28 Best Sims 4 Pet Mods of All Time

Sims 4 has added stunning features for pet owners. There are two kinds of pets in Sims 4 Pet Mods. 

The first is a cat while the other one is an animal. There could be puppies, kittens as well as fish, frogs, and insects too.

In addition to different mods and pet mods, the pet mod could be added to the game.

This pet mod may include different functions. Certain pet mods may increase gaming features. 

There are a variety of mods for pets. They are created by various developers. 

So, stay with the article and pick the most suitable mod for your beloved pet.

28. Pet Pregnancy

Pet Pregnancy 1 28 Best Sims 4 Pet Mods of All Time

This mod is ideal for Simmers who simply want their pets to be able to mate and reproduce with success. 

This allows players to be more in control of the chances of success with breeding their pets. 

This pack is required to play the Pets and Cats Expansion Pack.

27. My First Farm Animal

My First Farm Animal

This cute mod transforms pet animals into farms! 

With a hidden Farming Skill, Sims can increase their farming skills through adoption, breeding, and harvesting wool and dairy from their farm animals. 

This pack requires cats and dogs to expand the Pack.

Modifications that make things more enjoyable:

  • Sims can harvest, market animals’ products and sell animal products… just like real farmers do.
  • The cooldown time for wool harvests can be 1.5 or 2.5 days
  • The cooldown time for harvest for dairy range from 8 hours to 24 hours

26. Animated – Placeable Fish (Part 1)

Animated - Placeable Fish (Part 1)

It’s all about paying attention to details and paying attention to the details, isn’t it? 

While animated fish may not be as exciting as other animals, these fish can add great visual appeal to your Sim many worlds! 

This mod is compatible with the base games.

The mod that makes things more enjoyable:

  • The mod includes 12 vibrant fish species.
  • Fish can be stocked in aquariums, oceans, or empty room aquariums
  • Players can change the amount of fish they would like to catch.

25. Service Animal

 Service Animal

This mod is perfect for Simmers who like realistic games or simply want their Sim to have a pet. 

This pack is required to install cats and dogs to be included in the Expansion Pack.

The mod that makes things more enjoyable:

  • Sims can be the Service Animal Owner by obtaining the Reward Service Animal Owner trait in the Reward Store
  • Change pets into service animals by using their Service Animal Trait in the CAS
  • Sims can also have cats that are service animals, too!

24. Animated Placeable Birds (Crows)

Animated Placeable Birds (Crows)

Caw caw! Simmers can include the animated crows on their collections to give them a creepy vibe. 

(Great for Spellcasters and Vampires!) This mod doesn’t require the My First Pet Stuff Pack.

The mod that makes things more enjoyable:

  • A non-visible object may be placed on the lot and crows will start to spawn.
  • Crows can stay for a while and then disappear.
  • They may be born on the roof too.

23. Animated Alligator

Animated Alligator 1 28 Best Sims 4 Pet Mods of All Time

What’s more exciting than having a pet alligator that swims at your home? 

This mod lets users include animatronic alligators (similar to the ones of Selvadorado) to water areas. 

This mod doesn’t require purchasing the My First Pet Stuff Pack.

Modifications that make things more enjoyable:

  • Simmers can include alligators in the fountains and pools as well.
  • Sims can swim with alligators and nothing will happen.
  • These kind (ish) gators cost 4 simoleons! !

22. Farasi the Horse

Farasi the Horse 1 28 Best Sims 4 Pet Mods of All Time

Sims can have your Wild West dreams with Farasi the Horse for both an affectionate pet as well as an option for transportation! 

Make sure that you take good care of Farasi by petting him regularly or feeding him some hay! 

It requires an Expanded Discover University Pack.

The mod that makes things more enjoyable:

  • Each horse is worth $150 similleons
  • Includes six shades
  • Sims are able to pet or feed Farasi (with the possibility that he’ll poop)

21. Animal Rescue Mod

Animal Rescue Mod

This mod can turn your sim into a professional trainer for pets. Many pet owners have soft spots for all pets. 

This mod can help you find that little space in your heart. Install this mod and then set up an emergency center.

The trainer can train and pamper dogs there. They can also teach the dog new techniques there. 

This means that it is not an ordinary rescue center but a full health and training center.

20. Affiliation with Animal Behaviorists: Applied

Affiliation with Animal Behaviorists: Applied

Do you want to know the behavior of animals? This mod is designed for you.

Download the Applied Animal Behaviorist Aspiration mod to gain knowledge about the behavior of animals. 

