12 Strongest Devil in Black Clover

Black Clover is a story with a lot of heroes and strong characters.

Even though the main characters are interesting, the Strongest Devil characters are also very interesting, especially since they give a lot of other characters their power.

Devils are an old race of magical animals that live in the underworld and can use powerful and scary magic like Anti Magic and Kotodama Magic.

Zagred Megicula, Zagred, the Zenon’s Devil, the Anti Magic Devil, and Lucifero are some of the Devils we’ve met so far.

But which is the Strongest Devil of all of them?

Even though there aren’t that many strong Devils in the series, we chose to rank the 12 strongest ones here.

The 12 strongest devils in the Black Clover stories are listed below.

12. Lolopechka

Contract: Lolopechka (transformation)

Strongest Devil

With this kind of magic, Lolopechka can call up a spirit that can help her in fight. She uses this magic to bring the spirit of water, Udine, to her.

Lolopechka has a huge amount of special power, which she got from princesses who came before her.

People say that she can beat a whole group of Magic Knights by herself. Noelle said that her unique power is out of this world.

Lolopechka can feel the mana around her, and this ability stretches to her whole country, so she can keep an eye on everything that is going on.

She got the power of all the queens who came before her, as well as their skills and knowledge.

Lolopechka is like a live encyclopedia because of this. She is also known as the Princess of All Knowledge because she knows so much.

11. Nahamah

Contract: N/A

Nahamah profile 1 12 Strongest Devil in Black Clover

Nahamah is a monster who likes to mess around with people while drinking mana from the physical world.

He doesn’t think much of his opponents and only talks in short lines. He seems to be close to Lilith in a special way.

Like Lilith, Nahamah first shows up in the room where Nacht, Jack, and Dante are fighting, but her pure mana attack misses Nacht.

After that, he fights him with Lilith by being taken to a world where everything is black.

Nahamah was a higher-ranking demon with a lot of power. She was one of the people who ran the Underworld.

He can do a lot of damage when he attacks with pure water. When he doesn’t use much of his Demonic Fire Magic, he can cause trouble.

When he uses all of his magic, he can even burn something that doesn’t exist, like ideas.

10. Lilith

Contract: N/A

Lilith profile 1 12 Strongest Devil in Black Clover

Lilith is cruel and sadistic. She likes to beat the weaker people, play with them like toys, and make them hurt physically and mentally, just like her brother Nahamah.

Even though they are brothers, she doesn’t care much about him because she laughs at him for losing Nahamah after Asta cuts her in half.

Lilith uses this ability to create and control evil ice, which is stronger than regular Ice Magic.

Lilith has so much magic power that she was able to quickly destroy Nacht’s most powerful spell with the help of her brother.

When she fuses with Nahamah, this power grows even more. Lilith has the unique ability to join her body and magical power with Nahamah, making a demon with both of their powers and personalities.

9. Lucifugus

Contract: N/A

Lucifugus profile 1 2 12 Strongest Devil in Black Clover

After Nacht Faust binds four demons, his father thinks he is skilled enough to bind Lucifugus. He gives Nacht a ring that has been passed down in the Faust family and is linked to Lucifugus.

Morgen Faust tries to stop his twin brother Nacht from calling Lucifugus, but Nacht does it anyway. Even though the rite takes away the demon’s power, Lucifugus kills the people watching with ease.

Morgen jumps into the magic circle and breaks the bracelet. This stops the rite and sends Lucifugus back to the underworld.

As the most powerful monster, Lucifugus has a lot of magical power. Even when the Devil Binding Ritual holds him back, his power is still scary and can kill people who watch.

8. Adrammelech

Contract: N/A

Adrammelech profile 1 12 Strongest Devil in Black Clover

Adrammelech hates humans and their powers, just like most Devils. This Devil is lazy and would rather warn people than attack them.

Later, when the Devil King tells him to take over, he keeps watching Lucifero fight instead. Adrammelech is amazed that someone without magic power can move through Lucifero’s gravity magic.

He is watching Lucifero attack Asta and Liebe for getting in the way of his manifestation.

Then he learns that the Devil King, who is also not finished, has a lot of magical power and strength. Then, Adrammelech watches Lucifero fight the masters of the Magic Knights.

After Lucifero Rill destroys Boismortier’s Twilight of Valhalla, Adrammelech thinks the humans have lost the war. Adrammelech cheers for Asta and Love after they beat Lucifero.

The Devil flies toward their broken bodies, but instead of striking them, he rips Lucifero’s heart out of his chest.

As Adrammelech flies away, leaving the people alone, the Devil says that he wanted the heart. Adrammelech flies to Julius Novachrono’s office in the Clover Kingdom.

When he gets there, he meets Lucius Zogratis, who has shown Damnatio Kira what he really looks like and knocked him out.

Adrammelech is the main Devil of the Tree of Qliphoth. He has a lot of magical power and can easily handle Lucifero’s gravity magic and float in it. With his wings, Adrammelech can fly.

7. Astaroth

Contract: N/A

astaroth black clover 12 Strongest Devil in Black Clover

Astaroth was one of the Three Rulers of the Underworld and the highest-ranking demon connected to the Tree of Qliphoth.

