Wacky Fall Guys Glitch Turns Beans Into In-Game Currency

It was a funny glitch that a player of Fall Guys discovered, which turned their Bean into in-game currency.

Known for its wacky battle royale-style game play, Fall Guys became one of the most popular party games during the pandemic lockdowns, and it now has a relatively steady player base after becoming free on Epic and other platforms.

Many videos showing Beans being eliminated in the silliest ways, like accidentally falling off the platform and being catapulted by traps, have been produced as a result of Fall Guys’ chaotic obstacle courses.

It is not surprising to see some glitches in Fall Guys matches because of the sheer size and activity of each match.

These glitches could either be game-breaking or just plain funny for players, depending on circumstances.

The in-game currency known as Show Bucks, which can be used to buy season passes and items from the shop, was recently discovered by Reddit user POKENERDYT as a glitch that transformed their Bean into one.

When they returned to the lobby of the game, they discovered that their Bean had been completely transformed.

They explained that they had caused the glitch by going to the store and selecting Show Buck purchases without actually purchasing them.

Due to the fact that Fall Guys does not have a Show Buck skin, this was undoubtedly a fun glitch. Fall Guys has a wide variety of skins.

Many Fall Guys fans thought the bug was funny in the comments section, while also requesting that the developer, Mediatonic, create a permanent skin called Show Buck.

In the meantime, POKENERDYT confirmed that the Show Buck skin glitch did not carry over to their game, indicating that this was purely a lobby bug.

Fall Guys Continues to Grow With Creative Crossovers

After nearly four years, Fall Guys still manages to bring creative skins and crossovers to other popular franchises like Final Fantasy and Nier Automata. Beans appeared in silhouettes as the Incredible Hulk, Captain America, and Thor in a recent teaser for a Marvel crossover that Fall Guys released.

With leaks showing Fortnite avatars with Bean-inspired cosmetics, there were also rumours that Fall Guys and Fortnite would have a crossover very soon. These rumours were reportedly circulating.

Many people have compared Fall Guys to a more advanced version of the popular Japanese game show Takeshi’s Castle because of its unique game play and design.

In addition, it is sometimes utilised in content creator tournaments, to which thousands of viewers tune in to cheer on their preferred streamers as they complete rounds of Fall Guys.

Other companies are reportedly developing games that are inspired by Fall Guys, such as the rumoured Sonic the Hedgehog spin-off Sonic Rumble, which shows how Mediatonic’s game helped establish a new benchmark for the battle royale genre.

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