.

Itachi’s Love Story Explained

The story of love between Itachi and Izumi began with The Nine tails attack. the attack took the Izumi’s father’s life. 

The loss of her father shook Izumi so badly that she was able to awaken her Sharingan.

Itachi and Izumi were reunited at the time of The Nine tails attack. Itachi was able to protect Sasuke as well as Izumi from danger.

In addition, Itachi and Izumi got admitted to the academy in tandem. It was however, Izumi graduated a year ahead of the other students.

A Tragic End

Following the incident in which Itachi had to pick between his family and his village, Itachi decides to restore peace to the village. 

His agreement allows Sasuke to live without fear and he was left with only one option left to kill his parents as well as Izumi.

To make the process simpler, Itachi decided to kill Izumi first. Itachi goes to Izumi and segregates Izumi from her mother and puts an extremely strong Tsukuyomi on Izumi.

According to the history of the time, the Tsukuyomi Itachi employed for Izumi is the strongest Genjutsu employed. The Tsukuyomi displayed Izumi as well as Itachi enjoying 70 years of a blissful life.

It is vital to know that for every 30 years of the genjutsu system, one second occurs in the actual world.

The Tsukuyomi was made to perfection. Itachi lived a peaceful life and was elevated to its Jonin rank. The village was tranquil without any tensions in the Konoha.

In addition, Itachi proposes to Izumi by gifting her a promise ring when she is retiring from her shinobi-style life. As time passes by, Izumi and Itachi breed children and become old.

As they get older, Izumi becomes ill. Itachi helps her as she recovers. The love story between Itachi and Izumi passes away in Tsukuyomi.

When Izumi passes away, Itachi holds her in his arms and expresses gratitude to her for all the love she has shown him. Izumi is buried peacefully because she was blessed to live the life she had always wanted.

Itachi had a love for Izumi with all his heart. It is regrettable that he could not protect her life as he spared the life of Sasuke.

Who is the Most Powerful Uchiha?

Without a doubt, Sasuke is the most formidable Uchiha ever to live. He grew stronger when he acquired his Mangekyo Sharingan from Itachi shortly after his death.

Itachi’s eyes were the source of the ability to control flames and Amaterasu. In addition, Sasuke gained the ability to utilize the full-body Susanoo which made him extremely strong.

In the story of Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha happens to be the most powerful Uchiha ever to have lived. This makes him more powerful than Madara.

In the 4th Ninja conflict, Sasuke fought with Madara Uchiha and defeated him in order to prove his dominance. As time passed, Sasuke grew in strength and became a match for Naruto when it came to fighting.

Sasuke defeated strong competitors like Momoshiki Oksutsuki and won to prove he was the most powerful. 

Many people who follow The Naruto show believe Madara is the most powerful Uchiha ever to have lived.

However, this isn’t the case. Sasuke Uchiha is more powerful than Madara and it’s been proved.

Does Sasuke like Itachi?

When the facts about Itachi were revealed, Sasuke loved his brother to the point that he was determined to fight Konoha because he believed Konoha had used Itachi.

Kabuto even declared that Itachi would like Sasuke to be protected after his demise.

Final Words

The love-hate friendship that exists between Itachi with his younger brother Sasuke is epic and draws numerous fans of the Naruto series to be captivated by the series.

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