By doing this you will be able to become an experienced animal behaviorist. 

So, get this mod today. Also, be aware of the kindness of your pet’s beloved.

19. Small Dog Burberry Sweater Collection

Small Dog Burberry Sweater Collection

Are you looking to include more sweaters in your wardrobe? 

Now is the time to do it. Pinkzombiecupcakes has created a method for sweaters. 

This mod is for dogs. It is specifically designed for dogs with smaller breeds. It has 48 colors.

The sweaters are made of a check pattern. A round neck will increase the adorableness of your animal. 

Therefore, download this mod. You will also have all the sweaters you want for the dogs with small.

18. PralineSims’ Pet Eye Pack

PralineSims' Pet Eye Pack

Eye customization isn’t just restricted to cats. Praline Sims is the one to introduce this mod. 

This mod provides the option of 54 different colors for eyes for your pet. 

It’s suitable for pets and cats. It doesn’t matter which pet you have. 

Download this mod to gain numerous eye shades. You can customize the appearance of your pet to suit their needs.

17. Cutie Pie Cat Eyes

Cutie Pie Cat Eyes

There aren’t just human eyes that can be changed. The user can choose the style of their pet too. 

Download the Cutie Pie Cat Eyes mod to have different designs for your eyes. This mod was developed by MadameChvlr.

It adds 10 new eye colors for cats. So download this mod and alter the color of your pet’s eyes as well. Change them to match the style that the cat wears.

16. A slower pet Motive Decay

A slower pet Motive Decay

The Sims 4 pets also demand attention. It is not possible to offer it to them each time. This is why there’s an alternative to it. 

Download the Slower pet Motive Decay mod right now. This mod will make it easier to get your pet’s interest. 

This means you can leave your pets alone for longer. This can reduce the motivation of pets by as much as 50 percent. 

So the player will be able to get plenty of hours to engage in and fulfill missions.

15. Pets Seasons Package

Pets Seasons Package

The product was also created by Kalino. The entire season’s package is for both cats and dogs. In addition, it provides treats for puppies and kittens. 

The package comes with 3 complete costumes. Other accessories like sunglasses, hats, etc. are also available.

Three new pet shoes, as well as a beach bed, included. This package is designed to offer a wide range of options for your pets. 

14. Walk Your Cat

Walk Your Cat

Why alter your pet when you aren’t able to show it publicly. This is a perfect time! Install The Walk Your Cat mod and enhance the appearance that your pet has. 

This mod allows the user to take their cat on walks. This mod was created by LittleMsSam. It’s limited to cats. 

So, make sure to customize your cats. After that, walk them down the streets to display your appreciation to others.

13. Crescent Moon for Cats & Kittens

Crescent Moon for Cats & Kittens

This mod was created by Kalewa-a. If you are a fan of tiny tattoos or stickers for your pets, then this mod is perfect for you. 

This mod puts a tiny crescent to the top of the head for cats or kittens. The player can select among the various colors. 

Cats with the tiny crescent on their head give an elegant look. The owners are enthralled by the attractiveness of this classy and stylish look.

12. Less Pet Barfing

20 pets puking doggy sims4 1 28 Best Sims 4 Pet Mods of All Time

It’s a tiny but significant change that will help make pet ownership less labor-intensive.

In the game’s base, pets are known to spit with greater frequency than real animals.

The game’s basic settings allow players to barf once every 30-60 minutes. This is way too frequently.

This mod from Yakfarm, the creator of Yakfarm is a simple way to increase the time between the barfing activity to 150-240 minutes which gives your sims time to look after themselves.

11. Small Dog Collars

Small Dog Collars

Alongside a leash, the owner may wear other collars for their pets. There have been various kinds of collars used on the market.

 Smaller collars are better in comparison to the larger ones. Small collars have bows or, sometimes, a simple handkerchief. 

The whole thing is tied to the neck of the pet. This enhances the look of the dog. This can make pet owners love their pets more.

10. A Small Dog BTS Hoodie

A Small Dog BTS Hoodie

BTS fans can show their affection by playing the game. The game’s creator Beccai has completed the ideal job for BTS fans. They can now purchase the BTS Hoodie for their pets. 

There’s been a range of four different shades. This includes blue, black grey, red, and black. Each has BTS logos on them. BTS Logo on their backs. 

This means that the player can display it when taking their dogs for walks.

