Warlocks might not be able to use the same number of spells as wizards do, but they can still be powerful. However, their patrons are powerful invokers.

Invocations that can be combined to create an extremely customizable class. Through the invocations, Warlocks could be melee combatants, spell slingers as well as an additional class.

Here is an overview of the most powerful invocations that should be considered in any warlock build.

Note: I made sure to include invocations for these Eldritch Blasters and Hex Blades along with some general useful ones. Combining them is the thing that makes Warlocks excellent. And, even without min-maxing, you’ll have a good Warlock regardless of the Invocation you pick.

15. Mask of Many Faces

Mask of Many Faces is now available for download at the very beginning of levels.

A Warlock who is able to alter their appearance in lower levels is extremely powerful in particular since Warlocks are blessed with Charisma as their primary score.

Warlocks are viewed as a threat in everyday society (well, in D&D I’m guessing) since they’re often thought of as evil, mischievous, or even powerful patrons.

Being able to conceal this (or at least remain discreet about being discreet about it) can make traveling through cities and villages more comfortable.

14. Armor of Shadows

The Armor of Shadows gives you armor that’s superior to any standard armor currently available. It’s also the warlock’s robe, so he can wear it for the duration.

If the warlock decides not to use Hexblade, they’d like to obtain this invocation. If there’s some armor that is better than 13+ Dexterity,

A Hexblade will need to seriously think about investing in an Invocation to acquire Armor of Shadows, or to invest in abilities score improvement to ramp the level of their Dexterity.

A maxed-out Dexterity Hexblade would probably get 1AC more than an Hexblade that invests on Armor of Shadows.

13. Eldritch Spear

In a wide-open area when fighting in an open area, a warlock who has the Eldritch Spear invoker will be protected from the majority of forms of the fighting because this invocation grants an Eldritch blast with the ability to strike up to 300 feet.

This invocation is also helpful in areas that are enclosed in the event that the lights have been removed and the Warlock is in an excellent range using their Darkvision.

The majority of the time, this is among the most effective ways to play sniper spell throwing.

12. Lance of Lethargy

The Lance of Lethargy is among the most powerful invocations to use Eldritch Blast to affect movement.

If a creature is struck with the Eldritch Blast (that’s amplified by Lance of Lethargy) its motion is cut by 10ft.

If you’re running away towards or away from the target, the Lance of Lethargy is far superior to pushing or pulling an object. This makes this invocation very flexible.

11. Master of Myriad Forms

This Invocation will be the second step following the Mask of Many Faces.

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When the Master of Myriad Forms becomes available to Warlocks up to level 15, it’ll likely be doing the same thing that Mask of Many Faces already does, and much more.

But be aware this Mask of Many Faces still offers its own benefits. Make sure you get a feel of the adventure and determine which one best suits your personality.

10. Voice of the Chain Master

“Voice” of the Chain Master is one of those utility invocations.

The invocation requires Pact of the Chain Invocation of Pact of the Chain one of the most effective options for recon Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

By using the Voice of the Chain Master, Warlocks can now communicate with their Chain Master via the Voice of the Chain.

A warlock can now talk via telepathic communication with their companion and utilize their senses to locate.

Normally, this is done at a distance of 100 yards. However, now it is possible to do this in an entire area of existence.

9. Tomb of Lavistus

The Tomb of Lavistus requires a 5th-level warlock to cast it.

As a result, a warlock is then encased in ice, earning up to 200 temporary hit points while absorbing as much trigger damage as is possible.

After being damaged after being hit, the Warlock is now vulnerable to fire the damage.

Although extremely beneficial, the Tomb of Lavistus backfires when used in the early stages. It’s, therefore, best used to invoke a last-minute invocation.

However, it can be a lifesaver for a warlock who is able to access it.

Some say it’s not quite as effective considering it takes the next turn, to which I reply that players are losing lots of turns when they’re dead.

8. Life Drinker

Invocation for the Life Drinker invocation requires a Pact of the Blade Warlock.

The majority of Hex Blades and Pact of the Blade Warlocks are hit with the benefit of a massive power boost when they gain access to this invocation.

If a Warlock who has a Life Drinker strikes a creature with their pact weapon, they inflict additional Necrotic damage in proportion to their Charisma modification.

Because the typical Pact of the Blades has an extremely high Charisma and a bonus of 10% damage for each hit could be a dream.

7. Gift of the Ever-Living Ones

If you are a Warlock as well as a familiar, and you are within 100 feet of one another, and the warlock is within a hundred feet of another, the amount of healing that the warlock receives is calculated by rolling the highest possible amount.

If someone uses an upper-level Cure Wound typically, it will heal for 5d8, or around 20 hit points in total.

However, thanks to the Gift of the Ever-Living Ones it will heal for a continuous 40 % hit.

