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Sword Art Online Progressive Gets New Film

The latest installment of the SAO anime series, named Sword Art Online Progressive- Aria of Starless Nights was released in theaters across Japan on Saturday. The film is now an official hit and has topped in the Japanese box office on the entire weekend following the film’s release.

Based on the popularity of the film Progressive’s website Progressive has announced the Sequel. There’s no exact date yet, but the sequel to this series is scheduled to launch in 2022. The expectations of fans have been met with awe and it is clear that this trend will keep going in the near future.

Sword Art Online Progressive’s Box Office Performance

The film’s box-office feats are nothing short of extraordinary. The film topped the film’s box office in Japanese Cinema for the weekend between October 30 and 31.

Additionally, the film has already sold around 225,000 tickets, which is equivalent to around three million dollars ($3.06 million). This film is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated anime releases this year despite having not yet been made available outside Japan at this point.

What Is The Sequel Going To Be Like?

Recently, news of the next installment was released on the website of the first film. Additionally, the Sequel is called Sword Art Online Progressive: Kuraki Yuyami no Scherzo meaning “Scherzo of a Dark Dusk.”

Additionally, the film will be released in 2022, which is the same year as 2021. Although no date specific is stated, we can expect that the sequel will be released in the same manner as the first one that was released on the 30th of October, 2021.

For the plot, the series is an adaptation of the novel with the same name written created by Reki Kawahara. The books are an adaptation of the Aincard Castle section from the first Sword Art Online. As so, the initial film has focused on the meeting between Asuna and Kirito on one floor in the castle. 

The plot is centered in the middle of volume 1 in the Novels. In addition Volume 2 is about floors 2 and 3 and it is possible that the Sequel to follow the same volume, and perhaps even more. In the meantime, until the film is released outside of Japan it is possible to watch Sword Art Online on Netflix.

Sword Art Online the Movie -Progressive- Aria of a Starless Night It was released in Japan on Saturday, in traditional, as well as IMAX theaters, as well as The top, was crowned the chart of box office earnings of the weekend. The film sold around 225,000 tickets and made 349 million Japanese yen (about US$3.06 million) during its initial two days.

Funimation The film will be shown in traditional and IMAX theaters across both the United States and Canada on December 3, and at IMAX theaters in Australia as well as New Zealand on December 9. The film will be shown with subtitles in Japanese along with English subtitles, and the English dub. The film will open in more than 40 nations and countries across the globe.

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Funimation The film’s description reads:

This is a story from the days prior to the time when “Lightning Flash” and “The Black Swordsman” were popular under the same names…

On the day she decided to put on her NerveGear, Asuna Yuuki was an eighth-grade middle school student who’d never played an online game prior to. On the 6th of November, 2022 it was the first VRMMORPG, Sword Art Online It is officially launched. However, the players, excited about having registered but are then stuck in the game after they are unable to exit the game when Game Master deprives them of the possibility of logging out.

The Game Master will then issue them with the following warning “This may be a game, but it’s not something you play.” If the player dies during gameplay and dies within the world.

As they learn this, all the players are in a state of panic and chaos ensues. One of them is Asuna and, despite having no idea of the rules of the game She sets out to take on the floating castle of iron, Aincrad, whose peak is far too high to be visible. As the days pass by in this world, where death is never too distant, she is able to have an ominous encounter. After that, she leaves…

While she’s in the grips of reality in front of her, Asuna fights on with all her strength until someone appears before her: the distant swordsman Kirito…

Ayako Kohno (unit director on Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic, High School Fleet, The Seven Deadly Sins the Movie: Prisoners of the Sky ) directed the film in A-1 Pictures, and Kento Toya ( Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld, The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of The Commandments ) created the characters. Yasuyuki Kai was an action director as well as Yuki Kajiura The composer returned to compose the music.

The anime is based on Reki Kawahara’s Sword Art Online: Progressive light novel series. The novel series launched in 2012 as a rewritten in 2012 as a retelling of Kawahara’s original Sword Art Online novels. 

The story tells the story of Kirito’s voyage throughout the Iso-Floating Aincrad castle, beginning from the beginning by floor. Yen Press is Publishing The Sword Art Online: Progressive Novel series in English and Japanese, in addition to two manga modifications.

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