Ultimate Call of Duty: DMZ Solo Guide

Call of Duty’s DMZ Solo mode can be quite challenging for any team, regardless of their size.

Players who enter Al Mazrah with minimal resources will face formidable AI opponents who are being adjusted for balance in the upcoming season.

The most valuable loot is either hidden away or protected in well-fortified strongholds.

It can be quite challenging, especially when you’re working alone, but with a team, the task becomes a little easier.

It’s important to have someone by your side, ready to support you and provide cover when you need to reload.

Without a self-revive kit, going down can be a game-changer.

One notable benefit is that playing solo can help you fly under the radar and potentially avoid encounters with enemy players. Here are some useful tips and tricks for surviving if you’re playing DMZ solo.

Bring Top-Notch Equipment And Field Upgrade For DMZ Solo

2 DMZ solo Ultimate Call of Duty: DMZ Solo Guide

It’s important to consider the equipment and Field Upgrade you set on the loadout screen when playing DMZ solo.

The Stim is a great choice for your tactical equipment, especially when dealing with highly dangerous enemy AI. This is particularly true if you’re only equipped with a one- or two-plate armor vest.

When it comes to lethal equipment, it ultimately depends on personal preference.

However, we recommend considering the throwing knife as it allows for silent takedowns before a full firefight erupts.

There are several Field Upgrades to consider, along with some that you can keep in your bag if you come across them while playing DMZ solo.

  • Dead Silence is an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their gameplay. When paired with the throwing knife, it becomes a deadly combination, allowing you to eliminate enemies without getting into direct confrontations.
  • Portable Radar: Great for assessing enemy presence in the nearby area, making it incredibly valuable in the early stages or during extraction.
  • Recon Drone: an excellent upgrade for surveying an area.
  • Battle Rage is perfect for those intense situations when you find yourself in a tight spot, surrounded by enemies, and need to fight your way out.

Choose Contracts That Are Less Challenging

easy DMZ solo Ultimate Call of Duty: DMZ Solo Guide

Contracts are an excellent way to earn cash and rewards in DMZ solo, and completing them is crucial for advancing your exfil streak.

Here are some contracts that, although they can be challenging, are quite manageable when playing DMZ solo:

  • Destroy Supplies: Locate two designated areas, plant an explosive device, and patiently await its detonation. You can easily complete this mission without raising any suspicion from enemies. And in the rare event that they do become aware, you’ll only need to focus on minimal defence once the bomb is planted.
  • Secure Intel: Let’s complete the mission by heading to a specific location, retrieving the valuable information, and then safely delivering it to the designated final destination for uploading. There is some AI resistance at the final location, but it’s not a major concern.
  • Raid Weapon Stash: the enemy AI at the stash will pose a formidable challenge, but it is definitely conquerable.

It is highly recommended to tackle these contracts with a group of friends. DMZ Solo attempts should be avoided at all costs.

  • Hunt Squad: Remember, it’s not advisable to take on an entire squad by yourself.
  • Cargo Delivery: Typically, you’ll need to use an armoured vehicle to reach a designated location. However, without a gunner by your side, you’ll become an easy target for the enemy AI attack chopper that they deploy against you.
  • Rescue Hostage: It can be quite challenging to do solo, given the large number of armoured enemy AI combatants and the limited time available.

Focus On Collecting Loot

loot DMZ solo Ultimate Call of Duty: DMZ Solo Guide

Managing all the loot you collect can sometimes be quite a task. Choosing a larger rucksack, preferably a medium-sized one, should be your top priority.

If you have a backpack with some extra room, here are a few items you should focus on when playing DMZ solo:

  • Stashed weapon: Carry an additional weapon in your rucksack slot for easy access.
  • Cash: For a reliable source of cash, cash registers and lockers are highly recommended. If you happen to be near a buy station, feel free to sell any valuables you come across, especially if they’re mission-related or specialty items. Otherwise, it’s best not to worry about carrying valuables with you.
  • A second stack of armor plates: It’s always a good idea to have an extra set of armour plates in your backpack, in addition to the three you already have. This way, you’ll be well-prepared for any situation that comes your way. You’ll find it useful.
  • A Recon Drone: is a valuable asset for solo exfiltration missions. Find a secure location and use the drone to survey the surroundings before making a dash for the helicopter.

Just a quick reminder: The armour vest, self-revive and backpack you have will remain with you in future runs when you exfil. So you don’t have to worry about losing them!

When it comes to playing DMZ solo, it’s always a good idea to have an exit strategy in mind and be mindful of the closest exfil area.

It’s important to exercise caution and avoid being overly ambitious. It’s best to avoid attempting more difficult challenges such as strongholds or radiation zones unless you are well-equipped and confident in your abilities.

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