Sims 4 Rags to Riches Challenge Guide

There are plenty of enjoyable challenges available for The Sims 4 that elevate the standard gameplay from simple and often boring to exciting and difficult. 

One of the most famous Sims challenges is Rags to Riches. 

Below, we’ve outlined everything you must be aware of this fascinating The Sims 4 challenge

We’ll explain the rules, the main objectives guidelines, rules, and more. Enjoy!

What is the “Rags to Riches” Challenge in The Sims 4?

“Rags to Riches,” also known by the name “R2R, is an exciting and well-known game to play in The Sims 4. 

It is designed to help your Sim become wealthy from a lack of resources. 

To be able to complete the challenge, the Sim must fulfill the primary goals, which include the construction of a home, finding a job, and beginning a family. 

Each of these main objectives has Mandatory Rules that are part of the game which your Sim must meet first to be able to finish the main Goal/s. The rules will be discussed in the future.

How to start the challenge?

To get started with the Rags to Riches Challenge in the Sims 4 game, your Sim must begin with a blank slate. It should have nothing. 

How do you get it? To accomplish this there are two options: either use the “money 0” cheat code or the Move Household option.

The first option is to use your cheat console and enters “testingcheats on” or “testingcheats true”, then enter “money 0”. 

This cheat will reset the simoleons you have already earned to zero.

Another option is to place the Sim in an established household and then transfer them to a lot by using the “Split From Household” option from “Manage Households”. 

Be sure your Sim can afford enough Simoleons plus 1 additional Simoleon to be able to pay for the property it is moving into.

R2R Challenge Rules And Guidelines

  • You won’t be able to complete all of the main goals until you’ve completed their respective mandatory rules.
  • Mods and cheating to help you beat the game are not permitted. Only cheat codes to relocate objects, remove the money you have earned, and reset your Sim.
  • You can choose your sim’s age as well as his lifespan.
  • Transfer your Sim to the most costly empty lot, and then get rid of all the Simoleons and other possessions you own.
  • Your spouse is not permitted to earn or sell Simoleons until they’ve completed the mandatory rules and the main goals.
  • You can place items on your sim’s property by following your mandatory rules for building a home.
  • You can sleep in public spaces or at a friend’s house if you don’t have the luxury of a bed.
  • You can eat and cook food in public areas or at the home of a friend. However, carrying the food after you leave isn’t permitted.
  • It is not possible to keep any Simoleons that you have earned from hobbies.

Rags To Riches: Main goals of the challenge and mandatory rules

As mentioned earlier, the Rags to Riches challenge has four main goals that your primary Sim must fulfill to finish the challenge. 

These primary goals for the challenge must be met.

Build A Home

A fully furnished home that includes the following attributes:

  • At a minimum, three bedrooms
  • At a minimum, 2 bathrooms
  • A kitchen as well as a dining area
  • Living room or family room
  • A study that includes at minimum 1 computer
  • An outdoor garden complete with an infinity pool

Mandatory Steps for Building a Home:

  • Level 5 Handiness Skill and Level 3 Logic
  • You must pay a fine of $500 in the event of noise nuisance.

Mandatory Steps for Building a Garden:

  • Finish all the mandatory steps for building a home.
  • Begin to reach Level 7 of handiness as well as Level 5 gardening to begin building or placing things outside.
  • At a minimum, there should be at least one (1) bedroom that has one bed, a bathroom that has a shower and toilet, as well as a living area and a kitchen.
  • At a minimum, one of these: refrigerators, a sink, counter, stove, chair, sofa, and a fire alarm.
  • The blueprint cost $500.

Have A Family

  • Wednesday.
  • You can become an aunt or a grandparent.

Mandatory Steps for Having a Family:

  • You need to have an initial home before you can tie the knot with a Sim.
  • Maximize all your toddler’s talents before they get older.
  • The child must have completed all of these requirements before you can move them into the status of a teenager.
  • Attain the level of five in all skills, and flawless grades, or reach the level of 10 in any skill.
  • To reach the age of an adult, Your teenager Sim must meet one of the following options to reach Level 5 with two skills and get a job part-time, or achieve Level 10 with two skills.
  • Host a wedding each time a couple of Sims are married.

Have A Career

  • Select any field of work or run an enterprise.
  • You can earn an entrepreneurial lifetime award.
  • Attain level 10 in the selected career branch. If you run a business, earn $100,000 with fully-trained staff.

Mandatory Steps for Getting a Job:

  • Finish all the mandatory steps for building a home.
  • Pay 1,000 Simoleons to get a college diploma to get a start in your career.


  • At least complete an aspiration for your sim and your spouse.
  • Complete an aspirational goal for every Sim’s child.

Money Goal:

  • Make your home more valuable by up to SS100,000 or more.
  • You should have at least SS200,000 in reserves. You can raise this amount until you reach SS1,000,000.

Optional Rules

Contrary to mandatory rules, optional rules in the Rags to Riches challenge are rules you can leave out or apply to increase the fun. This includes the following:

Family And Relationships

  • At least three or more children, and at the very least three additional grandchildren.
  • You should at least have one child and its children with your first Sim.
  • Remarry and get divorced with children. Stay with the kids after the divorce.
  • Enjoy a wonderful connection with your children.
  • Woohoo! at every opportunity.
  • Finish one of your child’s adult goals.
  • Make sure you meet one of your children’s aspirations.
  • Finish one of your grandchildren’s adult dreams.
  • You have triplets or twins.

Skills And Career

  • Take the Sim and the sibling to level 10 in their careers.
  • Find a hobby that you can do part-time when you are employed.
  • Make a stylebook for every occasion.
  • Take the time to read every book.
  • Attain Level 5 in all levels.


  • Put at least five (5) paintings of your artwork in the rooms of your house.
  • Make your home an extravagant mansion with the most expensive items available in the game.

Social And Parties

  • Each type of event can be completed with success.
  • Host 10 house parties and have at least 3 guests who swim at each party.
  • You can host at least five (5) (or more) weddings or more.


  • Each lifetime reward is purchased to get one sim. Potions are not included.
  • Make sure to visit every public parking lot on at least three (3) occasions.
  • Increase the value of your family’s assets by one million Simoleons.

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