Tokyo Ravens Season 2

Tokyo Ravens Season 2: Release Date

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 is yet to be confirmed. Therefore, there is no official release date.

Is there a second season of the Tokyo Ravens? When will the second season of Tokyo Ravens air?

We will never know if Harutora will honor his promise to Natsume that he would protect her and become her shikigami without the second season.

Without a new season, the only way to find out is to read the Tokyo Ravens light novels. But most people won’t do that.

Studio 8bit did an amazing job with the anime adaptation.

Fans hope that Tokyo Ravens will receive a second season. In this article, we will discuss whether Tokyo Ravens’ season 2 will take place in 2022.

Continue reading to find out if Tokyo Ravens will be returning with a new season, and the Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release Date.

FAQs about Tokyo Ravens
Is there a second season for the Tokyo Ravens?Season 2 of Tokyo Ravens is not yet confirmed.
What are the seasons of Tokyo Ravens?Tokyo Ravens aired 24 episodes of their first season in Japan. Since there was no OVA or movie, the first season is all you can see.
Is Tokyo Ravens complete?The Tokyo Ravens story has not ended yet. We will examine a few factors to determine if there will be a Tokyo Ravens Season 2.

Is There a Season 2 of Tokyo Ravens?

Tokyo Ravens Season 2

I have looked at hundreds of anime series over the past six years and tried to find out why or how they got a new season.

It was my experience that the best way to determine if there will be a continuation is to check the material status and whether the anime made a profit.

The information can be guessed 95% of all the time whether there are plans to continue the anime series.

This is the exact same thing I did for Tokyo Ravens.

Let me now give you some information about the light novel, profit, and when you can expect a Tokyo Ravens season 2 release date.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Light Novel & Manga

The source material for the anime series Tokyo Ravens is a light novel.

Kohei wrote the Tokyo Ravens light novel and Sumihei illustrated it.

What are the Volumes of Tokyo Ravens?

The Tokyo Ravens light novel is available in 16 volumes, which were published between May 20, 2010, and October 20, 2018.

Six spin-off manga series were also inspired by the Tokyo Ravens series.

Is the Tokyo Ravens Light Novel Complete?

The Tokyo Ravens light novels have 16 volumes. Volume 17 of the Tokyo Ravens volume 17 is still to be confirmed. This series is currently on a three-year hiatus.

Kohei (Black Blood Brothers), published the latest Japanese volume on November 20, 2018. It’s unclear if there have been any new volumes in the past three years.

What Volumes Does The Anime Include?

Tokyo Raven’s light novels volumes 1 through 9 were used for the Tokyo Ravens’ first season, which aired on March 31, 2013.

If you wish to continue the story starting from the beginning of the first season, you can start reading Volume 10

Now we know the Tokyo Ravens story continues, but it is currently on hiatus. This is because there is insufficient content to support a second two-cour season.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 has a difficult time finding source material.

Tokyo Ravens Profitability for Season 2

It’s because they didn’t make enough profit and enough money that 90% of anime series don’t get more than one season.

It is therefore important to analyze Tokyo Ravens’ profitability as well as sales figures.

How well did The Tokyo Ravens Blu Ray Sell?

For the first season of Tokyo Ravens Blu-Ray, approximately 2,250 copies were sold per disk. This is not a great number for 2014.

Blu-Ray sales below 2,500 are not good, especially in 2014 when disk sales were critical for new season’s prospects.

How well do The Tokyo Ravens Light novels sell?

Tokyo Ravens Volume 15 was sold in excess of 24,000 copies while Volume 16 was sold in just over 20,000 copies.

The sales of light novels are not that bad. Problem is, the series has not had new volumes in the last four years so there isn’t any money coming in from books.

How many copies do the Tokyo Ravens have in print?

The Tokyo Ravens series was less than 1,000,000 copies printed as of 2022.

The official number is not available so I’m guessing based on sales.

What is the Best Merchandise for Tokyo Ravens?

It is unfortunate that there are no figurines. It is rare to find a series without figures. Even though they aren’t very popular, most anime series include at least one figure.

This series also has fewer than 50 merchandise pieces. The merchandise numbers should also be at least 200.

Now we know that the Tokyo Ravens Bluray, light novels, and merchandise failed to make money for this franchise.

It’s obvious that this series didn’t make a lot of money. Therefore, even a small profit is still a problem for the Tokyo Ravens.

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 Release Date

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 2

Tokyo Ravens Season 2 has yet to be released.

This means that there won’t be a release day for the second series of Tokyo Ravens. The reasons are simple.

It’s the source material and profit that makes the Tokyo Ravens successful.

What happened to the Tokyo Ravens Season 2?

Because the first season was not financially successful, the second season of Tokyo Ravens did not get a release date.

The previous season must be profitable before a new anime season can be green-lit. As we saw above with Tokyo Ravens, it wasn’t.

Profit is often the reason anime series don’t get new seasons. Profit is the most important thing.

Also, there is not much source material left. There is not enough material left after the first season.

Even before the author took a break, the speed at which light novels were released was slow.

There was an average of one new volume each year. Normal two-course anime adaptations will take around 6.

Even if Kadokawa was to return for a second season we would have to wait five more years for Tokyo Ravens Season 3. This isn’t worth the effort.

To answer the question, If there will be a Tokyo Ravens Season 2 then the answer is probably no.

Tokyo Ravens Characters & Cast

CharacterVoice Actor
NatsumeKana Hanazawa
HarutoraRisa Taneda
ToujiRyouhei Kimura
DoumanNobuo Tobita
SuzukaAyane Sakura
KonAki Toyosaki

Anime Staff

Position for Anime StaffStaff
DirectorTakaomi Kanasaki
Series Composition. ScriptHideyuki Kurata
Character designSumihei

Final Words

You now know when the new season will air and what season it will be.