Shinmai Maou No Testament was a fun ecchi anime that was enjoyed by many viewers. 

Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3 is still in high demand, even years after its last release. Production IMS has yet to announce the renewal. 

Is it possible that it will ever be back? What is it all about? Here are the answers to all your burning questions.

Testament of Sister New Devil, or Shinmai Maou no Testament, was originally a light novel series written and illustrated by Tetsuto Uma. Kadokawa Shoten started serialization in 2012 and has published twelve volumes. 

The popularity of the LN series led to two manga and an anime adaptation being made. After an OVA episode was released in June 2015, the anime was launched in January 2015. 

Production IMS released the second episode in October 2015, along with two additional OVA episodes.

Testament of Sister New Devil Season 3 Renewal Updates

The Ecchi element of the production of IMS’s Harem anime has attracted a large fan base. The show’s two seasons received low ratings from critics, but it was a commercial success for the producers. 

It has been compared to Highschool DxD by viewers for its similarities in plot. This led to much criticism. 

Both OVA episodes and seasons were popular when they were first released. Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3 was in high demand.

Production IMS and any other companies involved in the production of the show have not yet announced their renewal. However, this does not mean that the cancellation of the show has been confirmed. 

The source material is the biggest threat to the anime’s future. With its 12th volume, Shinmai Maou no Testament’s light novel series has ended. It was published in April 2018.

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Author Tetsuto Usu has not published any new chapters of the original light novel since then. The last volume completed the main storyline for the LN series. 

The anime adaptation of the source material is no longer available for promotion. Many adaptations serve as advertisements for the source material. 

Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3 is not intended to be repeated. The popularity of the show might allow the new season to survive on its own.

Is there enough material for Shinmai Maou no Testament Season 3?

The amount of original material available for adaptation is a key component in the renewal of an anime adaptation. 

The lack of content is a common reason anime is canceled. Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3 offers plenty of content to create new episodes. 

There were twelve volumes to the original light novel series. The first season featured the three volumes; Season 4 adapts the four remaining volumes.

Shinmai Maou no Testament Season 3 has five volumes left for adaptation. The new season’s plot will likely follow Volume 8 from the LN series. The anime’s story may be wrapped up by the sequel.

What will be the plot of the new season?

Toujo Basara, a high school student, is the central character of the anime series. His father marries again, and he adopts Mio Naruse and Maria Naruse, two kawaii stepsisters. 

Basara discovers that his sisters aren’t human beings, but part of a demon clan as his father leaves for overseas. 

Basara’s world is turned upside down when he discovers that his sisters are not normal human beings but part of a demon clan. Basara now has two to protect them from other demons.

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Season 3 of Testament of Sister New Devil will reveal that Mio’s father was still alive. It turns out that Basara is a cousin of Mio and Maria, who are then revealed to be true sisters. 

Basara and the girls win the battle and return to the human world. However, Zest and Maria fight for control. Basara is later invited to a school nurse Hasegawa’s trip. 

The new season appears to be more ecchi-rich than previous ones, judging by the looks.

Release Date for Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3

Shinmai Maou No Testament Season 3 has not been renewed by Production IMS yet. It’s therefore difficult to predict a release date. 

The sequel could take up to a year to produce, even if it is given the green light this year. It seems that a premiere date in mid-to-late 2022 is most likely. 

As soon as we receive the official confirmation, we will update this section.

Did you enjoy the first two seasons? What do you expect from Season 3 of Testament Of Sister New Devil? Comment below about Testament Of Sister New Devil Season 3