Devil Black Clover

5 Strongest Devil in Black Clover

Devils represent an old race of magical creatures who reside in the underworld and have access to powerful and terrifying kinds of magic, like Anti Magic and Kotodama Magic.

The Devil’s we’ve been introduced to up until today include Zagred Megicula, Zagred, the Zenon’s Devil, Anti Magic Devil, and Lucifero. 

But which one is the most powerful of them all?

5. Zagred

zagred black clover

Kotodama Magic

Zagred who was one of the users of World Soul magic or Kotodama maho was one of the very first devils to be revealed in the show. 

Zagred is a top-ranking devil who is also the main antagonist in the Elf Resurrection arc.

Zagred is a sinister and cruel character. He is portrayed as extremely tragic because the man finds pleasure in others’ sadness. 

His actions are based on an intense desire for the body to fully manifest itself and unleash terror on the world.

Zagred utilizes Kotodama magical powers to change the environment around him by speaking and manifesting magical and physical objects.

When using Patri’s Grimoire, the grimoire allows him to summon various creatures from the underworld who take in normal life force and magic. 

Additionally, he can summon an ax that destroys anything it touches, and also distorts the area around it.

4. Megicula

Megicula Black Clover

Magic kind- Curse Magic

Megicula is the master of Curse magic is a powerful devil who is Vanica who is one of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad. 

He is the one who cursed the world with deadly vengeance against Acier Silva Lolopechka from the Heart Kingdom and the Undine, a water spirit.

Megicula is very fascinated by conducting experiments using the realm of magic. Because of his curious nature, Megicula is highly unpredictable and playful.

He experiments with human beings using his Curse Warding Magic to determine what effect it can be able to have on them.

Megicula can also use this power to make powerful curses. The power of Megicula is capable of overcoming the magic of the arcane and even affecting spirits like Undine.

3. Zenon’s Devil

zenon devil

Magic type- Unknown

As an element of the Dark Triad, Zenon is the host of one of the top-ranking Devils. The power of this possession grants him immense power and allows him to utilize up to 80percent of the Devil’s power.

The more power Zenon can draw from the more devil-like his appearance gets. At 55 percent of his Devil’s strength, Zenon can effortlessly defeat Yuno the four-leaf clover, vice-captain with a spiritual connection from Golden Dawn.

The identity and power of the Devil remain a mystery but, when you consider the boost in power Zenon gets from its power, it could be much more powerful than Zagred.

2. Liebe

liebe devil

Magic kind- Anti Magic

It is said that the Devil in anti-magic, is the Devil who is found in the five-leaf grimoire of Asta. According to Lucfiero’s theory, the Devil is a lesser devil that has a stopgap strength.

After Licht’s demise to death and his demise, he was able to enter the five-leaf clover grimoire of an elf that then appeared in front of Asta.

It is unclear what he uses to generate anti-magic but the man has managed to defy all magic that has been thrown at him. 

He’s also been in a position to share his powers with Asta which resembles an elf-like half-demon when using them.

However, despite the complete absence of details, the Devil of Antimagic is likely to be regarded to be one of the most powerful demons in the final chapter of the story.

1. Lucfiero

lucifero blackclover 1

Magic Type- Gravity Magic

Lucifero is the most powerful demon and also the most violent and fierce demon in Black Clover

Lucifero is a devil of high rank with the power of Dante who is The Lord of the Spade Kingdom and is an ally of the Dark Triad. 

He is a magician with a mysterious power that has not yet been discovered and could heal a fatal injury in a matter of minutes.

Lucifero has been shown to possess certain traits that distinguish him from other devils like having 4 wings, horns, and four wings, instead of two.

There is no information about Lucifero aside from the fact that he’s the most powerful and highest-ranked demon so far.