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Spy x Family Anime Has Dropped Official Trailer

The much-anticipated Spy x Family series has revealed its first trailer, much to the delight of fans of anime all over the world. The show has been reported to be in development from the start of the year. 

When that domain was registered to the show earlier in the year the idea was established and all we had to do was just wait.

Here we are with a trailer giving viewers a glimpse of this adaptation to the popular manga. We also have an announcement date for the show, which is 2022. 

You may be wondering what the show is about and why people are so excited up about it? Let’s talk about this and more while we go through the trailer!

Spy x Family Anime Trailer

The trailer isn’t long but shows all the things we wanted to know in order to be excited about the upcoming series. We meet the main characters in the story who will be part of the “Forger” family. 

We first meet the agent Loid Forger who is the awesome spy who is Head of the Family. 

Then we meet charming Anya Forger, psychic and the adopted daughter of the Forgers. Then, we get to meet the sexy murderer Yor Forger. She is the mother of Anya and wife of Loid. 

We haven’t yet seen the fourth family member “Bond” the family dog as of yet, but we’ll be seeing more from him throughout the series.

What’s The Anime About?

spy x family anime adaptation confirmed with official trailer

The story revolves around the super-spy Loid forger’s secret codename “Twilight,” who is given the most difficult task of his life becoming a bride and raising the child. 

Our spy has reluctantly accepted the task, but, as the fate of things, the people he is assigned to for this mission, who are his family members is not normal.

The first is Anya Forger, the adopted daughter who is a psychic who can read minds. And then we are greeted by Yor Forger. He is the feared but deadly killer. 

We’ll see Forger and the Forgers trying to make friends and conceal their lives from one another, but they also become more enthralled with this “fake” family they have.

Spy x Family Anime release date

The show is based on the manga of the same name by Tatsuya Endo. The manga was released in 2019. has gained such a cult following that discussion of an anime had already begun within the year. 

In the trailer, it was revealed WIT and Cloverworks are producing the anime in a joint venture. 

They are top anime studios, which explains the amazing animation that is shown in the video. The show is scheduled to be released in 2022 without a specific date for release at present.