Sims 4 Apartments Mod Download & Guide

City Living introduced the concept of apartments in The Sims 4. 

Although the expansion offered other interesting features, the players mainly loved the possibility of having their Sims reside in buildings rather than homes. 

Like many other Sims 4 features, apartments weren’t as complicated as they appeared. 

What does the apartment mod do?

This Sims 4 apartment mod is an extension that’s designed to aid you in all things apartment building inside the game

It allows you to search and locate homes within the City Living map and allows your Sims to be able to settle in the area. 

It also offers ways to construct homes in the game, which you can then use in the future. In all, it’s the perfect mod to try for those who are curious about living in a house in Sims 4.

Let’s take a look at what’s inside and what you can be expecting to see from this mod!

Sims 4: Apartments Mod: An Overview

apartment mods Sims 4 Apartments Mod Download & Guide

The mod we’re showcasing here was shared via Gamer Gatino, who first released the mod on Sims4 Studio. 

By now, the majority of members of the Sims 4 community have either seen the mod or tried it on their own. 

According to us, anyone should at the very least consider it as it’s one of the top mods in its class. It gives a pleasant living experience to gamers. So why not download it?

It is possible to install this mod for the Sims 4 apartments mod from here!

What’s in the mod?

The Basics

aparment mods basics Sims 4 Apartments Mod Download & Guide

The first thing to note is that, first of all, the Sims 4 apartment mod is an individual mod that was created by the same individual and works extremely well together. 

The main goal here is to give you all the tools required to build and live in an apartment within Sims 4.

Before we get into the basic principles of this modification, be sure you read the information provided by the creator about how the mod functions. 

He offers some essential tips about how you can successfully implement the mod, so don’t lose the opportunity to learn about them. Click this link to learn more specifics.

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Sims 4: Apartment Building: T.O.O.L

T.O.O.L. means The acronym stands for Takes Object Off Lot, and it’s an application that lets users modify their apartments. 

It allows you to shift and turn objects and create a home that is suitable for your needs. Here are a few features of this mod.

  • The 10×10 Grid Visualizer aids you in the precise movement of objects.
  • Snap To Terrain maintains the proper level of the ground.
  • “Point and Click” moves allow you to choose several objects within the home and simply move them.
  • The Snap Camera is used for an object. Moves your camera to the location of the object that you want to photograph.

Tenant and Landlord Mod

sims4 apartment mod Sims 4 Apartments Mod Download & Guide

Mods for landlords are an important aspect of the Sims 4 apartment mod. You’ll likely reside in a house or perhaps be able to rent out some apartments. 

This is what you’ll be able to do with this modification:

  • A view provides all the information regarding the particular lot.
  • Purchase this lot and it makes a purchase from the entire lot.
  • The seller sells the whole lot on your behalf.
  • Set me as the owner of the lot -makes you the owner of the whole lot.
  • The Rental Fee lets you decide on the rental charges.
  • Transfer Ownership allows you to designate a family member as the owner of your lot.
  • Terms of payment offer you various payment methods that you as a landlord can select.

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Final Words

This Sims 4 apartment mod isn’t just good for building apartments. It also comes with a set of mods to help you manage your home and make the rules applicable to everybody else. 

As the landlord, you have the ability to decide on rent payment procedures and rental rules, which is fantastic. 

Also, with the T.O.O.L. mod, you can modify the space to be precisely what you’d like it to be. Overall, the mod provides a pleasant experience, and we highly recommend it!

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