The Sims 4 Reveals 2 New Kits Coming to the Game on May 30

Electronic Arts and Maxis have both announced two new The Sims 4 kits. The newest additions to The Sims 4 will be called Riviera Retreat and Cosy Bistro, and they will be available on Thursday, May 30.

Since its release in the summer of 2014, the popular life simulation game has gotten 15 expansions and 64 smaller DLC packs. Soon, in the middle of May 2024, two more The Sims 4 destination kits were hinted at.

The Sims 4 Riviera Retreat Kit Promises ‘Natural Serenity’

With the release of the Cosy Bistro and Riviera Retreat Kits, those two add-ons are now official. The latter says it will give players the tools they need to “achieve natural serenity” by building stylish fountains and pools.

Along with arch ways to help players add the finishing touches to their rural oasis, the package will also include new stucco wall textures and waterfalls.

The Riviera Retreat Kit will include new types of lounge chairs, linen furniture and even pergolas, in addition to expanding the options for building pools in The Sims 4, including at least one new style of copings.

The Sims 4 Cozy Bistro Kit Is Just What It Sounds Like

The Cosy Bistro Kit will allow Sims 4 players to improve their restaurant game just like that. As the name suggests, this DLC pack is all about helping players build and explore cute restaurants, complete with all the amenities you’d expect to find in a cool restaurant.

According to the screenshots that Maxis and EA have released so far for promotional purposes, a lot of the furniture, architecture, and decorations will be based on the so-called “old world style,” which is based on design trends from Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries, during the late Renaissance and early Modernity periods.

With the couple of new DLC packs, there will be 31 The Sims 4 kits. EA’s past experience with the game’s building kits makes it likely that the upcoming add-ons will cost $4.99 each.

However, no official price information has been released yet. Maxis will also release two example destinations that show some of the potential uses for the upcoming kits in order to help fans come up with building and decorating ideas.

As soon as their corresponding kits go live on May 30, The Cosy Bistro and Riviera Retreat Poolhouse will be available for download from The Gallery.

After EA and Maxis promised to improve the game in the future, today’s announcement comes as a welcome surprise.

Towards this end, Maxis created an internal team whose sole purpose is to fix bugs and make The Sims 4 run better. Probably in the second half of 2024, the task force will start working on the current set of known game problems.

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