20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

Even today, even to this day, the SNES library is adored by its fans.

Anyone who’s ever had the opportunity to play classic 16-bit games such as Super Mario World or The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past knows how stunning the images, sound profiles, and feel of the easy controls can be.

After more than 30 years since its first launch, nostalgic gamers and retro-lovers continue to declare their admiration of the system, arguing about the top games available on the console and modifying games to give new ways to play old games.

Randomized dungeons and sprites that are better and fresh storylines are just the beginning of the story in the realm of SNES ROM hacks.

If any of these sparks your interest and you’d like to try ROM hacks, these are my picks for the top SNES hacks that you can try today.

20. Secret of Evermore: 2 Player Edition

SNES Secret of Evermore Gameplay Balance Hack 2 Player Edition Dec28 15 46 41 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

Secret of Evermore was a rather disappointing spiritual successor (arguable) to Secret of Mana, one of the most popular J-RPG series from Square Enix back in the early day.

While Secret of Evermore did not live up to Secret of Mana, the lack of 2-player support certainly added to the disappointment. This ROM hack aims to clear that up, by adding 2-player support.

19. Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts – Super Arthur

super ghouls ghost 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

The original Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts is infamous for its insane difficulty, usually ranking highly on “hardest games ever” lists.

This ROM hack directly addresses that infamous difficulty by adding several new gameplay elements. Weapon collecting and switching with the L/R buttons, armor that degrades instead of disappears, and other changes that generally make the game a bit easier.

18. Mega Man X3 Zero Project (Mega Man X3)

mega man x3 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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Many people believe that the third game in the Mega Man X series is the best in the Mega Man series.

There’s one place that Mega Man X4 and subsequent games surpass them: Zero as a playable character.

The MMX3 Zero Project simply allows you to play the entire game as Zero, as well as change dialogues to accommodate his inclusion while remaining compatible with the story.

The damage from his Z-Saber can also be adjusted during boss fights to ensure fairness since it’s much easier to take on enemies with an attack from a melee than others.

You’ll be glad you tried this modernized version of the jump-and-shoot classic.

TLoZ snes 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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One of the most well-known ROM hacks for SNES streamers is Link to the Past Randomizer. This hack lets you use the traditional TLoZ and a program that shuffles the key locations of items such as the Master

So, you might discover items similar to the Boomerang within the first box you enter. You may not even notice it until you’re trying to get rid of the final level of the dungeon.

It’s part of the fun!

When the game starts, the main goal is to defeat Ganon, but now the goal is to clear each dungeon with the items you find and have a different experience each time.

16. Hyper Street Kart (Super Mario Kart)

hyper street car 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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There’s not a single person who’s played the first Mario Kart on the SNES and thought “meh”.

This isn’t a “meh” game. It’s certainly among the greatest Mario Kart titles ever produced.

It’s charming, the race tracks are thrilling, and it’s the most thrilling racer that’s available.

Hyper Street Kart uses this fantastic game as its basis and substitutes each character with characters from the Street Fighter series.

However, it doesn’t end there. The whole game’s style is replaced by the classic Capcom brawler.

It even includes new tracks inspired by the series and replaces the green shells with Hadouken fireballs.

15. SMW2+ (SMW2: Yoshi’s Island)

smw2 snes hack 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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Yoshi’s Islands is undoubtedly one of the most snooty plumbers’ most loved games, and the game barely has him in it in any way!

If you’re among the majority who favor SMW2 over the first, think about SMW2Plus, which brings 54 different levels of play.

The creator of the game knows the vanilla game inside and out, so they were able to duplicate the same style and quality as Yoshi’s Island.

In addition, this curve of difficulty is perfectly curved, which is something many hackers have difficulty achieving.

14. Oh No! More Zombies Ate My Neighbors

oh no more zombies 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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Another ROM hack that aims to enhance the game’s original charm includes Oh no! More Zombies have devoured my neighbors! It includes 55 different levels of the classic zombie-killer.

It’s a kind of non-official sequel, but of higher quality than the original.

There are additional objects, new enemies, and even more gameplay that will help to revive this top-down cooperative adventure.

It’s an absolute blast, especially for fans of the original.