The benefit of This Invocation is that healing doesn’t need to be by magic or healing. Healing abilities from the Dream Druid or a Celestial Warlock can also be maximized.

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6. Eldritch Smite

Choose a Warlock and equip it with Eldritch Smite, and they transform into a Paladin in many ways.

Eldritch Smite is available to Pact of Blade Warlocks and is similar to an old Paladin’s Smite. However, it is more powerful.

Contrary to Paladins, whose Smite isn’t able to get out of the 4th level, Eldritch Smite can be used as a spell for the 5th level slot, which deals a significant amount of force-related damage. 

This can make huge (or small) creatures susceptible to being hit.

This attack really gets the most out of the Hex Blade and is an effective melee choice. Two attacks are available.

One attack can be combined with Eldritch Smite to knock down a target who is prone before using the second attack to gain an advantage and have an increased chance of delivering an important strike.

Warlocks gain spell slots after a brief rest which means that Eldritch Smite can be used more often.

5. Visions of Distant Realms

When warlocks reach level 15, it allows warlocks to cast Arcane Eye at will without needing to purchase the time to purchase a spell slot.

The Arcane Eye is an effective spell when you have access to it since it has the ability to dispel a lot of dungeons’ surprises due to its incredible recon abilities.

Arcane Eye creates an invisible magical eye in just 30 feet and can be removed from the caster so long as it’s in the same space of existence.

The spell’s description does not specify that the spell blinds its spellcaster in the event of use, but spellcasters still have normal vision.

Arcane Eye Arcane Eye can squeeze into areas as small as an inch. It can be used to plot an entire dungeon or even to seek out enemies in a matter of minutes.

4. Eldritch Sight

Through this invocation, warlocks can invoke Detect Magic. A warlock can utilize “Detect Magic” at will without needing to utilize an actual spell slot.

Detect Magic is an extremely valuable tool in D&D and the ability to access it at any time (plus gain it once you reach level 2) makes adventuring practical.

Yes, you’re a Wizard or Druid or Cleric, and you’re able to detect magic as a ritual.

It’ll take around 10 hours to complete, and that could be too late when required on the spot. Warlocks don’t need to worry about it since Eldritch Sight just lets them go to work.

With the limited number of spell slots that can be used by a warlock given, taking one of them just to see the magic of something is just a waste of time.

Absolutely, every Warlock must at a minimum think about possessing Eldritch Sight.

3. Book of Ancient Secrets

It’s the following level to Pact of the Tome. Warlocks do not begin with ritual casting, therefore having the ability to use any ritual magic and clear slots for spells can give a Warlock greater flexibility than the Wizard.

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The Book of Ancient Secrets is definitely among the more adaptable choices available and is available only to Pact of Tome Warlocks.

Any spell of 1st level with the tag of ritual from any list of spells is recorded in the warlock’s Book of Shadows and isn’t included in the total number of spells that a warlock is aware of.

Warlocks can also add extra ceremonies to the Book of Shadows through adventures by transcribing and finding them.

This basically grants the warlock the ability to access every ritual spell available in this game. Wizards generally have access to all ritual spells by default.

There are only a few exceptions. However, these Book of Ancient Secrets spells allow warlocks to truly access the full range of spells.

The ability to run the gamut of rituals and not have to use the spell slot is quite impressive.

This means that you will not only be able to access Detect Magic at your will, but you may also be able to access Leomund’s Tiny Hut, Rory’s Telepathic Bond, or other highly effective ritual spells, all without having to do anything else other than translating these spells into the Book of Shadows.

2. Devil’s Sight

The Devil’s Sight lets the warlock see both non-magical and magical darkness for up to 120 feet.

Darkness is an effective tool that can make use of blind enemies and can offer a lot of benefits.

If warlocks drop their Darkness ability on them, the Darkness spell can be used defensively by making attacks that are coming in at a disadvantage and also because the enemies aren’t able to tell where the attack originates. Warlocks have the advantage over attacks.

Darkness can increase the survival rate of Warlocks dramatically. Being able to live within it using the Devil’s Sight invocation is simply too great to not mention.

1. Agonizing Blast

The most famous ability for most Warlocks would be Eldritch Blast.

Let’s be honest that any Warlock who would like to invest all their effort into creating Eldritch Blast powerful should get Agonizing Blast.

Not all Warlocks have (or should have) the awe-inspiring Blast. Hex Blades will do most of their damage with the Pact Weapons, but still, gain the ability to Eldritch Blast in the form of a Cantrip.

Eldritch Blast at its baseline causes the damage of d10, but more beams are accessible to the caster on higher levels.

Agonizing Blast gives damage of d10 and also increases the Charisma modifier for the caster.

During the duration of an encounter, the damage can build up quickly. Warlocks that use this technique are able to out-damage martial heroes by a couple of good Eldritch Blast rolls.