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Sims 4 Potion of Youth: What is it & How to get it?

Within the myriad of possibilities among the many options available in The Sims 4, there is also the potion of youth. 

The drink is renowned because of its benefits and is an extremely valuable product to have always. 

If you’ve never had it, then we’ll show you how to acquire it. 

In this article we’ll talk about Potion of Youth in The Sims 4 and how to acquire it, and how you can make use of it. 

Let’s begin!

What is The Potion of Youth in The Sims 4

The Potion of Youth in The Sims 4 is a liquid you and the Sims can drink for a lifetime to stay alive. 

It’s a silvery-translucent liquid that is obtained by playing regular games. It can forever end aging, however, only for the Sim who consumes it. 

Even though it may sound like a simple thing, however, the Potion of Youth is one of the most powerful items available in the game.

What is the reason? We all know that we all want to live for the rest of our lives, right? We wish the same thing for our Sims. 

Aging or dying on The Sims 4 is not an attractive sight for many gamers, so the chance of making our Sims immortal with no cheats is pure joy.

Imagine all the things you can do with a Sim that never gets old! You could explore every expansion pack and yet have time to complete everything else you’d like to accomplish. 

The Sims 4 challenge and any other crazy concepts! So, how do you get the Potion of Youth in The Sims 4?

How to get the Potion Of Youth?

To obtain this Potion of Youth, you just need to go into the Rewards Store. It’s available to purchase anytime, at a price in the range of 1500 points of satisfaction

It is possible to purchase it anytime you wish, and you can repurchase it if there is a problem.

If you’re struggling to earn enough satisfaction points or don’t know how you can gather enough, this is the way to do it. 

Work to improve your Sim’s ambitions and fulfilling your desires. The Sim gets rewarded with satisfaction points when they increase their goals so anything that aids this latter goal will earn them the very first. 

Make sure you do this, and you’ll earn enough satisfaction points to purchase your Potion of Youth!

Do you want to beat Death on The Sims 4?

What can the Potion Of Youth do and what it cannot do?

There is an unpopular belief within the public regarding what is known as the Potion of Youth. 

A lot of people believe that this Potion of Youth has limitless magical powers and transcends the limits of age and death. However, this is completely false.

It is said that the Potion of Youth in The Sims 4 is capable of halting the process of getting older and setting your Sim’s age level. 

For instance, if you apply the Potion of Youth on a Sim who is currently in the adult stage of life the Sim will remain an adult for all time. 

That is, at least until your Sim is killed by any other ways (the Potion of Youth is only in charge of preventing death due to the passage of time and age).

Also, indeed, the Potion of Youth can’t bring you back to your youth, even if you’re older. 

When it’s applied to older Sims-like, for instance, those Sims will be elders for all time.

Final Words

Despite its limitations, the Potion of Youth is still one of the most potent items available.

Even if you’re not intending to use it, or simply do not need its benefits we still recommend considering your goals and buying one. 

It’s possible for things to happen in a flash and you’ll never be sure when you’ll require its immortality power. 

Therefore, you should get a Potion of Youth as soon as you can!