13. Yoshi’s Strange Quest (SMW)

yoshi strange quest 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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For those who enjoyed Yoshi as a character playable in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, but could not take that Italian baby, you can take a look at Yoshi’s Strange Quest.

The SMW Hack lets players play the adorable green dinosaur without the need to watch their children.

Instead, you’re trying to find your stolen eggs back.

This story unfolds using the use of custom cutscenes and narration, which tie the story together in a comical, surreal style.

It’s not an easy level to get through. With Yoshi’s egg-throwing talents and a little patience, you’ll soon appreciate the challenges that are thrown into these levels.

12. Metroid Super Zero Mission (Super Metroid)

super metroid hero mission 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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If you enjoyed Super Metroid on the SNES and Metroid: Zero Mission on the GBA, this mix-up of both is sure to appeal to you.

It takes the style decisions that made each of them so appealing and blends the two into a stunningly fresh experience.

Like every excellent Metroid game should be, this hack for ROM is a great way to enjoy exploration and offers challenging, yet fair puzzles.

If you’re a good gamer and like old-fashioned games, you’ll get to show off your skills from time to time.

It’s made to be enjoyed by the average Joe. Therefore, the excessive difficulty isn’t an issue to be concerned about.

11. SMW: Return to Dinosaur Land (SMW)

SWM return of the dinosaur 1 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island was closer to a brand new game than it was to a sequel to the first Super Mario World.

SMW: Return to Dinosaur Land is a ROM hack that comfortably places itself as the real sequel.

It doesn’t change the story or make the graphics more appealing, so you’ll soon forget that this is an unofficial game.

One of the most original enhancements is the ice and water levels to freshen your gameplay while you race through every level.

These changes are well-executed and quite difficult, but not to the point that you have to go through each level 20 times before giving up. 

It’s quite easy to beat and is a great alternative for those who haven’t played with a SNES controller for a while.

10. Earthbound Halloween Hack: Bad Fur Day Edition

earthbound halloween 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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Before he was able to create the worldwide sensation known as Undertale, Toby Fox tried his hand at creating an alternative to the classic Earthbound.

This resulted in the Halloween Hack, recognized as one of the most shocking and mentally damaging ROM hacks ever devised.

Trust me when I say that it’s not an exaggeration.

The game is at Silent Hill levels of messed up.

The story is well-constructed and is the debut of the meme-loving track Megalovania, also called Sans, the theme from Undertale.

It’s a fantastic SNES hack but be prepared mentally first.

9. Chrono Trigger: Prophet’s Guile

chrono trigger 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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When you play Chrono Trigger as an RPG, Prophet’s Guide is one of the best changes you can make. This expansion follows Magus as he rises to become king in the Kingdom of Zeal.

It starts immediately following the first battle against Magus in the first Chrono Trigger, following his being transported back to 12.000 B.C.

In this episode, you’ll experience the sequence of events as he seduces the Queen and stifles opposition to become the Prophet of Zeal.

It’s roughly two chapters long. It’s a fantastic accessory to the main game that enhances that aspect that is shown in the game. Additionally, it provides more sympathy for the Dark Mage.

8. Secret of Mana: Relocalized

secret of mana 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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In the past, it was common practice to localize games made in Japan for release worldwide, which was frequently done with carelessness. Western players were frequently portrayed as bumbling idiots incapable of comprehending complex storytelling.

The amazing game Secret of Mana was one of the numerous victims of censorship and indifference to the original content, resulting in a horrendous rendition (on the SNES in any case) that has gained a reputation as an example of poor practice.

This ROM hack is designed to correct the problem. It makes the translation more accurate and repairs the things that were altered during the American releases. American release, like the title screen’s background as well as names for abilities.

No one should ever continue playing the classic Secret of Mana without this fix.

7. Super Metroid Redesign

super metroid game 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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Super Metroid Redesign is easily one of the most well-known and well-reviewed hacks to the platformer classic, with more of Zebes to discover and new obstacles to overcome.

Although its increased challenge is one of its primary advantages, the hack’s range extends much further. It introduces new abilities and items and alters the game’s mechanics to create an experience that is more fluid and makes your skills shine.