9. Playable Pets Mod

Playable Pets Mod

Another fantastic mod that can aid you in caring for your pet includes The Playable Pets Mod, which lets you manage your pets so that they drink, eat and sleep whenever you instruct them to.

The mod doesn’t include any new interactions for pets. It lets you manage them just as you would with a sim.

It is very helpful in pet contests, training, and just keeping them from starving or escaping into the carpet due to the AI being unable to look after itself.

8. K9 Officer Vest and Collar

K9 Officer Vest and Collar

This mod was created by Emilitarabbit. This mod is designed for dogs. People who like to play detective will enjoy this mod. 

The police costume modification for dogs. After downloading them, the dog will wear the collar and vest that police officers wear.

It can serve as a dog that is trained to run with the horse. It can also assist in solving crimes directly. Can search goons. 

It is also a great way to locate children who have disappeared. It does this by sniffing various clues.

7. Animal Lover Custom Trait

 Animal Lover Custom Trait

Dank to the modder, Edespino your Sims are now able to embody these emotions by embracing their Animal Lover trait.

They are enticed into playing with animals! Take care of frogs, master fishing, and make them want to become veterinarians and all this through a myriad of personal whims.

This trait allows them to acquire the skills of a veterinarian and fish quicker which means they’ll be in a position to achieve their goals!

6. Small Animal Packaging (Part 1)

Small Animal Packaging Part 1 1 28 Best Sims 4 Pet Mods of All Time

The Kalino team has created this amazing mod. Once installed, players will gain access to a variety of species of animals. 

There are 10 species. The game also comes with an option to recolor.

In addition, six recolors are included in this animal collection. Animals include Squirrel and Chipmunk, as well as Sugar Glider, Degu, Steppe Lemming Chinchilla, Bunny, Guinea Pig, Gerbil, and Ferret. 

This means that the participant can play playing with their pets. There is no need to tie to dogs and cats and dogs.

5. The Small Animal Pack (Part 2)

The Small Animal Pack (Part 2)

The mod is similar to its predecessor. Part 1 includes rodents in these packs. Art 2 shows the majority of reptiles are included. 

This comprises Skink, Leopard Gecko, Bartagame, Lop Ear Rabbit, Chameleon, Mini Pig, Tortoise, Giant Day Gecko, Iguana, and Flying Squirrel.

Therefore, this pack also comes with 10 animals that can be recolored. So the player will have access to various animals in addition. 

All they have to do is apply these changes. They can then play with their pets.

4. Minor Pet Traits

Minor Pet Traits

This mod was created by the TwilightSims’ creator TwilightSims just provides a few characteristics to Sims with strong feelings towards small animals.

A “Loves Small Pets” trait can make them feel playful when they interact with them however, that “Hates Small Pets” one can make them feel uneasy around small animals like rats and hedgehogs.

There’s also one for those who are inclined to the ocean, “Fish Fanatic”, that functions just like Loves Small Pets… however it activates when it comes into contact with aquariums for fish or fishing.

3. Pets May Find Pet Stuff on other floors

Pets May Find Pet Stuff on other floors

The Sims has always been plagued by glitches. It’s absurd to think that an extremely complex game to not have a few glitches.

One of the biggest ones that are still unfixed in the game’s base game is the pet’s inability to locate their litter bowls, food bowls, or beds, even when they’re not on the same flooring.

This is often the cause of uncomfortable situations such as hungry pets and carpets that are wet, which your sim has to spend time repairing.

With the help of modder Deathcofi, it’s a quick installation to solve the issue and help your pet become more independent.

2. Dragon Package

Dragon Package

However, why should we stop there?

Why not incorporate real dragons into your game?

They’re not exactly “actual dragons” maybe a bit too much. 

This fantastic mod by The Kalino replaces large dog meshes with those of smaller dragons, transforming your dog pets into real Wyverns. 

Equipped with wings and hairs.

There are many colors to choose from that include tails, horns, and wings. You can blend and combine to make the perfect magic familiar for your sim with a spellcaster.

1. A Pernese dragon costume suitable for Cats

A Pernese dragon costume suitable for Cats

After the launch of the Realm of Magic expansion back in the year 2019 The interest in introducing magic creatures soared.

With it, we get an unusual option! An adorable mod created by EmilitaRabbit. It brings a variety of shades to the tiny cat costume of a dragon.

They might not be dragons but something is captivating about the way they look.

The costumes are based on The Dragonriders of Pern novel series by Anne McCaffrey, hence the name. It’s oddly precise and unique, but I’m not complaining!

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