He lived on the lowest level until the strange disappearance of the devil. Astaroth, Lucifer, and Beelzebub were all in charge of the underground from the lowest level.

Astaroth left the Underworld at some point, and Megicula moved in to take his place. Astaroth used this mysterious power to change the flow of time.

6. Beelzebub

Contract: Zenon Zogratis

Beelzebub profile 12 Strongest Devil in Black Clover

Beelzebub can move things in space by using the rare Satial Magic. As a devil, Beelzebub has a lot of magic power.

He is so strong that a small amount of his magic power can easily defeat a spirit-possessed Stage Zero-ranked mage from the Clover Kingdom.

5. Zagred

Contract: N/A

zagred black clover 12 Strongest Devil in Black Clover

Zagred who was one of the users of World Soul magic or Kotodama maho was one of the very first devils to be revealed in the show. 

Zagred is a top-ranking devil who is also the main antagonist in the Elf Resurrection arc.

Zagred is a sinister and cruel character. He is portrayed as extremely tragic because the man finds pleasure in others’ sadness. 

His actions are based on an intense desire for the body to fully manifest itself and unleash terror on the world.

With Zagred’s Kotodama Magic, whatever the user says comes true, so there are no limits to what can happen.

One of his main skills is the ability to make real physical things and to control the mind and place. He can also control every strike and thing that is made.

It can’t make some things or acts happen, like killing someone instantly or stopping their heart. It also can’t make the stuff that Anti-Magic swords are made of, because that would cancel itself out.

Most of the time, it has limits. For instance, it can kill certain things, like thorn magic, but not humans or people from other races.

Additionally, he can summon an ax that destroys anything it touches, and also distorts the area around it.

4. Megicula

Contract: Vanica Zogratis

Megicula Black Clover

Megicula is the master of Curse magic is a powerful devil who is Vanica who is one of the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad. 

He is the one who cursed the world with deadly vengeance against Acier Silva Lolopechka from the Heart Kingdom and the Undine, a water spirit.

Megicula is very fascinated by conducting experiments using the realm of magic. Because of his curious nature, Megicula is highly unpredictable and playful.

He experiments with human beings using his Curse Warding Magic to determine what effect it can be able to have on them.

Megicula can also use this power to make powerful curses. The power of Megicula is capable of overcoming the magic of the arcane and even affecting spirits like Undine.

3. Zenon

Contract: Zenon Zogratis (transformation)

D3Fmon Zenon 1 12 Strongest Devil in Black Clover

Zenon uses this unique ability to make his own bones and move them around. Usually, it sends out huge coils of bone that are impossible to get out of and are as sharp as spears, skewering enemies with great force.

He can make these bones grow back faster so that they can be used as a defense, fixing them faster than they can be broken. He can also make hand-held tools out of the bones, like a sword.

Zenon, who is part of the Dark Triad, is home to one of the most powerful Devils.He has a lot of power because of this possession, and he can use up to 80% of the Devil’s power.

Zenon looks more like the devil the more strength he can draw from.At 55% of his Devil’s strength, Zenon can easily beat Yuno the four-leaf clover, the vice-captain from Golden Dawn who has a spiritual link.

After he uses all of his devil’s power, he changes to strong and fast bone whips, which are known to have more attack power and heal faster.

With the help of Beelzebub, Zenon uses this rare magical ability to change place. His version of this magical ability is to make space cubes that catch mana and let him control and get rid of it.

2. Liebe

Contract: Asta

liebe devil 12 Strongest Devil in Black Clover

It is said that the Devil in anti-magic, is the Devil who is found in the five-leaf grimoire of Asta. According to Lucfiero’s theory, the Devil is a lesser devil that has a stopgap strength.

After Licht’s demise to death and his demise, he was able to enter the five-leaf clover grimoire of an elf that then appeared in front of Asta.

It is unclear what he uses to generate anti-magic but the man has managed to defy all magic that has been thrown at him. 

He’s also been in a position to share his powers with Asta which resembles an elf-like half-demon when using them.

However, despite the complete absence of details, the Devil of Antimagic is likely to be regarded to be one of the most powerful demons in the final chapter of the story.

1. Lucifero

Contract: Dante Zogratis, Moris Libardirt

lucifero blackclover 1 12 Strongest Devil in Black Clover

Lucifero is the most powerful demon and also the most violent and fierce demon in Black Clover. 

Lucifero can control gravity by using this special power. Skills: Lucifero is the most powerful demon linked to the Qliphoth Tree.

He has a lot of magical power and threatens to destroy the world of the living if he is let out.

Lucifero can show himself in other low-ranking demons, even if they are in the human world.

When the first and second gates of hell open, he can make the demons on the first and second floors of hell be possessed by a manifestation of his being, which causes them to join together.

This lets him merge with the Qliphoth and make a huge monster with a lot of his power.

Lucifero is very strong. He can stop an attack from Asta with his sword Danma and in his full assimilation form with just the tips of his fingers.

He can also punch Asta, hurting him badly and sending him tens of meters away with his unfinished power. Lucifero is very fast. With his partial power, he can move several tens of meters in an instant.

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