Try it and test it out and let us know your thoughts. Fans will be delighted.

6. Flames of Eternity (Chrono Trigger)

chrono trigger flames of eternity 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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Flames of Eternity aims to bridge the gap between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross and is regarded by the community as the most innovative Chrono Trigger hack to this point.

It’s got a whole new game’s worth of content, in addition to the sheer amount of effort put into the game, which is staggering.

New characters, new music, even different scenarios… There truly is a lot to look through in this incredible hack that lets you control Magus immediately following the demise of Zeal’s Kingdom of Zeal.

The game isn’t done yet. Partly because the game’s leading developer disappeared and then disappeared, as it often happens on online forums, However, it’s fully playable, and you’ll be able to play it if you like. Try it!

5. FFVI: Return of the Dark Sorcerer (Final Fantasy VI)

return of the dark socerer 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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Similar to our previous entry, FFVI: Return of the Dark Sorcerer.

This is an entirely brand-new game built on the FFVI engine and using many of the assets.

It tells a unique story featuring new characters, characters, and enemies, as well as appearances from other franchises, such as the highly explosive penguin Prinnys from Disgaea.

It has made a lot of big technological changes from the first FFVI. There is now a hard mode, you can run around the world, and you can even listen to music while doing it!

4. FFVI: Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition (Final Fantasy VI)

FF6 game snes 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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If you’re seeking something less radical for FF6, I’d suggest that you check out the Ted Woolsey Uncensored Edition.

This is the most polished edition of this game that you can find.

As with other SNES games, the game’s Western launch was heavily changed and censored to make it more appealing to young people.

It was based on the notion of video gaming being only for children, as adults couldn’t play games. Poo on this.

This hack blends the efforts of a variety of fan translators to create an alternative that is both more precise and also faithful to the nuanced phrasing of the original text, with no restrictions.

It also addresses a lot of bugs, and it restores cut sprites, which means there’s practically no reason to play the original version instead of this.

3. New Super Mario World 2: Around the World

nsmw2 around the world 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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One of the most effective hacks for ROMs was in one of the top SNES games needed to be able to secure an upper spot on our list of top games.

Yes, you’re speaking about New Super Mario World 2: Around the World.

Bowser has abducted Toadstool’s princess, Toadstool, and is keeping her hostage in the space station from which he plans to devastate the entire world.

It’s all Mario’s responsibility to take his journey through a vast collection of completely new levels, taking on all of the Koopa King’s minions, and ultimately rescuing his most beloved king.

What differentiates this game from other games is the level of polish, despite its vast scope, which includes modern graphics along with new mechanics, such as wall-jumping, as well as a myriad of tricks. Download a copy today and discover the game for yourself. 

2. Hyper Metroid (Super Metroid)

hyper metroid 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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“Hyper” is a prefix. “Hyper” denotes something of more intensity in comparison to “Super”. This is the exact driving concept behind this fantastic hack to ROM that is a perfect fit for Samus’ SNES adventure.

The game is completely transformed by not just completely overhauling Planet Zebes with many new zones and challenges, but also giving the game a more dark atmosphere and storyline.

Hyper Metroid also features an advanced weapons system that is unlike any other similar hack. It’s a great match for the fast-paced game and fluid physics as well.

It’s a lot harder than the first.

However, it was created with an appropriate learning curve in mind so that it is accessible to beginners, so you should be prepared to try it if you’re a pro.

1. Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds (ALTTP)

legend of zelda 20 Best SNES ROM Hacks of All Time

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If you’re planning to play just one game from this list, it should be Parallel Worlds. This is an LoZ: Link to the Past ROM hack that revitalizes the entire experience.

The dungeons, the Overworld, and the soundtrack have been completely redesigned to suit the new story.

It’s the perfect way to recreate the classic game’s charm and fun, with lots of new content that will add some spice.

I’m talking about lots of brand new content.

Be aware that the difficulty has been cranked up a few steps, so be sure you’ve played the first game before jumping in.

It doesn’t even tell you what you’re supposed to do, instead of providing suggestions for you to work it out instead. 

If you’re averse to games that require you to hold your hands all the time, this will be a nice alternative.

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