Skyrim Clip Highlights Genius Idea to Never Lose Followers

With the assistance of quest-related miscellaneous items, a Skyrim player made a brilliant suggestion for ensuring that followers are never lost.

In the open world of Skyrim, there is a plethora of loot that can be obtained, and these miscellaneous items have the potential to assist players in keeping track of their companions.

There are a large number of non-playable characters (NPCs) in Skyrim, just like in other Bethesda games, who can accompany players on their journey.

There are dozens of followers available in the role-playing game, ranging from followers who are relevant to specific quests to mercenaries that players can hire with gold.

Players can be followed by non-humanoid Skyrim characters like Barbas in addition to the humanoid NPCs in the game.

In addition to these standard non-player characters (NPCs), many mods have the ability to add followers to the game, which will result in an infinite number of possible combinations.

It is the brilliant idea of one gamer to never lose track of the humanoid followers by exchanging key items with them in order to apply a constant marker that will follow their every move when they are in the game.

The Reach’s Fort Sungard Muster is the subject of a recent Skyrim clip posted to Reddit by user Hguols1.

When the video starts, the player is getting closer to a quest marker that is floating above the Smithing book that is titled “Last Scabbard of Akrash.”

Before issuing the order to loot the book, the gamer waits for their follower to approach before instructing her to do so. In the event that Lydia’s inventory is able to accommodate the book, the quest marker that was initially assigned to it will now be floating above her head.

Even if she vanishes to a different part of the open world, this player can still track her thanks to the indicator that tracks the NPCs’ every move.

Even though the video ends before the player is able to retrieve the item, it is possible that all they need to do to acquire it is initiate a trade with the Skyrim NPC after the clip has ended.

Why is This Skyrim Follower Trick Helpful?

This technique ensures that players will not lose their Skyrim followers unless they are defeated in combat because certain glitches cause Skyrim followers to behave strangely.

It is possible that any quest item will result in the same indicator remaining with any of the NPCs that players may have following them, despite the fact that this gamer uses a book with this trick.

Making use of quest items could be a helpful way to keep track of followers, despite the fact that it is frequently beneficial to provide followers with powerful gear in order to enhance their combat readiness or heavy items in order to improve a player’s carry capacity.

The potential Skyrim message that prohibits players from trading or storing quest items can be avoided by invoking the command for Lydia to loot the book.

This technique may be able to stop a situation like this from ever occurring again, as some players have reported losing their followers.

This trick may be applied to future mod followers as well as the existing cast, given that the Skyrim Creation Club is updated on a regular basis.

It is highly improbable that Bethesda will implement this helpful idea in the near future, despite the fact that Bethesda does occasionally update the role-playing game.

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